MADtv: Cast Gearing up for the TV Show’s Big Finale

MADtvWith the long-running pop culture parody show set to end on May 16th, the jokers over at MADtv are going all out to make the final episodes worthy of the show’s 14 year history.

As you may recall, FOX announced that they were pulling the plug on the sketch-comedy series back in November. The timing of the news gave the cast and crew time to craft some final episodes. The current cast includes Erica Ash, Matt Braunger, Crista Flanagan, Keegan-Michael Key, Bobby Lee, Arden Myrin, Nicole Parker, Eric Price, Lauren Pritchard, and Johnny Sanchez.

Heading in to the finale, upcoming episodes are looking back on some of MADtv’s crazier sketches and moments.

Tonight’s episode will spotlight the popular Coach Hines (Keegan-Michael Key) character as he bids farewell to his favorite punching bag students, Yamanashi (Lee) and Jericho (Braunger). Also, Lee once again tries to win the heart of fellow player Flanagan.

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Next week’s installment will revolve around longtime castmember Michael McDonald, his Stuart and Mofaz characters, and his many impressions — including House’s Hugh Laurie, and daytime’s Dr. Phil and Maury Povich.

Though the details for the May 16th series finale are still under wraps, it sounds like it will be a “must-see” even for past and present fans alike. Word is that alumni like Alex Borstein, Mo Collins, Will Sasso, and Debra Wilson Skelton will be on hand to revive some of their best-known characters. Veteran comedian Fred Willard will also guest-star as the host of a MADtv Gives Back sketch.

When FOX announced the cancellation, executive producer David Salzman said that there was interest in bringing the show to another channel. Conversations were in the early stages at that point.

Unfortunately, there’s been no announcement of any progress or plans for the series to continue on after the May 16th finale.

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  1. Miss Lilly says

    I used to look forward to every Saturday Night. The unbelievably clever talent of Keegan-Michael Key kept the show alive for me. I think if they could have recruited some new talent on par with him, it could have stayed a live. WHY DIDN’T THEY LET US VOTE WHO TO KEEP ON AND WHO TO GET RID OF?
    I think MadTv fell victim to the Equal Opportunity lie. They probably passed by some great talent to put different representatives of race in there. I THINK EQUAL OPPORTUNITY SHOULD BE COMPLETELY COLOR BLIND – It should be based strictly on the criteria they are looking for be it intelligence or humorous talent or physical strength, etc. They should have never hired Bobby Lee. He was just not funny. I long for the days when I first started watching Mo Collins and Stephanie Wier and Miss Swan. Oh, well. Guess I will subscribe to Netflix and watch all the ones I missed!

    • jay says

      I loved Stuart and his mom. And moraine was a blast. Such amazing talent! To bad the show had to go by the wayside.i will misswill all.

  2. ralsteacher says

    lets not forget the vano girl with the big hair and ton of make-up who always said uh-uh-she was great

  3. brittany smtih says

    I really enjoyed the show, but i think it went downhill after the good cast left. Ike Barenholtz, Stephanie Weir, all the old timers. Even that one chick who played that asian girl

  4. JG says

    Naw. Keegan-Michael Key is one of the unsung cast. How can you not laugh at his characters Coach Hines, Dr. Funkenstein, Jorge, Jovan Muskatelle and least but not to forget Eugene Struthers. I’m going to miss the show. They had a great cast this year.

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