Magic City: Cancelled by Starz, No Season Three

Magic City special previewStarz has officially cancelled Magic City after two seasons on the air. The 16th and final episode of the low-rated series will air this Friday night.

“We are tremendously proud of the series and everyone involved,” Starz said in a statement released to Deadline. “From the writers, to the cast and crew, it has been an incredible collaboration. This was a story born from Mitch Glazer’s singular vision of Miami, the Magic City of his childhood, and we are grateful to him for bringing it to life on Starz. The season’s story arc will allow us to deliver a satisfying conclusion to the series, and we thank all the fans who checked in to the Miramar Playa.”

What do you think? Are you sorry that there won’t be a third season of Magic City? Do you think it’s a better show than the ratings indicate?

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  1. Jiacomo says

    Seriously? Magic City is a GREAT show. Is everyone at Starz an idiot? Do they have no clue as to what makes a good show, cast, plot and what their audience wants? Bunch of boneheads running and making decisions at Starz.

  2. Stacey says

    This is a huge mistake. I have been a fan of the show since day 1. Clearly the people at Starz have no concept of what the viewers want,

  3. Don Shutz says

    wow. at least do a 2 hour final show to end the series.
    It was a great season finale but it left too many unanswered questions to cancel the show.
    For the record, I thought it was a GREAT SHOW

  4. Rick says

    Sorry to see the show end. It was just getting started. I wish Staz gave it more of a chance. It was the Miami of my childhood. What great memories came to life.
    Great Job Magic City !! Enjoyed the show !

  5. Maureen says

    I can’t believe Magic City has been canceled. I think the people in charge don’t know what the people want and somehow take off all the good shows. Very, very disappointed.

  6. joe spin says

    Iam dropping STARZ because of this. The other series like Da Vinci and White Queen are pure dreck! First Spartacus,then Magic City. I’M DONE.

  7. Judy says

    I am so disappointed! This is by far the biggest “dis” ever! I am a Miami devotee who lives and breathes M iami history. Superb acting , brilliant characters, great dialogue, the “fab fifties”,
    beautiful wardrobe, costumes, cars, makeup! I couldn’t get enough. My husband and I were just
    walking the beach’s hotels. I think they filmed at the Deauville. I would pay to be an extra for next season! Is Starz crazy? I may never watch the channel again. My dream is be in wardrobe just once for this show. Mr. Glazer deserves much more. I am acquainted with Steven Spielberg and mishpucha. I’ll see him Passover. Mr. Glazer, should I speak with Steven Spielberg and family Passover when I see him? I’ll do anything to see another season and to dream about being an extra! p.s. my husband thinks he’s Ben Diamond , He grew up in Chicago running 4 neighborhoods by the age of 11 and I can’t live with him without Magic City! Help!

  8. Jules says

    Can’t believe that this show is being cancel! Magic city is a great show! Love all the cast! It’s a beaiful show, very well done!
    I hope HBO or SHOWTIME will pick this show up!
    Very disappointed!

  9. u says

    who decided to cancel this show? Do they have any experience in the industry?? Should not be cancelled! The details and story-line are terrific!! Please reconsider.

  10. Randy says

    Are they crazy cancelling magic city. Come on now. The show is thevfreshing thing to hit tv in years. Put itback .another channel needs to pick it up. Please

  11. Fran says

    I simply Can not believe that they cancelled it!! It was a great show, excellent story lines, with so much more to work out for a complete new series. I couldn’t wait to see each episode. Get it together Starz!

  12. Stew says

    My wife and I have never been this upset about a show getting canceled in our lives! This show helped us get through Spartacus withdrawals. It is entertaining, riveting, great acting, great cars and god what a history lesson. Somebody blew this one.
    Wait a second here, so somebody at Starz thinks Young Leonardo and the White Queen are better shows than Magic City. I think somebody need’s to give up the medical Marijuana.

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