Major Crimes

Major Crimes TV series on TNTNetwork: TNT
Episodes: Ongoing (hour)
Seasons: Ongoing

TV show dates: August 13, 2012 — present
Series status: Has not been cancelled

Performers include: Mary McDonnell, G. W. Bailey, Tony Denison, Michael Paul Chan, Raymond Cruz, Phillip P. Keene, Robert Gossett, Jonathan del Arco, Kearran Giovanni, Jon Tenney, and Graham Patrick Martin.

TV show description:      
This TV series is a continuation of The Closer, following the departure of Deputy Chief Brenda Lee Johnson (Kyra Sedgwick).

The detectives in the Los Angeles Police Department’s Major Crimes division are still reeling from Brenda’s leaving and this creates a tough transition for the newly appointed head of the division, Captain Sharon Raydor (Mary McDonnell).

Unlike their previous chief, Raydor is determined to lead the department with a rule-based, more team-oriented approach, sharing the credit with the people with whom she works. Raydor’s hardest job, however, will be gaining the full trust and confidence of her detectives, who aren’t quick to forget her long history of internal investigations targeting them and their previous boss.

Especially troublesome is Lieutenant Louie Provenza (G. W. Bailey), the squad’s resident old-timer. He still has a few tricks up his sleeve and has a difficult time taking orders from someone he doesn’t think knows as much as he does. He also likes to bend the rules to avoid doing too much work. Lieutenant Andy Flynn (Tony Denison) is passionate about his job but sometimes lets his friendship with Provenza get in the way. He always has a wise crack to keep the squad lifted, even in stressful situations.

Lieutenant Mike Tao (Michael Paul Chan) is the go-to guy for anything technology related. He thrives on using his expertise to crack cases; the more complex, the better. But he also tends to go overboard on details when explaining things. Detective Julio Sanchez (Raymond Cruz) is knowledgeable about the complications of gang warfare in Los Angeles and can be a bit intimidating to a suspect. Even when his emotions run high, Sanchez knows how far he can push without crossing the line.

A Civilian Surveillance Coordinator, Buzz Watson (Phillip P. Keene) is the electronics room technician. In addition, he is the videographer of all crime-scene documentation for the Major Crimes Division. The outdated equipment provided by the LAPD causes Buzz constant frustration, but his instruments often prove useful in cracking a case.

Assistant Chief of Operations Russell Taylor (Robert Gossett) helps the Major Crimes Division on numerous cases. He frequently acts as a press liaison and has proven to be a strong ally for closing cases. Doctor Morales (Jonathan del Arco) is the Medical Examiner for the LA County Coroner’s office.

FBI Special Agent Fritz Howard (Jon Tenney) is Brenda’s husband and works as the main liaison between Major Crimes and the FBI.

A newcomer to the Major Crimes division, Detective Amy Sykes (Kearran Giovanni) is an ambitious undercover police detective and military veteran who served in Afghanistan. She struggles to prove herself and be taken seriously.

Rusty Beck (Graham Patrick Martin) is a homeless juvenile who ends up living with Raydor after becoming a witness in an important homicide case. His troubled past shapes his unruly character and that doesn’t make Raydor’s transition any easier.

Series Finale:     
Episode TBD
This TV series has not ended yet.
First aired: TBD


What do you think? Do you like this spin-off TV series? Is it as good as The Closer?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Lisa Chioda says

    Love, love, love this show. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeze don’t cancel it. It was hard enough when Kyra left, but don’t completely ruin one of the few good shows left on T.V. The other characters on Major Crimes make up for any shortcomings with Kyra’s exit. What a shame to lose such colorful characters and a show that actually teaches a lesson about morals and right and wrong. This is a dying genre which needs to be expanded.

  2. Joyce says

    Love it — each week is better as the characters develop. The kid is great — much better than he is on 2-1/2 Men. Great job to everyone!

  3. says

    Major Crimes is waaay better than the Closer. I liked the Closer but not like the entire ensemble piece that the new show has become. Everyone gets a piece of the pie with Mary in charge. Love it. Would watch it an entire season.

  4. Susan Carone says

    I watch Major Crimes every week and enjoy the story line. I was a fan of the Closer, but like this show and the new addition to the cast. Ms. MacDonald is terrific. I hope this show stays on the air because it is one of the good ones.

  5. geri says

    it’s not suppose to be The Closer. I think it is a pretty good show. Every episode is better than the last. I hope it is renewed.

  6. geri says

    it’s not suppose to be The Closer. I think it is a pretty good show. Every episode is better than the last. I hope it is renewed.

  7. ivette chaar says

    True, it is not The Closer! But after the second program I love it and think it’s better than The Closer!I really hope they continue with it.

  8. Tina says

    This show has been knocking it out of the park with the ratings. It’s the #1 highest cable premier in history and has been the #1 cable show 5 wks running. Mary McDonnell portrays the character the way that James Duff, writer and creator of both The Closer & Major Crimes, intended Raydor to be portrayed!! One look, the raising of an eyebrow, a slight smile speaks volumns!! If you all expected The Closer clone, guess what, that’s NOT what this was ever intended to be!! It is it’s own show, and is proving it in the ratings!!! AND Kyra Sedgwick asked Mary to do the show with her, their good friends. So if Krya thinks she can do this, who do you think you are to say she can’t???

  9. Why Watch says

    I have not enjoyed Major Crimes to date. The characters I liked have all changed, for the worse. I realize Raydor needs to be different, but I don’t think even Mary McDonnell can save this character.
    And get rid of the whiny kid. He’s a big turn-off and I already fast forward through his scenes.

  10. Anotherconcernedfan says

    I want this show to continue and be a hit as I liked the original show and cast members. I think that “Pope and Gabriel” not being there is also a big loss to the popularity of the show. As for: – Raydor, she needs to show that she can relate to her subordinates and not be like a stone towards them. The new female detective should have been patterned after “Gabriel’s first detective girlfriend Daniels”, the show did work then with two female cops in the squad. The teenager characters attitude, whining and surliness is a big turn off for me, I don’t want to listen to him, and he has to go! I will “Hang in there” for a few more shows but I am disappointed so far.

  11. AD says

    I have similar concerns like everyone else so far; this is not going to last past 1 season if it makes it that far. Tying it in to The Closer was probably not the best move; Kyra Sedgwick was just too popular. Mary McDonnell’s character is too stiff; I realize it’s a big shift in the way they are handling things, but unless the new captain shows some warmth or something, this show doesn’t go past 1 season.

  12. lynn ware says

    I am with everyone, it is not the closer. I feel that the storey line is poor, and as a leader she is not. The team is working the two new females are not. Brenda had a way with words that everyone took notice. If this is not going to be canceled you need to do something about the characters.

  13. Chuck A. says

    I agree with Sharon R. this is not The Closer or a drama I will be watching in the future. THIS IS A CIRCUS!!!!!!!

  14. Sharon R. says

    It might be good without Mary McDonnell. I like her as an actress but not in the role she is depicting. I love all of the other actors and wish you would have done something making one of the guys the new boss. It’s a “major” disappointment . I also don’t like the way Ms. Raydor is whineing about the way the unit was handled by the previous chief. (Get over it…we don’t want to hear complaints about what we loved)

    Oh, and the other new female character isn’t working for me either. She just doesn’t fit.

    Rewrite with all of the guys!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says

      I really want to like it because I was a big fan of The Closer, but Kyra Sedgwick made the show and without her it just doesn’t have the same pulse. Also, the “new” detective is very irritating and if this show stands a chance she needs to go!!

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