Make It or Break It

Make It or Break ItNetwork: ABC Family
Episodes: 48 (hour)
Seasons: Three

TV show dates: June 22, 2009 — May 14, 2012
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Zachary Abel, Chelsea Hobbs, Ayla Kell, Josie Loren, Cassie Scerbo, Susan Ward, Candace Cameron Bure, Peri Gilpin, Neil Jackson, Anthony Starke, Wyatt Smith, Johnny Pacar, Rosa Blasi, Jason Manuel Olazabal, Mia Rose Frampton, and Brett Cullen.

TV show description:      
Set in Boulder, Colorado, this series focuses on a group of teenage gymnasts who are trying to make it to the Olympic Games. These athletes refer to their training gym, Rocky Mountain, as The Rock. While their skills make them contenders for the U.S. Nationals and possibly even the Olympics, conflict within their group becomes distracting.

Emily Kmetko (Chelsea Hobbs) is the newcomer at Rocky Mountain. She took third place at the Nationals, beating out top competitor Lauren Tanner. She works at The Pizza Shack with a guy she likes named Razor. Being a newbie, she’s somewhat of an outsider in the group and her family struggles financially.

Kaylie Cruz (Josie Loren) is a spoiled rich girl with her mom having once been a successful singer, and her dad a successful baseball player. She doesn’t agree with The Rock’s rules and breaks them, including the one that states that team members shouldn’t be romantically involved. She’s secretly dating Carter, another gymnast.

The top female gymnast at The Rock is Kaylie’s friend, Payson Keeler (Ayla Kell). She believes in training 24/7 in order to win Nationals and get to the Olympics. She’s been fighting a persistent back injury, but does her best to not let it get in the way.

Lauren Tanner (Cassie Scerbo) is known as the mean girl at the gym or the “bitch of the beam.” She left The Rock after Emily knocked her out of third place at the Nationals, but came back when a new head coach was hired. Only she and Kaylie’s brother, Leo, know that she’s had sex with her friend Kaylie’s boyfriend, Carter. Her biological mother, who wants nothing to do with her, is an addict who has been in and out of rehab several times.

Summer Van Horn (Candace Cameron Bure) is Lauren’s soon-to-be stepmom and her dad’s secretary. Though Lauren doesn’t approve of the impending marriage, Summer still goes out of her way to create a relationship with Lauren.

Carter Anderson (Zachary Burr Abel) is Kaylie’s boyfriend and another gymnast. He hasn’t been honest with Kaylie about Lauren, but gives her a necklace that belonged to his deceased mother. Carter gets suspended from The Rock once it’s revealed that he’s involved with another gymnast and refuses to reveal her name.

Damon Young (Johnny Pacar) is Razor’s friend, the songwriter in their band, and Emily’s closest confidante. He kisses Emily after finding out she’s never been kissed, and tells her he can’t be just friends. He has plans to move to L.A. because a band out there wants to record his songs. Razor (Nico Tortorella) is Emily’s coworker and likes her. He asks Damon to watch out for her while he’s on tour and tells him not to go out with her.

Sasha Belov (Neil Jackson) is the new head coach at The Rock. He is the only gymnast to have beaten the team’s previous coach, Marty. At one point he kicks Emily out of the gym and Nationals, but allows her back when he’s assured that she’ll listen to him. He cares for these kids a lot and wants them to do well.

Series Finale:     
Episode 48 — United Stakes
Kaylie and Payson march into Coach McIntire’s office to inform him of the horrible news, that Coach Ray molested Jordan. When Coach asks Jordan to confirm this, a fearful Jordan denies the story. Meanwhile, Coach confronts Ray and he denies having participated in improper conduct with any of the girls. In an effort to help Jordan feel safe about reporting the truth, Kaylie and Payson send emails to other gymnasts through a social media site asking anyone to come forward if they were ever victimized by Ray. To their surprise, they receive multiple responses which they share with Jordan.

As the girls prepare for the big trials, Payson seeks inspiration for a new routine to perform and brings Rigo to a salsa dance club for support. After learning a few new moves, Sasha surprises Payson and encourages her to take a risk performing her new routine.

Thanks to Wendy’s devious plan, Kaylie is banned from trials after testing positive for pseudoephedrine, which can also serve as an appetite depressant. Kaylie denies having taken any cold medication or relapsing on her eating disorder. Alex demands that Marcus give Kaylie a blood test which will provide a more accurate result. When Marcus denies the additional test, Jordan, Payson, and Lauren boycott trials.

Thankfully, all the girls end up competing in the trials. Austin returns to give Kaylie some encouragement. Sasha is there to cheer Payson on. Lauren is nervous about making it through her entire routine without her irregular heartbeat causing her monitor device to spike too high. Later, Lauren exposes Wendy as being the person placing pseudoephedrine in Kaylie’s smoothies. After all of the routines are performed in competition, the winners are announced. Kaylie, Lauren, Jordan and Payson all make the team!
First aired: May 14, 2012.


Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. james says

    make it or break it is the best show on tv and should have another season or a movie to tell the fans what happen at the Olympics. I hope abc family chance their minds and bring back make it or break it. it need to come back to show how the girls did at the Olympics and how their life have chance since the Olympics.

  2. gabby says

    make it or break it was the best show in the world and u mean people were cruel enough to take it away from the people who loved it including myself. u broke my heart when u cancelled this awesome show i hav a shout out to the executive producer u ruined my life so thank you

  3. Anonymous says

    Please don’t leave us hanging like that , this show has completely changed my life . You guys on ABC family need to her new people for this Job on ratings and stuff ur doing what u guys think Is best.. What about what we as the viewers want?… Seriously second show I actually liked on this channel that Is now being canceled ur about to lose me as a viewer even if it kills me !…

  4. Anonymous says

    I love this show. It is one of my favorites and the only one my husband will willingly watch with me. ABC Family is making a huge mistake taking it off the air. The should come back to the 3 going to London and bring back Emily with Damon and their baby with her struggle to get back into gymnastics even though most women don’t after having a baby. Who every decides to take shows off the air needs to be fired. This was their best show by far. Listen to people, thousands all over the internet say they love it and want it back already. The long waits between seasons is horrible though.

  5. Kim says

    I am pretty upset that the show has ended. It was never really given a fair shot on ABC Family. Long hiatus between each season was also unhelpful to the “Make It” credibility (no one ever got to watch it!). On a channel that dubs itself a family network, but show cases more of the “down-side” of teenage life, this was at least one show that highlighted positive aspects of being well driven and happier teenager. So basically, the originally programming left on ABC Family, involves “Lying” in 2 of the titles and “Secret Life”, which basically alludes to the same principle (kind of funny seeing as you also have the 700 Club in your line up). Oh yeah, and I did forget about “Melissa & Joey”, a poorly written show, showcasing two washed up stars trying to revive their sad careers. Thank you ABC Family, for ******** it up again. I will not be checking your line-up anytime soon.

  6. Stephanie. B says

    My husband and I love this show.. We both hate that they cancelled the show. I also agree with some of the people here. They need to do a better job of counting ratings and stop having such long breaks between season. I hate it when I get into a show and they only show 10 and then wait a whole year to show 10 more.. They need to start listening to the people who watch this. There would be bigger rating if the show has more than 10. I am thinking twice to keep watching ABCFamily. I also love Lying Games and Switched at Birth. but if they cancele those I am done with ABC Family… Hear our words or I should say Read OUR WORDS!!

  7. Anonymous says

    This is my favorite show from any channel. I really think its a big mistake to cancel this show. I hope someone high up changes their mind!

  8. mike says

    I have post allreay how big a misstake ABC Family is making by taking “make it or break it” off but now i will put it this way if they take the best show they have on off the air i will no longer watch any show on their network and the more ppl that stop watching ABC Family the ******* that run it will lose their jobs for lose of money I think they need to be fired if they not now a good show from the other garbage they show

  9. Kristen Easley says

    I love this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I first seen this show I fell in love. It has changed my life.

  10. Jim Vouzas says

    Please don’t cancel the show,… Seriously The Way you guys do Ratings sucks & is incorrect & does not give a accurate description of the ratings the show gets or its popularity,…
    Jump online and go on any torrent site and you’ll see 1,000’s of people downloading or streaming the shows,… & it’s like that on every site,… 1,000’s of sites with 1,000’s of people downloading or streaming,… So you really need to update the way you use your technology to get more accurate ratings on shows,…
    You guys keep canceling extremely popular shows without a clue on their popularity,… You put shows on long breaks and then wonder why ppl loose interest or stop watching,…
    This is the reason why most ppl grab whole seasons and watch them right through,… or like myself download each ep live from the usa each week,…
    I hope this helps you understand and perhaps look to better more precise methods in determining the accuracy of rating and stop canceling popular shows in future,…
    Kindest Regards,…
    Jimy V.

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