MasterChef: Another Gordon Ramsay TV Show; Cancel or Keep It?

MasterChefLast night, Gordon Ramsay debuted in yet another culinary reality series. Will FOX’s MasterChef be as successful as Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen or will it be quickly cancelled?

MasterChef is a competition that pits a group of talented home cooks against one another in a series of challenges and elimination rounds. They are judged by Chef Ramsay, restaurateur and wine maker Joe Bastianich, and Graham Elliot, the country’s youngest four-star chef. The winner of the contest walks away with $250,000 and a deal to author a cookbook.

The new series debuted last night with a 2.78 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 5.747 million viewers (per the overnights). That put the show in first place in the all-important demo and number four in overall viewers. Viewership grew slightly halfway through the episode, an indication that people liked what they saw and will probably return next week.

It looks like FOX might have a new successful summer series on their hands. If these numbers hold up, it seems likely that we’ll see another season next summer. If FOX tries to move the show into the regular season, it’ll certainly have a harder time but could still potentially do well.

But, what do you think? Is MasterChef worth watching or would you rather see it cancelled? Is it better or worse than the other Chef Ramsay shows?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. annamarie says

    I think this show could work if they had Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert as the other judges. The latter have that snarky edge also that fits Gordon’s style but since they dont— I say it should be axed!

  2. Don Lynch says

    I am only half through the program and I know it will be over too soon. I don’t know for other programs. I am guessing they will show what people want to see. The people on the show, there is so much passion for their cooking. I would like to see other programs that show people in their jobs that care. (Fox. Please don’t do one on the politicians out of D.C. they would all be fired. Or arrested. I am no cook anymore than I am a trucker. However I enjoy Ice Road Truckers. It’s the passion for what they do. I HOPE THEY KEEP IT! But if they don’t it just means the numbers said no more. It’s business.

  3. Paul says

    I watched the first episode and loved it! from the drama of contestants either crying cuz they cant cut it, or showing passion because what they know they do is good, and they get through, its another typical “dramatic” gordon ramsey show, which is what makes them so successful! I vote to keep and already after one week, I loved it, and I also LOVE the other 2 shows, way to go Gordon!

  4. says

    Keep it Chef Ramsey is always entertaining. Love his comments. I just would never want to try and learn under him but love his shows. I am tired of cops and robbers so these shows are refreshing!!!

  5. Lisa says

    I think it’s neat. It’s like American Idol or Dancing with Celebrities for chefs. Geez, with all the new cake, cupcake and cooking reality shows, this is kind of a breath of fresh air only Gordan Ramsay picks up where Simon Cowell or Piers Morgan would normally be (the Arrogant, all knowing Brit who seems inconvenienced to be there). But Ramsay showed that he heart and the recognized the possible potential and added a human element to a show that really needed it. I thought it was great and I was getting more than a little tired of 2 hours of Hell’s Kitchen every week. Keep it! It’s about time people got judged on talents other than singing or dancing.

  6. Grandizer says

    Well I think it was okay, however, the way the “tasters” taste the food and make faces is silly.
    You like it or you don’t, give constructive criticism and move on. The part where they try to get you interested in the amateurs is tiring. You already know who they are going to keep just by the setup they used.

  7. says

    I’m sick of all these so called “Reality” programs. If I wanted to watch and hear someone behaving like they are insane, I’d go over to my local sports bar to watch some big game. Give us a break will you? One of his programs was one too many.

  8. Peggy says

    First, I agree no one deserves to be head chef this year much less at the Savoy.
    And Master Chef is another weary reality show. I like Gordan, but I thought some of his
    British shows more interesting then this.
    I wonder who at Fox decided Past Lives was no good, because some of us like a show with fresh ideas and shocking, a story line. You would have had a winner if you had marketed it and left it on a regulat time slot. You did everything to insure it failed
    The person who pulled that show should look for another job, clearly he is not qualitifed
    for the one he has.

  9. mel says

    keep it! Gordon is always great to watch. He is amazing both in his field and helping others become better and do better without putting up with crap. I love it! Keep it!!!!

  10. Samara says

    I say absolutely keep it! Gordan Ramsey is so enigmatic and charismatic to watch! He’s both a really harsh critic and a man with a soft heart! I would watch any show he did! I’ve managed restaurants since I was 20 and I can say he certainly knows what makes a true chef! Plus, this show is cool because it’s got the judging of contestants like “American Idol”, but without the general American public to screw up the results by voting! On a side note, does anyone else agree with me that no one on this season’s “Hell’s Kitchen” deserves to be the head chef at the Savoy in London?

  11. Terri says

    we loved the show. my husband is a reality tv lover and those centered around food are new to him. when this show was over, he said ‘oh, i’m going to LOVE this show’. please keep it on, we love it!!!

  12. Virginia M. Fowler says

    I watch most shows that Gordon Ramsay creates, as blunt and critical as he can be and can also scare the crap out of a person it is worth it. I have been cooking since I was 8 years old, I have been called a chef but I would love the chance to prove myself to Gordon. I can’t explain it, I know he would scare me to death but I feel it would be truthful and be worth good or bad comments. I am so hoping this will be picked up for a second season because I would love to compete, I relate this show to the American Idol of cooks. I have been waiting for something like this. I would love a chance to spread my wings. I may fall flat on my face but I will never know unless I try. MY VOTE IS TO KEEP!!!!!

  13. Jeremy Rynek says

    Cancel it now!!!! We do NOT need another Gordon ramsey show! I’d be fine with one because I like you can come to Fox for alot of different things including cooking. One show I’m fine with. Then there was two, I said “WTF?”, then I found out there’d be a third one cming this summer. Ok thats enough already. If you guys couldnt give a bunch of other shows a chance like Past Life, then why should you give this one a chance???

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