Medium: CBS and NBC Feud Over Show’s Cancellation

MediumFans aren’t the only ones who were upset to hear that NBC had cancelled Medium. CBS Television Studios, the company that produces the Patricia Arquett drama was not pleased either. While the studios and networks tend to play nice in public, this time the gloves have come off.

In a conference call with reporters, Ben Silverman, co-chairman of NBC Entertainment and Universal Media Studios, praised the fan efforts to renew Chuck and slammed shows like Medium and My Name Is Earl for being devoid of fan support.

Just hours later, CBS issued a statement that said, “NBC’s cancellation of Medium is inexplicable to us. The ratings don’t lie. Medium outperforms many of NBC’s renewed shows.”

It continues, “Despite inconsistent scheduling, Medium, under the creative vision of Glenn Gordon Caron, one of the most preeminent producers in television, has always performed with distinction both creatively and commercially. Multiple-award-winning actress Patricia Arquette and the cast have delivered a stellar series for five consistent seasons. The awards and ratings speak for themselves. We believe the show has a significant future and await developments.”

What neither statements say is that, according to Nikki Finke, the series was actually picked up for 13 episodes last Friday. Arquette is contracted for 22 installments (and may have to be paid for that many) and CBS wanted at least 16 because of the profits it will make in syndication. Push came to shove and ultimately negotiations fell apart.

But, as is fitting with a show like Medium, “dead” doesn’t necessarily mean “totally dead.” Because it makes sense for the company financially, it’s a sure thing that CBS will pick up for another year. The network announces its schedule shortly.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Malia says

    Thank-you so much CBS! I’ve been longtime supporter of Medium. I love the show, and I have never missed an episode. I am so thankful you stepped in. Great timing. Can’t wait to see how this will all work out.

  2. Babs says

    How can I see reruns of the final episodes of Medium, looks like NBC is not offering it any longer, missed of few of last seasons.

  3. Babs Daitch says

    NBC has gone downhill since Zuckerman, or whatever this guy’s name is, who came from the Today Show. They expect all of us to enjoy reality T.V. and Jay Leno, 5 nights a week, , we pay too much for cable, what a rip off, , if I want real life, I prefer to go outside and experience the real world, instead of the reel world.
    Medium was one of my favorite shows. looks like I switching to CBS, including my news. ( which makes them the most money)..
    Get rid of Zuckerman, bring a woman into that position.

  4. Sandi Ferguson says

    KUDOS CBS for standing up to NBC and adding “Medium” to its Tuesday 9-10 pm slot time! Patricia Arquette’s character, Ms. Dubois, is a real individual and much of the story line(s) are taken from events in her and her family’s life. It is an intreguing, suspense filled hour with the best cast and incredible story lines, thoroughly enjoy this show and I am elated at CBS decision. I’ve prerecorded all of “Medium’s” series and can’t wait for the new season (year). NBC’s executive decision makers have truly missed a HIT when it proved to be a HIT — a win / win for the cast/show and CBS! This is one show I’ve watched from inception and was absolutely speechless from the final episode in May. I found it on by accident tonight and was shocked and thrilled all in one! CBS not only will I watch “Medium” but possible other programs on CBS now as well. NBC shame on you – an award winning cast, and creative / director, “what were you smoking?!!!” as they say!

  5. Morgan says

    I watch very little tv because of my very busy lifestyle, but I’ve watched Medium since its inception. I was so angry when the “series finale” aired last May. I didn’t know that Medium would be picked up by CBS, I just thought the NBC idiots ended the series with Alison in a coma. I am thrilled to find out that I can still watch my favorite show again. Dear NBC–want to know my demographic? 46 yrs, married, college graduate, mother of 3. Yes, that’s the demographic you walked away from when you canceled Medium. TV today mostly stinks unless reality shows and Law & Order are all you are after. THANK YOU CBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Debbie says

    NBC: Bad, Bad mistake! You’re really cutting your nose off dispite your face. Goodbye to this network. Jay Leno is the only thing worth watching – U BLEW it! CBS: Great move!!! Now we just keep our channel set to yours; don’t have to switch it. Medium doesn’t need to be a bridge after Ghost Whisperer (although it’s a nice segway). I’ve watched Medium since it’s first show. Great show. You’ve got smart people working for CBS, compared to NBC who have Meatballs for CEOs! CBS – Advertise and I’ll buy it; NBC – you lost big time!

  7. Natasha says

    I am so happy that CBS got Medium. It is an amazing show and Patricia Arquette is wonderful in it. I can’t believe that NBC canceled it because of the stupid Jay Leno’s new show. Jay Leno should retire and do us all a favor by never showing his face again on TV. He sucks anyway!!!! I will continue to watch Medium on CBS now and can’t wait for it to start, hope they keep the same cast on CBS.

  8. Patty says

    Thanks you CBS. Please don’t make the mistake that NBC did with thisshow (and many others) – keep it in one time slot. I can assure you that this show will perform even better if we don’t have to wait 8 months to see the next installment.

  9. bluecat3 says

    NBC now stands for “Nobs with Brain Cancer” Medium is the only decent show on. Maybe CBS will give it the respect it deserves and air it in a consistent time slot. Love to see “The Closer” with Benjamen Bratt become a prime time show as well!

  10. DL says

    Thank you CBS for picking up Medium. Love this show, do not know what the other station was thinking or not thinking………

    Thank you!!!!!

  11. Liz says

    Medium was the only show I watched on NBC. I have always loved the show and am very happy that CBS has picked it up. Too bad CBS didn’t have the sense to keep a great show from last season, Moonlight.

  12. Amy says

    I just found out that medium was cancelled, and I am Very upset! I look forward to watching every week. Seriously, why is tv getting rid of all the good shows and making dumb ones??!!!! Whoever is in charge here, PLEASE reconsider. Your tv veiwing audience will definetly decline if you get rid of this show!!!

  13. Margo says

    I love the show. Can’t always watch it, but I buy the seasons each year so I can watch at my leisure. Hope CBS picks it back up. NBC has dropped the ball for some time now, including their news reporting.

  14. Carrie says

    NBC has consistently cancelled all of their best shows. With Medium being cancelled as well, I have no further use for NBC! I will be CANCELLING their station off my TV”S remote control.

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