Medium: CBS and NBC Feud Over Show’s Cancellation

MediumFans aren’t the only ones who were upset to hear that NBC had cancelled Medium. CBS Television Studios, the company that produces the Patricia Arquett drama was not pleased either. While the studios and networks tend to play nice in public, this time the gloves have come off.

In a conference call with reporters, Ben Silverman, co-chairman of NBC Entertainment and Universal Media Studios, praised the fan efforts to renew Chuck and slammed shows like Medium and My Name Is Earl for being devoid of fan support.

Just hours later, CBS issued a statement that said, “NBC’s cancellation of Medium is inexplicable to us. The ratings don’t lie. Medium outperforms many of NBC’s renewed shows.”

It continues, “Despite inconsistent scheduling, Medium, under the creative vision of Glenn Gordon Caron, one of the most preeminent producers in television, has always performed with distinction both creatively and commercially. Multiple-award-winning actress Patricia Arquette and the cast have delivered a stellar series for five consistent seasons. The awards and ratings speak for themselves. We believe the show has a significant future and await developments.”

What neither statements say is that, according to Nikki Finke, the series was actually picked up for 13 episodes last Friday. Arquette is contracted for 22 installments (and may have to be paid for that many) and CBS wanted at least 16 because of the profits it will make in syndication. Push came to shove and ultimately negotiations fell apart.

But, as is fitting with a show like Medium, “dead” doesn’t necessarily mean “totally dead.” Because it makes sense for the company financially, it’s a sure thing that CBS will pick up for another year. The network announces its schedule shortly.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Heather says

    Are they stupid or what??? I love Medium!!!! It’s my favorite show. In fact I only watch Medium, Modern Family and Survivor !!!!! Very, Very bad decision. I might just give up T. V. for good!!!!!

  2. Ralph and Lyn Phillips says

    We don’t watch many of the network shows, but Medium is one of our favorites. We never miss an episode. Our other Friday night show is Merlin, now on the SYFY network. NBC was wrong on that show, and wrong on Medium. NBC is clueless. They continue to alienate the viewers. We are down to watching one or two shows on NBC. We don’t watch any reality shows, so please get rid of them!

  3. says

    please please please do not cancel medium tv show . i am so sad that we wont be able to watch medium this week, and the reruns are we going to see them and when. please dont end our medium tv show please

  4. T Gallagher says

    …. and the networks wonder why they lose market share to cable channels. First it was their political slant and bias that made FOX NEWS the giant it is today. Now its cancelling truly good programming like Medium. Hows about the networks cancel some of the completely lame reality tv they broadcast? Quit dragging out Bob Saget or David Hasselhoff for some mindnumbing crap again and again and again.

    All we can hope is that maybe the SciFi channel or another cable channel with some programming vision or wisdom will pick Medium up and ad it to their line up.

  5. jasmin says

    Im outraged that they are cancelling such a brilliant show, especially when the show has better ratings then most of the shows on the network! If I knew where to show my outrage I would.

  6. Jennifer says

    I abvolutely love Medium. It’s an intelligent show, with good scripts, played by fine actors. I believe the majority of the viewing public is sick to death of more “reality” shows. They are either depressing or just plain boring, with few exceptions. You should take a hint from the cable channels — TNT, TBS, Lifetime, Hallmark, etc. They have entertaining shows, not people coming off drugs or in therapy sessions or exaggerating their sex lives. Life has enough of that crap. Most people want to be entertained when they turn on the television. And, Medium is one of those shows, along with The Mentalist, NCIS, Law & Order, The Good Wife, Men of a Certain Age, movies, etc. It would be criminal of you to cancel Medium. The time slot now, 8 PM on Friday, is a great time slot and you should leave it there and keep renewing it. You cancel this show and you will lose a large audience for your network!

  7. francne says

    i love Medium, please please do not be foolhardy and cancel this show..Some of the newer shows are so terrible, I have increased my subscription to the cable shows…. and watch more on usa, lifetime, and tnt, they seem to know what the public wants……

  8. says

    PLEASE DO NOT cancel the MEDIUM. I LOVE this show. I love that you had two episodes back to back starting @7:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday so I was able to rush home from work & see both episodes!

    Please bring it back!! I see a lot of people feel the same as I do . Please listen to our comments!!

  9. Brenda says

    Thank you for picking up Medium. I love this show. It’s wonderful to see that CBS can spot a great show even if NBC cannot.
    They put all their faith in Jay Leno and people are going to get tired of him, like every show they have over played.
    Thanks again.

  10. molly says

    well if you want to know why the fan base didnt respond, its because many of us didnt know it had been cancelled!!! it would never have even occured to me that a show with good ratings and a good following would be pulled and for what? is there another cruddy new reality show that we need see? im blown away. im in shock. absolutely amazed. the only reason i know is because i was looking (far in advance) when the season premiere might be as i look so forward to it every year.

    • Kelly says

      I agree with Molly. Why the cancellation? They didn’t even make it known that this was a possibility. We don’t need anymore “Reality” shows. I’m just so disappointed. I guess I’ll take up knitting or something worth my time, as I won’t be watching much TV.

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