Medium: CBS Teases the Cancelled TV Show’s Final Episode

MediumWe already know that the last episode of CBS’ cancelled Medium series will take place in the present, seven years into the future and then 40 years after that. The network has now issued a press release that gives us a few more clues about the TV show’s conclusion. Note that Sasha Pieterse is credited with playing a 14-year-old version of youngest daughter Marie (Madison Carabello).

It’s also worth noting that this is the first time that the network has officially confirmed that the series is ending. Up until now, we’ve only heard the cancellation news from star Patricia Arquette and executive producer Glenn Gordon Caron.

Here’s the press release…


“Me Without You” – When Allison becomes a lawyer and Joe starts a new job, the Dubois family is forever changed, on the series finale of MEDIUM, Friday, Jan. 21 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Allison Dubois: Patricia Arquette
Joe Dubois: Jake Weber
District Attorney Devalos: Miguel Sandoval
Ariel Dubois: Sofia Vassilieva
Bridgette Dubois: Maria Lark
Detective Lee Scanlon: David Cubitt
Marie Dubois: Madison Carabello

Lynn Dinovi: Tina Dijoseph
Luis Amenabar: Enrique Murciano
Dennis Caruso: Roger Bart
14-year old Marie: Sasha Pieterse
Eduardo Garcia: Jacob Vargas
Judge Malone: Lily Knight
Byron Knox: Scott Alan Smith
Alberto Ruiz: Gabriel Salvador
David: Charlie Koznick
Attorney #1: J. Paul Boehmer
Bailiff: Geno Monteiro
Reporter #1: Gina St. John
Rest Home Worker: Arianna Ortiz
Reporter #2: Kaiyana Rain

WRITTEN BY: Executive Producers: Craig Sweeny, Robert Doherty & Glenn Gordon Caron

DIRECTED BY: Peter Werner

RATING: To Be Announced

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. LN says

    Worst ending ever, they ruined the show for me. I won’t be tuning into the re-runs of buying DVDs. Wish I hadn’t even watched the last horrible episode! :(

  2. Dana says

    I have never seen a more absurd ending of a such a popular show! Why, why, why didn’t you leave a door open for restarting this show! She could have stopped dreaming, she could have divorced Joe etc. etc. I could have imagined a 100 ways of ending it but not the way you did it. Very disappointing and sad, sad, sad!

  3. steph in canada says

    PPPOOOOOOPOOOOO CBS. One of the few shows worth watching on your station is gone? What are you thinking ! I want it back or there will be no more CBS for me! Shame shame on you.
    Steph Kerr
    Ottawa, Canada

  4. says

    My comment did not get posted but what I wanted to say is how befreft the feeling since realizing Friday night was the last show. I did not know it was coming and sat there in total shock. Medium was a beautiful show with good believable family values and experiences so why would CBS want to cancel it? I guess the future for television is the likes of, “Skin” which means I will be spending a lot more money at Barnes and Noble. To all the cast of Medium, we will miss you dearly.

  5. Bill says

    Thanks for a great show all these years. And thanks to the producers for allowing the actors to wave their final send-off in the ending montage. It was neat. Good luck to all of them. They truly made us feel ” part ” of the DuBois family!

  6. Patrick says

    We had no idea this was the last episode until the end. And only then because we looked it up on the web. This sucks. One of the few shows with reasonable characters. We will certainly miss it.

  7. Margaret says

    We didn’t know Medium had been cancelled until we realized we were watching a series finale. I had remarked several times how Medium was getting even better with intriguing storylines and fresh approaches to Allison’s gift. This is a loss, for sure.

  8. roxanne weinberg says

    i just watched the finale of medium and was extremely disturbed. With all the negative that happens on a daily basis, this show brought warmth and togetherness into family life. After seven years of bonding with the characters, it was terrible of CBS to end it in a terrible way.

  9. John Branham Sr says

    My wife and I are extremely dissapointed to say the least. This was a very good show well acted and more thought provoking than 98% of the rest of CBSs’ new and old programming. I dare say that they will not replace it with anything better. Sorry CBS this was a very stupid move on your part. If it did not do well in a Friday time slot move it to a Saturday time slot where you normally have absolutely nothing worth watching anyway, it would definately improve Saturdays. This gives an additional boost to the saying about what CBS really stands for “Cannot Be Serious”. If you would for once just take the advice of “real people” you would consider reinstating this program.

  10. Peggy says

    I am angry that yet another great show for friday nighters is gone. The last one was Ghostwhipserer’ now Medium!Which i loved and looked forward watching.
    People bring it back!! All these other shows are not worth watchiing… this was my only vice! :(

  11. harriet foster says

    The Medium had a long way to go it still fresh. Even i can imagine countless story lines . A wide range of ages watch this show .Its sad too see it go

  12. Brenda says

    I wasn’t aware that Medium was cancelled until I read the shows plot. I was very upset to see it was the series finale! I felt like I was loosing a piece of something I so enjoyed. I replayed the show 3 times! Should of been at least a 2 hr finale! Felt choppy to me. Didn’t have time to think and understand what was happening with the whole family. There is hardly anything on TVanymore but those reality shows. They are for those people who are nosey about other peoples lives-drama seekers! Some things should be kept under wraps aka: none of our business! This is the 3rd of my favorites that has ended. Ghost Whisper and Witches of Eastwick were a few others! Not grundgy enough I guess-so SAD!!

  13. Lloyd says

    It really sucks that such s good show is cancelled and replaced with what? One of our favorite shows. As for more reallity shows the only reality shows that are real are live sport shows, the rest are shams.

  14. Peter says

    The way they decided to ebd this show without all the bells and whistles and grandstanding is weird. Firework went off but no sparks. i thought Lost was dissapointing.

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