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Medium: CBS Saves Cancelled Show; Renewed for Season Six

MediumThough the series has declined in the ratings over the years, Medium’s always been a decent mid-season performer for the peacock network. Considering the state of NBC’s overall schedule, you’d think they’d be glad to have it back.

But, because of today’s economics and the network’s decision to schedule Jay Leno’s new show five nights a week, NBC cancelled Medium earlier this week.

Fortunately for fans of the show, CBS has decided to scoop it up. The network’s sister production company produces the show and makes a boatload of money from it in syndication. Bringing Medium back for more network episodes means that there will be more installments for the syndication package.

The show is also filling a problem spot on CBS’ Friday night schedule. The network hasn’t had much luck finding a strong, compatible show to fill the timeslot between Ghost Whisperer and Numb3rs. Medium, which combines elements of paranormal, family and crime drama, seems like a natural fit.

Interestingly, both Medium and Ghost Whisperer debuted the same year but on different networks. The two have frequently been compared and pitted against one another. Who would have guessed they’d end up on the same network, working together?


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