Medium: Episode Order Cut; Next to Be Cancelled?

MediumLast week, CBS gave full season orders to all five of its new shows. The network execs have now cut the episode order for the veteran Medium series. What’s going on? Is Medium next to be cancelled?

Starring Patrica Arquette, Medium premiered in 2005 on NBC. The series ran on the peacock network for five seasons until it was cancelled. Because CBS produces the drama and it’s a syndication success, the eye network picked it up for season six and paired it with compatible Ghost Whisperer. The latter was cancelled last May after a decline in ratings but Medium survived.

This season, Medium has seen a significant decline in viewership. It’s averaged just a 1.3 rating in the prized 18-49 demographic and 6.2 million viewers. That’s a drop of 35% in the demo when compared to the same number of weeks last fall.

Medium is currently the network’s lowest rated show, by far. Fridays are a tough night to draw an audience but a 1.3 average is still very low. CSI: NY, which airs at 9pm, is averaging a 1.8 rating.

Based on Medium’s poor ratings and the success of the other CBS programming, it’s not surprising that the network has cut the show’s episode order for season seven. The cast and crew will make just 13 episodes instead of the traditional 22 installments. You may remember that CBS did something similar with Numb3rs last season and cancelled it in the spring.

This represents Medium’s smallest season in its history and will almost surely will be the drama’s last. CBS will likely replace it on the schedule by midseason.

On the positive side, if this is indeed Medium’s final season, producers will presumably have enough time to give the series some kind of closure.

What do you think? Is it time for Medium to be cancelled or are you still hoping for season eight?

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  1. Michelle says

    What a mistake to cancel Medium! It is a riveting show with excellent writing and acting. I am sooo disappointed. How can a show survive that gets moved around from one night to another, then one network to another? I was almost afraid to fall in love with them because it was inevitable they would get screwed. I was hopelessly devoted though and hold out the hope that this is all a bad dream. By all means add another CSI or Law and Order Series becuase that’s what the ‘sheep’le want.

  2. Kathryn says

    I was so surprised to read Medium was being cancelled. Medium was one of my favorite TV shows. I watched the last episode and n0t sure if they can bring Medium back but I think it would be great if they did. I cried during the last show. Joe dieing was to much.
    Please bring Medium back….

  3. says

    Nooooooooo!!! I was totally taken by surprise by the season finale. I adore that TV family. I introduced the show to my husband and 26 year-old son to the show, and they have watched it with me, eventhough we have 5 TVs in the house. Please don’t take the DuBois’ away from us.

  4. Marek says

    I was disappointed that the show was canceled and then the series finale was a hastily arranged patchwork of time travel. They could have given this well deserving series the dignity of a two hour final episode send off and with a plot that was something a little less chastened.

  5. Carol Behnen says

    So disapointed that Medium was cancelled.
    CBS is making a big mistake. Medium was one of the shows that was not filled with blood and gore and was possible for most ages to watch.
    More and more TV is trash for adults and children. I hear more and more people say that are going to rented movies that they can enjoy without cringing with what they are seeing.
    Please consider bringing Medium back to us.

  6. cheryl says

    I enjoyed watching Medium. The Dubois family were believable and I looked foward to seeing how the girls grew up with each season. The storylines themselves, were entertaining and of course I did have my favourites and I liked the entire cast. Unfortunately, I had missed a few episodes and was somewhat shocked to learn that on January 21 it was the show’s finale. The only comment I have about the finale is the fact that there actually was one. I’ve had many disappointments when networks don’t finish stories and leave the audiences hanging. I wish the cast luck in their futures and hope they all find work again real soon.

  7. Julie says

    I too have watched this show from inception. This was an incredible show and will truly be missed. I am very disappointed that it was not rescheduled for another night just like Blue Bloods. CBS please rethink and air it on another time slot. Please bring it Medium back!

  8. Abby says

    I have watched this show from its inception. The acting was worth of emmys. Patricia Arquette and Jake Weber go straight to my heart with their emotion. Not only is the cast in general perfection itself, the decency of the characters is wonderful to watch without it being cloying. I’m really sad to see this show go off the air. We are losing an incredible show, great stories, great actors, great balance of tragedy and humor, great cast, and a great depiction of a beautiful loving family. What do people want–horror and mayhem and horrible act by criminals for entertainment. I’m really disappointed with CBS for not trying to put this show in a better time slot. Let’s say the last show was a dream and bring “Medium” back.

    • Peg says

      I wholeheartedly agree! I hope CBS gets a ton of mail about this cancellation. I have watched Medium from the beginning, but had trouble with it going to Friday night as I work then and can’t watch. I think if they had put it on a different night, it would have succeeded. I am so bummed!

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