Medium: Episode Order Cut; Next to Be Cancelled?

MediumLast week, CBS gave full season orders to all five of its new shows. The network execs have now cut the episode order for the veteran Medium series. What’s going on? Is Medium next to be cancelled?

Starring Patrica Arquette, Medium premiered in 2005 on NBC. The series ran on the peacock network for five seasons until it was cancelled. Because CBS produces the drama and it’s a syndication success, the eye network picked it up for season six and paired it with compatible Ghost Whisperer. The latter was cancelled last May after a decline in ratings but Medium survived.

This season, Medium has seen a significant decline in viewership. It’s averaged just a 1.3 rating in the prized 18-49 demographic and 6.2 million viewers. That’s a drop of 35% in the demo when compared to the same number of weeks last fall.

Medium is currently the network’s lowest rated show, by far. Fridays are a tough night to draw an audience but a 1.3 average is still very low. CSI: NY, which airs at 9pm, is averaging a 1.8 rating.

Based on Medium’s poor ratings and the success of the other CBS programming, it’s not surprising that the network has cut the show’s episode order for season seven. The cast and crew will make just 13 episodes instead of the traditional 22 installments. You may remember that CBS did something similar with Numb3rs last season and cancelled it in the spring.

This represents Medium’s smallest season in its history and will almost surely will be the drama’s last. CBS will likely replace it on the schedule by midseason.

On the positive side, if this is indeed Medium’s final season, producers will presumably have enough time to give the series some kind of closure.

What do you think? Is it time for Medium to be cancelled or are you still hoping for season eight?

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  1. patty says

    Please don’t cancel Medium! It’s my favorite show; the writing is phenomenal and
    amazing and never ceases to surprise me. Hey what about us New Agers, cutting edge
    people who like psychic stuff–we’ve already lost Ghost Whisperer, Dead Zone, Eli Stone,
    and Pet Psychic–don’t take Medium!!!

  2. Heather says

    THAT IS CRAP!! All i know is if Medium is taken off i will no longer be watching CBS! I’m Busy taken care of kids all day! But i always made sure that my Ghost Whisper and Medium were set up everyday so after kids were all asleep my husband and i would have time to relax and watch both our shows!! They’ve cancelled Ghost Whisper which ticked us off! Now they want to cancel Medium! We’ll have no reason to be watchin CBS any longer! I know my Parents feel the same way and many friends too!!

  3. Janice says

    Medium is one of the most fascinating programs on television. Patricia is so believable and introspective when working on a case that she really draws you in. Seeing the spirits makes it so real. Other “ghost” shows rarely show you anything that make their shows believable. Having seen Allison Dubois on another show, I didn’t know if I could ever watch Medium again as I was so appalled by her; but Patricia is so different from Allison that I knew That I couldn’t stop watching the show. Her behavior and her persona really put me off.

  4. Sylvia says

    I genuinely enjoyed Friday night when Ghost Whisperer, Numbers, and Medium were played in sequence. I will prefer to watch Netflix movies if Medium is cancelled. I am not interested in watching the gory CSI shows that remain.

  5. Lizzie says

    I think CBS should KEEP Medium. I totally love this show. The first couple times I saw it I wasn’t that into it. But as I kept watching it got more and more interesting. I look forward to watching this show every Friday night. And if Friday night is so hard to get viewers then why don’t you change the night it is on instead of canceling it? Put on a differant show that is “better and fake”. I would be so dissapionted if you took this show off the air. So many of my favorite show keep getting canceled for “reality tv”. There is no reality about that crap, it’s all fake. Do you really think when Snookie -or whatever it is- is really doing that stuff? No it’s FAKE. If you put on reality show I will quit watching CBS all together. I HATE reality shows. KEEP MEDIUM!

  6. says

    What a shame. It seems when we absolutly love a series it gets cancelled. Ever consider that alotm of people record it that are out at that time? We do every now and then but its the first thing we watch when we get home. Love it!

  7. marcia says

    I just started watching this show last year on Lifetime. Then they stopped it, and I was glad it went to CBS and now CBS is cancelling it!! I’m upset. I don’t watch much tv but I did like this show a lot and looked forward to every episode. Why not just try it later at night or another night?

  8. Anonymous says

    Its a bunch of BS…….I love this show and look forward to watching it every Friday. I get so bummed when its not on. I do not want it to be over….I am so sick of all the reality TV shows out there and I finally found a show worth watching. BS

  9. John says

    I will be very disappointed if NBC cancels Medium. Yes, Friday night at 8pm is a difficult time to watch – but I DVR the episodes and enjoy watching them later. I think this a great show with an interesting storyline and characters.

  10. Ann says

    Medium is based on a lot of true stories and it’s real life of Allison, husband and children. They are like the Cleavers, so of. We baby boomers know about fictitious TV family shows, but this is unlike any fictitious family. Mediums do exist and they are not scoffed at by law enforcement, they are very helpful and help to solve crimes that can’t be otherwise solved. This is almost like watching the New Detectives. We should be honored that this real person is the basis for such a great show, and her children and husband stand beside her and support her. I think that CBS would make a huge mistake to cancel such a great show, it brings such realism to people of her stature!!

  11. christina says

    I can’t believe they are canceling this show. First Ghost Whisperer now this. Why are they so hell bent on making us watch fake reality shows? I just won’t watch anything. I actually looked forward to watching these shows. CBS is STUPID!!!!

  12. Donna says

    I look forward to each new episode of Medium. I think it’s a great show. What will they replace it with, another unimaginative sitcom or maybe another CSI?? I would be very disappointed to see it go.

  13. says

    You can’t cancel medium I can’t believe the # of viewers have dropped I can’t wait for Fridays to see what is going happen next.this is a great show .I really don’t understand why you changed the night it aired. you need to continue with season 8.

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