Medium: Did NBC Cancel the Patricia Arquette Series?

MediumOne of the most frequent questions that I receive here is “Why did NBC cancel Medium?” Well, I’m quite happy to report that the Patricia Arquette series has not been cancelled at all. Medium will return for a third season on NBC. It was officially renewed for season three back on April 28, 2006. Contrary to popular belief, NBC does not want to kill the show — it’s one of the few successful shows that it has. So where is it? Well…

NBC, who had a very weak showing last season, was trying very hard to come up with groundbreaking and interesting new shows. Shows that people will actually watch. The strongest of their offerings was the new series from The West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin called Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip starring Amanda Peet, Mathew Perry and Bradley Whitford. It was clearly one of NBC’s most promising new shows. (Now that the Studio 60’s debuted to lackluster ratings, it will be interesting to see how long NBC sticks with it.)

The network originally scheduled Studio 60 for Thursday nights to presumably try to re-establish their “Must See TV” night domination. But, when ABC unveiled its tough new Thursday night line-up (headed by Grey’s Anatomy), NBC decided against “scheduling suicide” and to move Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip to Mondays at 10pm. Medium’s slot. Rather than forcing Medium to do battle on the competitive Thursday night, NBC instead opted to move Medium to Sunday nights at 10pm (9pm central). Unfortunately for Medium fans, NBC now has the rights to air Sunday Night Football (which usually garners huge ratings). Football will run on Sunday nights for the rest of the year.

Medium, Season One DVDsFor that reason, Medium’s third season debut has been pushed back to January 2007 (*see update below). The first two episodes (of the 22 episodes that have been ordered) are entitled “Blood Relation and “Four Dreams” (not that the titles tell you very much). Depending on how their season goes, NBC may run Medium uninterupted (no reruns) much like 24 on Fox. No radical changes to the show cast or basic storyline/concept are expected.

Could Medium return to the airwaves sooner than January 2007? Possibly — especially if some of the new NBC shows fail and the peacock network runs out of Dateline “Catch a Predator” episodes.

In the meantime, loyal viewers can watch reruns of the Alison Dubois inspired series on Sunday nights on on Lifetime or via the Season One or Season Two DVD sets currently available (each set offers some great extras and cast & creator commentaries).

*10/12/06 UPDATE: NBC has just announced that Medium will return to the schedule on Wednesday nights at 10pm, starting on November 15, 2006 (in part due to the recent cancellation of Kidnapped). President of NBC Entertainment Kevin Reilly said, “We have been waiting for the right moment to bring back this excellent, chilling drama to our lineup and we know this will make the show’s legion of devoted fans very happy. Medium is an especially creative show, led by the vision of executive producer-creator Glenn Gordon Caron, that is ready to hit the ground running with its new season of thrilling episodes.” TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Shelia Baker says

    Thank goodness, Medium is going to be aired finally, even though I hate waiting until Jan 2007. Yes I agree it was hard to go on line and find any answers as to what was happening until this article. Thank you. We all love Medium. Nothing can take its place and I am not sure the new Studio 60 is worth it’s temporary replacement. I hope NBC isn’t hurt too bad over this new series!! Get Medium back real quick…..Thanks from Kansas

  2. Gail Roper says

    I’m glad to finally find out that Medium will be starting in January, but I am terribly disappointed in the lack of communication to the Medium viewers.
    This is my favorite show and I can not beleive that NBC would roll the dice and take a chance on ruining the following of this great show!!! I just hope that they have not already spoiled Medium’s chances for making next year’s line up!!!

  3. Margaret says

    Personally, I am sick of all of the stupid reality shows. I watch reruns of old shows on Sleuth, etc. rather than watch the drivel of reality shows.

  4. says

    I am so glad that i found out medium is not cancelled. It was my favorite show and i don’t like many shows on tv. I just wish nbc could have let the viewers know what was happening?!

  5. Anita White says

    I am so glad that I finally found this information after searching for a month. I am disappointed with NBC for “toying” around with the show Medium. I abosutely love the show and have been looking for it since mid September when all of the other shows premiered. Shame on NBC for not informing their viewers about their plans, perhaps it is one of the reasons they are in last place. By waiting until January, they are going to risk losing the show’s audience. I don’t understand why they would risk a proven hit like Medium for a show like Studio 60 which is a flop. Bad choice NBC even I know that and I am not in the television business!! I have four words for you NBC…….Bring Back Medium Now!!!!

  6. billyboy says

    I keep reading people say they couldn’t imagine medium being cancelled when ghost whisperer is still on, THERE ON DIFFRENT NETWORKS!!DUH.. So one has nothing to do with the other, and my personal opinion is they are both gr8 shows, and to make your judgement on what melinda wears is ridiculous, and the fact that is what people her age are wearing, unless your grossly over weight.

  7. heather says

    medium is one of my few favorite shows and i have been so upset wondering why it was not on. Why would you change anything so good? then move it to another night and then put football on instead? Had I not finally found out this information i would have given up on it and not looked for it again. STOP messing around with good shows and take off some of the garbage your showing.

  8. Shalene Campbell says

    I have been watching Medium since it began and I love it.When I heard it was going off I was shocked to think that such a good strong show could do that.I’m glad to see it has not gon off and will be coming bact to all us fans soon.I wish it was sooner than January but I’ll just have to waite oh well.But I am glad we didnt loose you Medium.You have more fans than you know

  9. Dave Soileau says

    NBC has done a terrible job in not letting viewers know why the series Medium has not been on the air. Finally after digging and searching some of us find out the problem. However, by waiting until next year could cause a loss in viewers who have resorted to watching something else, thinking that the Medium series is dead….A top rated show today should be showcased and not preempted by football or other underrated programs. Go with the winners NBC and that certainly is the cast of Medium…

  10. Dian says

    Nothing but sports, more sports and info-mercials all week-end. Now, MORE sports take over the week-night shows? Don’t women count? Try running Medium against programs like The Unit. No doubt, it would be a success.

    Get off the mundane Primetime topics. We get it, already. I love Earl. But, his half-hour gets hooked in with The Office. I couldn’t tell you about that program, because it makes me sea-sick! The cameraman is moving all over the place.

    Will Medium sell us out like Unsolved Mysteries? There are still plenty of us who cannot afford nor are willing to pay for cable TV.

  11. Sue Miles says

    I finally found this article after wondering why Medium has not been on. It’s one of my favorite shows, and believe me, I don’t have too many of those! I tried watching the new show that filled Medium’s spot, but can’t get into it. I always looked forward to watching Medium on Monday nights. I can’t believe they would leave a show on like Ghost Whisperer (she dresses like she’s a Stepford wife [it’s so unreal]), and then take Medium off. Well, I’m glad it’s coming back and I love the show enough to wait patiently until January.

  12. Sylvia Kent says

    Thank GOD I finally found this information. I was sick when I thought Medium had been canceled, and even sicker to think that Ghost Whisperer was still running. I certainly don’t mind waiting until 2007 compared to losing Medium entirely, and there’s no chance I will become devoted to something else. There’s little to choose from, and so many GOOD shows have been yanked I wonder about the mentality of producers. Besides, readers never lack for entertainment.

  13. Debra Galvin says

    I’ve been waiting every monday night for Medium. I’m very dissapointed. Waiting til Jan. 2007 is too long and I might be hooked on another show by then. Plus I want ot watch Crossing Jordan an Sunday nights. What does NBC think they are doing? This is going to send me right to another network. NBC needs to get on the ball.

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