Medium: Did NBC Cancel the Patricia Arquette Series?

MediumOne of the most frequent questions that I receive here is “Why did NBC cancel Medium?” Well, I’m quite happy to report that the Patricia Arquette series has not been cancelled at all. Medium will return for a third season on NBC. It was officially renewed for season three back on April 28, 2006. Contrary to popular belief, NBC does not want to kill the show — it’s one of the few successful shows that it has. So where is it? Well…

NBC, who had a very weak showing last season, was trying very hard to come up with groundbreaking and interesting new shows. Shows that people will actually watch. The strongest of their offerings was the new series from The West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin called Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip starring Amanda Peet, Mathew Perry and Bradley Whitford. It was clearly one of NBC’s most promising new shows. (Now that the Studio 60’s debuted to lackluster ratings, it will be interesting to see how long NBC sticks with it.)

The network originally scheduled Studio 60 for Thursday nights to presumably try to re-establish their “Must See TV” night domination. But, when ABC unveiled its tough new Thursday night line-up (headed by Grey’s Anatomy), NBC decided against “scheduling suicide” and to move Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip to Mondays at 10pm. Medium’s slot. Rather than forcing Medium to do battle on the competitive Thursday night, NBC instead opted to move Medium to Sunday nights at 10pm (9pm central). Unfortunately for Medium fans, NBC now has the rights to air Sunday Night Football (which usually garners huge ratings). Football will run on Sunday nights for the rest of the year.

Medium, Season One DVDsFor that reason, Medium’s third season debut has been pushed back to January 2007 (*see update below). The first two episodes (of the 22 episodes that have been ordered) are entitled “Blood Relation and “Four Dreams” (not that the titles tell you very much). Depending on how their season goes, NBC may run Medium uninterupted (no reruns) much like 24 on Fox. No radical changes to the show cast or basic storyline/concept are expected.

Could Medium return to the airwaves sooner than January 2007? Possibly — especially if some of the new NBC shows fail and the peacock network runs out of Dateline “Catch a Predator” episodes.

In the meantime, loyal viewers can watch reruns of the Alison Dubois inspired series on Sunday nights on on Lifetime or via the Season One or Season Two DVD sets currently available (each set offers some great extras and cast & creator commentaries).

*10/12/06 UPDATE: NBC has just announced that Medium will return to the schedule on Wednesday nights at 10pm, starting on November 15, 2006 (in part due to the recent cancellation of Kidnapped). President of NBC Entertainment Kevin Reilly said, “We have been waiting for the right moment to bring back this excellent, chilling drama to our lineup and we know this will make the show’s legion of devoted fans very happy. Medium is an especially creative show, led by the vision of executive producer-creator Glenn Gordon Caron, that is ready to hit the ground running with its new season of thrilling episodes.” TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Marjie says

    I am glad that I have found this site and that Medium is going to return in April. It is an excellent show and I couldn’t believe that it could be cancelled!
    It not just the idea of Susan having the dreams etc. that gets me, but how they function as family that I LOVE.Looking forward to the new series and best of luck with that. Love and Laughter, Marjie

  2. Jennifer says

    I am also mystified as to why NBC has acted so carelessly with Medium. Perhaps the ratings were not there. Even though we love the program, perhaps we are a small audience.

    Here’s a suggestion: allow Medium episodes to be downloaded from the Unbox website.

    With reruns of Medium on Lifetime on Mondays, and new episodes on NBC on Wednesdays, I’m set. Thanks.

  3. Maggie & Larry Scammell says

    My husband and I have been searching every week trying to locate “The Medium” with no luck. We heard that maybe it had been cancelled, but now we do know that it has been renewed. Hooray!!! Here’s hoping it finds the perfect spot on Wednesday night or whenever.

    Thank goodness, it will be returning to NBC, because there sure isn’t too much else worth watching.

    Comments from 2 more loyal fans,

    Maggie & Larry October 27, 2006 @ 9.38 pm

  4. Kelly Cassell says

    I too am a huge Medium fan. I was crushed when I got on the Medium site and discoverd that no episodes were scheduled. I have been so bummed. I always looked forward to Monday nights even if it was a repeat. I saw on TV a few days ago that the this season will start November 15th. I thought I was going to cry I was so excited. NBC if you ever scare me again I won’t be watching your station! I just don’t understand why you would take a great show off the air just to try out a trashy show!


  5. Crystal says

    Glad to hear Medium will be on Wednesday at 10! That works for me!! My husband watches The World of Outlaw racing on the outdoors chanel at 8 then we watch Ghost Hunters on scifi at 9 and now Medium at 10. Wednesday is looking like a good tv night for us. Thursday it’s CSI, sorry Grey’s Anatomy but I’ve been watching CSI way before you came on. I’m glad Medium is not coming on Sunday because I’m a Without a Trace watcher. Friday it’s Ghost Whisper and Monday I can always fill in with CSI Miami………

  6. Jean says

    When I read starting back Jan I was shocked. What is NBC thinking???. Finally got a wonderful show, where couples are not doing “porn” in the bed and she wears normal clothes, not boobs hanging out. Get this show back on the air. Nov is better, but why was it taken off period???

  7. Diane says

    We love Medium. Also watch Lost, Sometimes CSI and Boston Legal.
    That’s it. Sometimes the news magazines, but would prefer more meaty stuff, not so much True Crime stories.

  8. Denise says

    Hallejuah! I am so glad that I’m not the only Medium fan to wonder what happened to this wonderful show.

    However, I think most of the NBC execs are idiots. They tool around with shows, often placing the most popular in obscure time slots. What’s up with that, dudes? Your network is failing, because you keep airing really DUMB shows that only a gorilla would like! You suits also make the mistake in thinking that the majority of your viewers are stupid. Wrong!

    So when a an intelligent sassy show like Medium really takes off, what happens? You insert a STUPID program like 60 Sunset Strip, that’ll be cancelled. (Shakes head.) I really do not understand your logic about programming, dudes!

    Well, yeah, at least Medium will be airing yet again. Let’s all hope and pray that the network folks will listen to the fans this time AND keep Medium in a steady time slot, and not push it aside, for crap like 60 …. what’s-it-called?


  9. Charlotte says

    I have been searching and searching to try to find out if NBC was going to be really foolish and cancel the best show they ever had. I got on this site today and found out that Medium is coming back and let me say, I am so excited! This was my most favorite show, and I was devastated when it had not returned in September.

  10. April says

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I’m glad Medium is back for another season. My kids and I have watched it from the start and have been looking for it to start back up. Monday nights just aren’t the same… It would be nice to have it back on Monday, but I’ll settle for what I can get. I’ll be patiently waiting until November 15th.

  11. Glenda says

    I like the other viewers have been waiting for Medium to return on Monday nights. NBC’s silly strategy of trying to “steal” medium fans by scheduling Studio 60 in it’s place won’t work. I cannot get into that series, and I don’t think it will survive. It doesn’t say too much about NBC’s strategy in keeping true blue fans for one of thier few successful programs..Keeping Medium off the air as long as they did was very risky. Thanks Goodness they now had enough sense to bring it back before they really lost the ball game! I’ll settle for Wednesdays… Just bring it back.

  12. Anonymous says

    I’m sooooo Happy that Medium is coming back on the air!!! I to was very stressed to think this show was off the air, Looking forward to Jan

  13. Patty says

    I am so glad that I finally found out why Medium has not been on the air. I love Medium. I sure hope that NBC takes Studio Whatever off the air and puts back Medium on Monday Nights. Please NBC – listen to you audience! Put back Medium on Monday Night – for all the devoted Medium fans.

  14. Joan Henkelman says

    I was very relieved, yet disappointed to see the Medium’s return date. Thank goodness it is returning! It is one of the best shows on tv. Ghost Whisperer just doesn’t measure up nor take its place. I eagerly await January!

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