Medium: CBS Airs the Last Episode; What Did You Think?

MediumTonight, CBS aired the final episode of Medium. After seven seasons and 130 episodes, it was time to say goodbye to Allison DuBois (Patricia Arquette), her husband Joe (Jake Weber), their children and friends. The series finale of Medium is called “Me Without You.”

As the episode begins, we see Allison having an evening phone conversation with Joe who’s at the start of a flight home from Hawaii. Later, Allison is awoken by another call from Joe. His flight is arriving early and then it hits turbulence, and crashes into the ocean. The episode flashes forward seven years and we learn that Joe indeed died. Allison is now a lawyer involved in a big drug case. Her boss, the district attorney, is killed by the leader of a drug cartel who’s on trial. Manuel Devalos (Miguel Sandoval) is the mayor and Lee Scanlon (David Cubitt) is the chief of detectives.

Allison begins to dream about Joe and realizes that he’s actually been alive in Mexico with amnesia. The drug lord has been using him to transport narcotics across the border. She ultimately decides to throw the case so that she can reunite with her husband. She and daughter Marie drive to Mexico and she is reunited with him, finally.

Unfortunately, it’s a dream. She awakes back in the present and Joe is there, as a ghost. He did die in the crash and he tried to send a message to Allison about how good her life will still be, even without him. Unfortunately, her mind couldn’t accept it and concocted a way for him to still be alive. Joe tells her how much he loves her and that the loss will hurt for a long time but it will get better. Though she pleads for him to stay, he needs to go.

The scene flashes forward to 41 years later. We see a very old Allison, surrounded by photos of her children and grandchildren. She dies peacefully. Allison appears as her younger self and looks at her now dead body. Joe appears to her, just as he had been. He waited, of course. She asks, “Do I get a kiss?” He replies, “From now, until the end of time.” The two embrace and kiss. They are together, forever more.

The episode ends with brief scenes from the show’s seven year history and each castmember silently saying goodbye to the camera and faithful viewers.

What do you think? Was this a satisfying conclusion to Medium? What did you like or dislike about it?

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  1. Christina E says

    They removed the BEST tv show that was ever on tv.

    Please bring back the cast, and if the show can’t be revived, please create a spin-off at the very least.

    TV is not the same without it.

  2. Brenda says

    I was sad after this last show because it was a finale. I said the show can’t go on without Joe. I loved all the characters & the family relationships. It seemed more down to earth than other sitcoms. I do enjoy Allison’s real life story & have read all of her books. She is now on reality t.v. as a guest? I think she should continue her gift to help many in need of closure.

  3. Lisa says

    I was horrified!! I watched an occasional episode over the years while visiting my sister (she was a faithful fan). Then, I lost my television service but kept my internet service and Netflix was born in my life. I just finished watching the full 130 episodes over the last days/weeks. I fell in love with them all as well. I hated that they killed off Joe!! I’m still only within the first 15 minutes of the 130th episode, but I already hate it and yes, I cried!! I am crying!! :-(

  4. Blair says

    I just watched the last episode and I have to say that it really upset me. Why do television series have to make some obscure point when their shows come to an end. Allison and Joe were meant to spend a lifetime together. I’m not even part of a traditional family. I’m a 44 year old gay man. But I found comfort in every episode in Allison and Joe’s relationship. I’m also a flight attendant, so when joe dies in a lane crash in the opening scene I was traumatized. I spent most of the episode either crying or confused. I just didn’t feel that the ending was worthy of the fans. Now that it’s been seen it can’t be undone. If makes my heart sick. They were the modern Jonathan and Jennifer Hart. I just wanted it to be perfect forever… Including their time on this earth. The thought of Allison raising those girls alone broke my heart. Too much reality. Wish they had asked first. :-(

  5. Connie says

    I just watched the last episode of Medium, it was beautifully done. I didn’t watch it when it aired during the seven seasons. I lucked up & found it on Netflix and fell in love with the cast, story lines & acting. A gr8t show that’ll be missed :-(

  6. Omega_Factor says

    Brilliant my butt, this episode was a kin to Fonzie jumping the shark!

    The stupidity of it made all fans have to unsuspend disbelieve and accept that Joe was murdered by the CBS executives and not part of the natural story!

    I’ve posted this on another forum, and will mention it here too!

    When I get time, I’ll go through all 7 seasons and edit up a montage trying to patch together an ending fans deserve!

    CBS – you have list a viewer here!

  7. Micki says

    I thought the final episode was nothing short of brilliant, a close second to the all-time best final ending of a series, that of Northern Exposure. It left those of us who were true fans sad, and yet accepting, and there really wasn’t any other way for it to end. Quite satisfying!

  8. Rachel Harder says

    I was appalled at the final episode of this very fine show. The whole basis of this show was the family unit. It stunk that they killed off Joe and made Allison raise her children alone. No wonder Marie was so angry! I loved this show. It was my absolute favorite along with Friday Night Lights which also emphasized family unity.

    I really think the writers did the faithful viewers of this show a disservice. I choose to disregard their killing off Joe and remember them as the wonderful family they were.

  9. Andrea says

    I agree with everyone that loathed the “Medium” finale. It is as if the writers of this show decided to play a real cruel trick by making the audience believe that Joe and Allison would grow old together, but instead they decided to burst everyone’s bubble and truly kill off Joe. And I couldn’t help but feel angry since their traditional family had to be broken apart… and the fact my family has the same make up of two loving parents happily married for 20+ years, and three daughters. And now Marie and Bridgette don’t have a father during their younger years.

    And I hate how the writers decided to kill off Allison (three times!), Lee, and Devalos (twice), but make it a part of Allison’s horrible dreams/ re-do’s. But the only time they kill Joe is for real. THIS BITES!!! They should tape an alternate ending!

  10. Shalonda Brown says

    I watched the last episode on netflix and it really hurt to see the show end. I enjoyed watching all seven seasons. I always wondered did Allison finish school?? Did she become the lawyer she always dreamed of being?? And what about the girls what became of them?? I see the pictures and all but with the same ability as their mother, did they ever embrace their gift?? Did they find careers according to what they can do as did their mother?? And yes I also did not like the fact that they killed Joe off. He was Allison’s rock. Even with her gift and all the dreams and possessions she’s gone through he was there for her. Not too many men/dads/husbands now a days would be able to stand for that. That’s what I call love, they both stuck to their wedding vows for better or for worse. They are the prime example of a real family.

  11. jan-willem diependaal says

    It,s a shame, this show has ended, i allways watch it whenever i could Thanks to everyone who made a contribution making it, Greetings from Holland! Jan-Willem

  12. Valerie says

    It’s been nearly 6 months since the final episode of Medium aired and I am still feeling very sad about it. It was a good show, great acting, and portrayed what is ideal in a moral, loving family and long-term marriage. By today’s standards, it probably was not silly enough, comical enough, or raunchy enough. The Dubois family represented old fashioned values like monogamy, and equal parenting, knowing where your children are and what they are doing. Oh yes, and the Joe Dubois was not portrayed as a doofus, like so many are today on TV and in the movies. And I totally agree with the opinions already expressed, it was very cruel to end this great show by killing off Joe. The ultimate, early death of this ideal father figure is a dark cloud over the 7 seasons of previous episodes. This was totally unnecessary and was really a sucker-punch to the loyal fans. No, I don’t think we mattered at all in the end. I keep hoping that Glenn Gordon Caron and Kelsey Grammer will feel some compassion and agree to an alternate ending which keeps the family intact for those 40+ years. It would be a very fair consolation for the rushed cancellation of this beloved series.

  13. arlene keane says

    We need to follow her life for sections of the 41 years. How her children progressed and did she date or remarry. Did she continue her job at the D A’s office?

  14. Charlene says

    Please put this show back on, I really miss all the characters. I thought this was a clean and good family show. Why can’t you people leave the good shows along. Get rid of the crapy realty shows and leave Medium alone.

    • mahajanssen says

      I agree wholeheartedly. There is so much crappy reality shows and they cancel one of the really good TV series. I guess it’s cheaper to film a bunch of teenagers boink each other and drink themselves to death than a well-written and well directed solid family friendly show.

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