Medium: CBS Airs the Last Episode; What Did You Think?

MediumTonight, CBS aired the final episode of Medium. After seven seasons and 130 episodes, it was time to say goodbye to Allison DuBois (Patricia Arquette), her husband Joe (Jake Weber), their children and friends. The series finale of Medium is called “Me Without You.”

As the episode begins, we see Allison having an evening phone conversation with Joe who’s at the start of a flight home from Hawaii. Later, Allison is awoken by another call from Joe. His flight is arriving early and then it hits turbulence, and crashes into the ocean. The episode flashes forward seven years and we learn that Joe indeed died. Allison is now a lawyer involved in a big drug case. Her boss, the district attorney, is killed by the leader of a drug cartel who’s on trial. Manuel Devalos (Miguel Sandoval) is the mayor and Lee Scanlon (David Cubitt) is the chief of detectives.

Allison begins to dream about Joe and realizes that he’s actually been alive in Mexico with amnesia. The drug lord has been using him to transport narcotics across the border. She ultimately decides to throw the case so that she can reunite with her husband. She and daughter Marie drive to Mexico and she is reunited with him, finally.

Unfortunately, it’s a dream. She awakes back in the present and Joe is there, as a ghost. He did die in the crash and he tried to send a message to Allison about how good her life will still be, even without him. Unfortunately, her mind couldn’t accept it and concocted a way for him to still be alive. Joe tells her how much he loves her and that the loss will hurt for a long time but it will get better. Though she pleads for him to stay, he needs to go.

The scene flashes forward to 41 years later. We see a very old Allison, surrounded by photos of her children and grandchildren. She dies peacefully. Allison appears as her younger self and looks at her now dead body. Joe appears to her, just as he had been. He waited, of course. She asks, “Do I get a kiss?” He replies, “From now, until the end of time.” The two embrace and kiss. They are together, forever more.

The episode ends with brief scenes from the show’s seven year history and each castmember silently saying goodbye to the camera and faithful viewers.

What do you think? Was this a satisfying conclusion to Medium? What did you like or dislike about it?

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  1. June Dunphy says

    Just saw last episode in Scotland last week – I am gutted! Firstly that the show has ended and also that Joe died and Alison had to spend her life without him! OK it’s not real but it was a disappointing storyline. All the actors were great and should be applauded for giving us many hours viewing pleasure. Will just have to watch all the repeats to get my fix.

  2. Mary F. says

    I hav’nt watched the last series of Medium but after reading the above comments I doubt I will bother, it sounds a pathetic end to a great show.

  3. Claire says

    Just watched final episode here on UK can’t believe that is how it ended after 7 series! It was so rushed and I am utterly disappointed! Not only was the story line confusing but also to kill off Joe in such a meaningless way was just pointless. There was no detail or relevance to the series just the plane crashed & he died! What was the point in making the series about a family where we have watched the children grow up throughout 7 series if in the final episode Marie is given a few lines in the last episode as a teenager & 3 girls werent even present together at all, just their pictures shown & Allison dies on her own! It’s so frustrating spending time following a programme for so long only to have it end on such a weak plot… First Ghost Whispherer now Medium such a shame they spoilt great programmes!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous says

    It was Ok, but it’s storyline was terribly cruel and confusing. Making the viewers shift from thinking Joe was dead then alive then dead again. Also the kids didn’t play a big part at all and they are all main parts that make Medium what it is. They should have ended it in a way that the whole family were together and happy, after many series of the whole family together why do they have to end it where one of them dies?

  5. Anonymous says

    I loved this show. I thought the last episode was terrible. they deserved a better ending than that. end. of season 6 was much better.

  6. Gemma says

    I have just watched the final episode of medium and was very disappointed. The storyline was so far fetched. Like a previous comment very few people die in plane crashes and the point that the real Joe IS STILL ALIVE. Another thing that did annoy me was the lack of all the family members playing a part in the final episode as they have been a key part of the making of the show etc. overall very disappointed, I always looked forward to an episode of medium and the ending has ruined it!

  7. natasha woods says

    i cried so much at this episode, it was horrible!i dont think joe should have died. i’m being dead serious, i am crying now over it and i watched it yesterday. everytime i think about it i cry so badly, i have a fear of becoming an elderly woman, watching everyone you love die. omfg, i hated it. worst episode- it was brilliant of course but joe died:( it was so horrible, omg i have to stop typing im so sad. im so pathetic too ahaha its just tv but yeah:L

  8. Sue says

    i HATED it. As a widow myself, the story line of Joe being dead, and then alive and then dead reminded me only too emotionally of the heartbreaking time after my husband had died when i would finally fall asleep, dream of him being alive, and then wake to feel the loss afresh again. the fact in real life that Joe ~IS still alive makes it a horribly, sickeningly CRUEL episode – I cannot believe the real Alison Dubois could put loyal fans, or her family through such a NASTY storyline.
    i am still crying after 2 hours. it realy is the worst ever tv show i have ever seen in my 51 years of life. i really need an explanation from Alison, herself.

  9. Debbie says

    The last episode only just aired in the UK, so this is probably old news now but what a disappointment. Firstly, very few people die in plane crashes, so why pick such an obscure way to end the series? Secondly, killing off Joe was so unnecessary and cruel to the viewer. The whole point of Medium is that normal family life contrasts with Allison’s extraordinary abilities. Killing off Joe took the show down a horrible sideline and wasn’t true to its tone throughout the rest of the episodes. I know it’s always difficult when characters die in popular shows but I honestly think that nothing was gained by pursuing this plotline. Also, did anyone else find Patricia Arquette’s acting when she found out about Joe’s death to be highly disingenuous? Which is unusual for her. V disappointing!

  10. dee says

    So unnecessary! Joe didn’t need to die ! The “jack and rose” ending was romantic but deeply sad. The children’s characters were virtually absent after watching them grow up on our tv screen it was a shame they played such a small part in the finale!

  11. martin says

    je suis très déçu aussi, pour faire le buzz ils essayent de trouver une fin originale . Mais une fin originale ne signifie pas faire n’importe quoi pour faire pleurer dans les chaumieres.

  12. tzuf says

    I just saw it last night and it was deeply depressing. Alison and Joe were this perfect couple, I can’t understand why the maker of Medium thought of killing Joe.. why?? couldn’t he let us say goodbye to this family with a smile?
    I wish they all got together again to film another end to this wonderful TV show.

  13. Ana says

    I just HATE the finale!!! Joe dies for real, this is horrible! why did anyone have to die? why would they destroy this perfect tv family? especially since the story is inspired by real characters, who are still living?! and besides, what kind of medium was Allison if she could not even forsee Joe’s death and (consequently) prevent it somehow?! this finale is not awful & sinister, but stupid too!

  14. Tamar Geist says

    I can’t believe!
    This ending is SO cruel!
    why did you have to kill Joe, It didn’t matter, it’s just so unfair.
    I will never be able to sleep calmly again and I’m very serious about it.
    I’m also a singer, opera singer and I must tell you- it was so unecessary.
    I would do everything to bring Joe back to life.

    O mio Babbino caro
    Rest in peace dear Joe!


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