Medium: CBS Airs the Last Episode; What Did You Think?

MediumTonight, CBS aired the final episode of Medium. After seven seasons and 130 episodes, it was time to say goodbye to Allison DuBois (Patricia Arquette), her husband Joe (Jake Weber), their children and friends. The series finale of Medium is called “Me Without You.”

As the episode begins, we see Allison having an evening phone conversation with Joe who’s at the start of a flight home from Hawaii. Later, Allison is awoken by another call from Joe. His flight is arriving early and then it hits turbulence, and crashes into the ocean. The episode flashes forward seven years and we learn that Joe indeed died. Allison is now a lawyer involved in a big drug case. Her boss, the district attorney, is killed by the leader of a drug cartel who’s on trial. Manuel Devalos (Miguel Sandoval) is the mayor and Lee Scanlon (David Cubitt) is the chief of detectives.

Allison begins to dream about Joe and realizes that he’s actually been alive in Mexico with amnesia. The drug lord has been using him to transport narcotics across the border. She ultimately decides to throw the case so that she can reunite with her husband. She and daughter Marie drive to Mexico and she is reunited with him, finally.

Unfortunately, it’s a dream. She awakes back in the present and Joe is there, as a ghost. He did die in the crash and he tried to send a message to Allison about how good her life will still be, even without him. Unfortunately, her mind couldn’t accept it and concocted a way for him to still be alive. Joe tells her how much he loves her and that the loss will hurt for a long time but it will get better. Though she pleads for him to stay, he needs to go.

The scene flashes forward to 41 years later. We see a very old Allison, surrounded by photos of her children and grandchildren. She dies peacefully. Allison appears as her younger self and looks at her now dead body. Joe appears to her, just as he had been. He waited, of course. She asks, “Do I get a kiss?” He replies, “From now, until the end of time.” The two embrace and kiss. They are together, forever more.

The episode ends with brief scenes from the show’s seven year history and each castmember silently saying goodbye to the camera and faithful viewers.

What do you think? Was this a satisfying conclusion to Medium? What did you like or dislike about it?

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  1. Kare says

    I watched the series for the great marriage relationship so the ending would be horrible — fortunately i missed it when it first aired and now with Nedflix I’ll just skip it! Stupid, stupid ending. Yes, someone would die but it should be Miguel Sandoval’s character!

    The acting was great and Patricia Arquette should get another series as soon as she wants it, only this time on USA network. They’re more trustworthy than NBC.

  2. Alexia says

    I did not like it at all! A very fantastic and not expected end. What a shame because I thought they could do something more believable.

  3. Jinka1950 says

    Well… Patricia Arquette is a great actress. However, I felt Jake Weber was sooooo underused… He is a wonderful – appealing – talented actor. I felt he should have been given a bigger role. I like her figure.. not praying mantis thin. I like his manly body, not self obsessed starved – bulked up……

  4. Bernie says

    The series finale went off well I think. It’s left many emotional in one way or another. It gives a positive perspective of the after-life. I’m grateful for the good-imaginative stories throughout the series and the talented acting. If I may say, I really think that Patricia Arquette is an awesome looking (and talented actress) woman! Thanks for the show folks and all the best in your life ventures.

  5. sherry j richmond says

    I just finished readingWE ARE THEIR HEAVEN WHY THE DEAD NEVER LEAVE US by Allison DuBois. Before I read the book I didn’t konw about the tv show called MEDIUM. The book is so interesting i’am so sorry I missed the tv series. If any knows how I could watch this Id like to know.

  6. michelle mckenna says

    I don’t understand why the last episode has to jump seven years….. and why end with killing off joe. It would be nice if this episode could just be a dream and joe does not really die so there at least could be a chance of another series.
    Medium is a wonderful show and i could watch it over and over and i am very sad it has ended. I suppose nothing lasts for ever!

  7. liz says

    i happend to loved it for a personal reason and for the fact that i loved the show and the couple that they where. they remind me of how my mom and dad that where. my father past away a month before i saw this episode witch at the time i was wacthing it, i didnt realized it was the last or the searies finally, and i just fealt so connected with it. at that time i havent cryed since it happend and true out the series i always used to joked around saying they where a lot like them, cus they where all lovie dubie and like alison and joe u could listen to them if u would go around their rom talking at 2am!i would tell them what do they talk so much about, at 2 in the morning????!! well the thing is that wacthing this episode made me cry so much for everything that happend it was something that i need it to do but woulnt let myself due to the fact that im the oldest daugther and i was supposed to keep it together and this episode gave me that, it also was so romantic and touching the fact that he waited for her till she is was ready to go join him!!!!! i loved the series and cotinue to wacth the episodes i come across on tv. any way im just gratefull to the producers and writers for the series and for what for me was the most emotional series finally ive ever seen.

  8. Ashley says

    My boyfriend and I watched every episode on netflix in a 3 month span. Just saw the last episode yesterday and evertime I think about it I cry all over again. It was only one way to end the series, and it was heartbreaking. Joe was my favorite character and to see it end that way was terrible. Maybe they could redo it and flash forward to the future, reflecting on their loves together . Since their love was a major plot line and theme, I don’t see how it helped views deal with losing the show. Great acting and great stories, I wish it never had to end. I am however super happy to know that the real Joe is alive and well!

  9. Harlee says

    I just finished with the entire show; I watched it all the way from episode one to the very end! I can’t believe it’s over after all this time. But I think that there was no better way to end it, even if it was abrupt, and heart breaking! I may have been a little late in discovering it but Medium entertained me for about 6 months.. I do indeed love the show!!!

    • Patricia says

      I feel the exact same way found it a little late but love it and could watch itover and over again! I cried my eyes out wish it didn’t have to end but all great things do end!

  10. Shahala says

    I watched the final episode this evening on netflix. I didn’t even realize I was watching the series finale. I am with the majority of the posters on here… why? I am at a loss for words to express my deep distaste for the ending. I was shocked at the end when I figured out it wasn’t a season finale and it wasn’t going to leave me hanging for the next season. It doesn’t make sense, as a fan of the show sense the beginning, it breaks my heart to have seen the show end this way.

  11. carole says

    how emotional, I loved Joe DuBois. I actually thought it was fantastic. I cried and lost sleep just thinking about it. In my mind that makes the DuBois family very special and I will never forget Medium. Of course I hated him dying but it was the finale and we didnt have to carry on more episodes without him we just waited til the end. I LOVED MEDIUM and still do. R.I.P medium

  12. Annette Jones says

    Very disapointing after 7 years they should have made it a much happier ending
    I think they need to redo the last episode.

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