Medium: Glenn Gordon Caron Teases the Last Episode of Cancelled TV Show

Medium canceledMany fans of CBS’ Medium are understandably upset that the show has been cancelled after seven seasons on the air. However, creator Glenn Gordon Caron says that fans won’t be left hanging when the last episode finishes airing on January 21st. He promises “complete closure” for the Patricia Arquette series.

He teases that the last episode, which began filming last week, takes place in the present, seven years into the future, and then, 40 years after that. Caron notes that the entire Medium cast is part of the farewell episode but obscure characters from the show’s past won’t be reappearing.

Caron says that putting together the finale has been tricky, “We have to be intelligent, and we have to startle.” He also thinks it will be an emotional finale for longtime fans, saying, “I know for certain that people will tear up.”

What do you think? Do you like the sound of the series finale of Medium? Will you be tuning in?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Glyn Davies says

    I am still irritated that CBS cancelled medium. A show that is number one in the 8pm to 9pm slot on the Friday night schedule. Yes of course I will be watching the last episode, Really, really sad that this unique show has to end when there is so much garbage on tv nowadays.

  2. Karen Woodward says

    I love the show Medium and feel a void because I look forward to watching it every week. I enjoywatching all of the main characters.
    Please reconsider cancelling and have another season. Think of the viewers, actors and writers that will be diappointed.

  3. janice hoskins says

    please dont take the show off the air. we loved it every friday night. looked forwward to it. m grandkids lovednit, they laughed the whole time. they are 7 and 4. please put it back on. it was a really good show. it bets the hell out of alot of shows. PLEASE

  4. says

    I am so upset that Medium has been canceled! This has been one of the better shows on TV. I must say that having seen the real Allison on “Housewives” was a great disappointment. She came off looking like a classless *****. Maybe it was the booze talking. In the show if Allison drank it quited the ability to do what she does, in real life I guess not. I much prefer the show version. Allison on the show is headstrong but also has heart. I hope with the finale that they stay true to the strong family dynamic, I will be very upset if they have them divorce or the family fall apart. There are so many ways you can end it….. if you must….. even tho you shouldnt….. It seems like every show I really like gets cancelled, in a way I guess that is good, my husband plans on slowing down with work so we can start to travel now that the kids are grown. I wont be missing any good TV, all that is left is Judge Judy and Survivor, I can catch up with the Housewives because they run them constantly. In the evening there is really nothing left to watch except Dateline and 20/20 and those are few and far between, once a week. Anyway one last thing….. to the real Allison where ever you are….. I believe in what you do, in fact I am going to see John Edward in January for the 2nd time, please if it was the booze talking this should be a wake up call to not drink, it doesnt look good on you!

    • ally says

      LOL, don’t blame the booze, even the REAL Allison said in T.V. guide that she wasn’t drunk that night, she only had 2 glasses. So she knew what she was doing. Just class-less trash, that’s all she is. Thank God the show got canceled!

  5. says

    I am sorry that the show is being cancelled. The children played their role with Allyson dream ability very well. The story lines were well thought out. Why would the producer want to change the fact that Allyson and Joe were very much a couple in their marriage on the series. They shared everything. I havent seen the show that the other viewers are referrring to about Allyson being a bad person and smoking on the show. I guess i missed that episode

  6. sonhill says

    I am surprised to learn this show has been cancelled… but it seems anything remotely wholesome on tv won’t last very long. The ‘Allison’ character doesn’t have to depict the real Allison [100%] I prefer the on screen character and I love that the Dubois family was so loving. As a single woman raised without a father figure it’s been educational to see what a real man would do in certain situations. Even if it is fictional. I wish TV executives would think about those issues when they decided to keep or cut a show.

  7. SBelle says

    Thank you for cancelling this show! After watching the “real”Allison Dubois on the RHoBH I hope she sticks that fake cigarettte up her butt and goes away for a VERY long time. She is a quack and has NO class! I hope she has held on to the money she has made, this classless woman deserves NO MORE. This nut job needs to find a real job!

  8. says

    Please do not take medium off the air. I like the scenes with the children. The little red riding hood scene was good. Oh yes the scene where Alison could only hear the same song over and over. I would really like to see Medium continued.

    • Becki says

      Totally agree….!!! Let’s start a movement to get it on another channel…I will sincerely miss it. Great cast , great writing, great entertainment…this totally bums me out…and t.v. is not my big thing.

  9. daphne says

    Please do not cancel Medium!!!!! The cast are like family, the shows so enjoyable. Please rethink your decision. There are still many story lines to follow.

  10. Kelly says

    Medium my favorite show and I am sad that it is ending. I loved Alison’s character and the fact that a lot of times, it was creepy without being too scary. The fact that the girls inherited her abilities and the storylines that followed were amazing. I will miss this show so much, that I will have to buy it on video to get my “Medium” fix.

  11. Stephanie B says

    It is sad to hear Medium has been cancelled. I feel bad for those who were employed to work for the show and are now without jobs. I watched the show from the beginning and have really enjoyed every episode. However, this past Thursday night I swear to never watch the show ago. After seeing the real Allison D. on RHofBH I was totally turned off from her character. I do know that Patricia A’s character would never act so classless and ignorant; but, the idea that her character was created based upon the ‘real’ Allison D. is a total turnoff. She should be ashamed of herself for the way she behaved. And, Camille should also be ashamed of alowing such a scene to be created. Allison and Camille should be aware that their behavior on a national TV show could and will affect the appeal of their individual brands and associated projects.

  12. Keno says

    Do people really mix up the real Dubois with the one played by Arquette? Burt Lancaster played a gentle sort in, “Birdman From Alcatraz.” The real guy was a cold blooded murderer. I loved Tony Curtis as, “Houdini”, but his portrayal was far removed from reality. How about James Stewart in, “Broken Arrow”, the first film to feature Native Americans in a good light? Great performance, but hardly the truth. Allison Dubois is listed as a consultant on, “Medium”, but to my knowledge she’s hardly ever on the set saying, “No, actually, it happened this way.” As for, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?” My God, what a bunch of well to do, white trash, losers! Does that show have the seven million viewers the Arquette show pulls? The cartoon show, “Johnny Quest,” had three seasons, each on a different network. Maybe it would have had another if there had been more networks in the mid-sixties. I think the real Allison Dubois is a fraud, even if she believes the nonsense the spouts. The Patricia Arquette show is fantasy, but it’s good fantasy. I’d like to see it stay on the air because it’s good television, and it’s portrayal of family life is on the mark. Alas, I’m but one of seven million, and the people who run television could care less. They use the fans like prostitutes then cast them aside when they’re through with them. One can only hope the concept of You-Tube one day rules and a whole new generation of entertainers can become their own producers, not subject to the wise judgement of network hacks who are completely detached from the reality of the fan.

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