Medium: Glenn Gordon Caron Teases the Last Episode of Cancelled TV Show

Medium canceledMany fans of CBS’ Medium are understandably upset that the show has been cancelled after seven seasons on the air. However, creator Glenn Gordon Caron says that fans won’t be left hanging when the last episode finishes airing on January 21st. He promises “complete closure” for the Patricia Arquette series.

He teases that the last episode, which began filming last week, takes place in the present, seven years into the future, and then, 40 years after that. Caron notes that the entire Medium cast is part of the farewell episode but obscure characters from the show’s past won’t be reappearing.

Caron says that putting together the finale has been tricky, “We have to be intelligent, and we have to startle.” He also thinks it will be an emotional finale for longtime fans, saying, “I know for certain that people will tear up.”

What do you think? Do you like the sound of the series finale of Medium? Will you be tuning in?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Drew says

    I too will miss “Medium” the cast and episodes. It is a shame that the network couldn’t keep Medium and cancel another show. Ohh well, guess it is time to watch another network, TMC, Tru TV, History channel, etc.

  2. Mary says

    Dissappointment on my part, stupity on theirs for whomever it is that decides to take off a program such as Medium. When are they going to start getting rid of all these reality shows. I think we all suffer our own reality. We don’t need to watch someone else’s. So boring…..Bring back an intertaining show like Medium. Stretch our imagination, take us away from day to day stresses. I have really enjoyed the cast on Medium and I will miss them.

  3. renee says

    I can’t believe the crap that is renewed every year but they cancel a great show like Medium. I know if they gave it a better time slot it would have done better. I don’t think they wanted it to continue. Stupid shows like surviver, big brother, the amazing race all crap but keep renew horrible programing like that. They were the same ones that cancell jericho. why don’t they listen to the fans? not the moronic excutives? Also why are they having the finale in Jan not May?

  4. denise says

    I am one of the 7.1 million regular viewers of this show from its beginning on NBC I believe I have seen each and every episode and not a clunker in the bunch! I have never understood how a show that has such a stellar cast and magnificant writing can be treated sooo poorly. I am no fan of reality tv, I have enough of my own reality thank you this is just the touch of fantasy to make a hard week fade. It has been a pleasure watching these children grow, this family deal with the stressors of their gifts… I love this show, and will miss it like an old family friend! I hope they all find good high profile shows and get to shine in other creative vehicles.

  5. Kathy says

    I am so disappointed that Medium has been cancelled. This was the only show on television that I watch anymore, so now I guess it’s just movies on dvd at my house. I understand that a show can’t go on forever, but usually they are not cancelled until the show has went downhill already. This is not the case with Medium. If cbs execs are listening, PLEASE bring Medium back.

  6. Carmen Nevarez says

    I will watch because I seen every episode. But I am not happy they are canceling it. I don’t care if there is closure in the last episode the fact of the matter is that every week I’m going to miss tuning in

  7. Deb says

    So sorry to see Medium go. Very best wishes to all the wonderful cast and everyone else involved. I haven’t missed an episode since I started watching in 2005.

  8. Steve D says

    Ghost Whisper,Numbers and now Medium.These were about the only shows
    that my wife and I could agree on and watch together.Looks like 2 divorces are in order.Me out the door and CBS down the tubes.Maybe CBS is looking for a “bail-out”.

  9. Laora says

    I’m a HUGE fan of Medium and I too never missed an Episode! It was what I looked forward to after a hard week. I was emotionally upset when NBC dropped them from there network and now it seems the wound is open again. I know it can’t be on Forever, but they take off the good shows and leave the scraps…I wish much success to the cast. Thank you for entertaining me with the life of Allison Dubois.

  10. Bonnie says

    Medium is my favorite show on TV today and I look forward to watching every week. Watching these wonderful children grow up on the show and their great acting has been a joy. CBS you have done something great by bringing this writer and cast to your network. Don’t understand why you’re taking it away. I’ve watched many of your crime shows and have enjoyed them but this has been different and exciting based around the real Allison Dubois and family. This show is much better than the reality shows. I for one am very disappointed over this cancellation.

    Sad Fan

  11. arden costanzo says

    You have now left me with repeats of Law and Order. Medium was one of the best written and acted shows on TV. It was a pleasure to watch a program where the relationship between the mother and father was loveable and understanding.
    Is there any chance the show could be brought back?

  12. Anonymous says

    Medium was one of the best shows on T.V., and I’ll really miss it.

    There really isn’t much left that’s worth watching anymore; the shows left on are just plain stupid and totally boring. At least, there’s the history channel and TCM, until they’re canceled, too.

  13. Gayle says

    Sad. I haven’t missed an episode since this show began. I understand that shows end, but will miss the complexity of the writing and the delivery of the actors. And of course, watching the mystery be solved each week. Best of luck to the cast!

  14. MediumFan#1 says

    This makes me so mad. Medium cancelled, Law & Order (original) cancelled, New Adventures of Old Christine cancelled. If CBS had given Medium a better time slot when they bought it from NBC the series would have fared very well. I’m sure they will replace it with yet another un-reality show. I’m SO sick of the vanity so-called stars display by opening up their sordid, sick lives to us. Case in point is Harry Loves Lisa, which I never watched, but you couldn’t escape the ads during every single break in whatever show was on TV Land at the time. Lisa says, “If you think marriage is hard in Hollywood, try raising kids here.” So, what does she do? She puts her family on TV 24/7. Yep, Lisa, that should help you raise normal, healthy children for sure. Idiots. CBS, here’s news for you: I’m going to stop watching ALL of your shows and stick with movies on DVD. Just tired of you using all of us fans and throwing away anything we truly enjoy. Best of luck to the entire cast of all of my favorite, now cancelled shows.

    • Anonymous says

      I so agree. We spend years watching these shows. Crazy as it sounds they are apart of our enjoyment time. Then, without any regard—they’re gone. It so sucks. With all the garbage on, I wish they would leave us our favorites. Getting sick of it too.

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