Medium: Glenn Gordon Caron Teases the Last Episode of Cancelled TV Show

Medium canceledMany fans of CBS’ Medium are understandably upset that the show has been cancelled after seven seasons on the air. However, creator Glenn Gordon Caron says that fans won’t be left hanging when the last episode finishes airing on January 21st. He promises “complete closure” for the Patricia Arquette series.

He teases that the last episode, which began filming last week, takes place in the present, seven years into the future, and then, 40 years after that. Caron notes that the entire Medium cast is part of the farewell episode but obscure characters from the show’s past won’t be reappearing.

Caron says that putting together the finale has been tricky, “We have to be intelligent, and we have to startle.” He also thinks it will be an emotional finale for longtime fans, saying, “I know for certain that people will tear up.”

What do you think? Do you like the sound of the series finale of Medium? Will you be tuning in?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. desiree smiith says

    This may sound silly; but I am crying right now. I very rarely watch television and still do not own a t.v. yet came across the series on Netflix. Finished watching the last episode a few minutes ago. I am angry that this show was cancelled. The acting was great, the storyline great and most of all….the Dubois family was unlike any family I’ve seen on television in decades. Watching television for several years is a waste of time because most of what is aired is pure garbage. The Dubois family was the most genuinely caring and realistic tv family that had values, in such a long time. What the hell was the network thinking? Do they want sleaze and stupidity? Jerks!

  2. Amanda says

    Just watched the final Medium on Living TV in the UK and I have to say that I’m so sad that it has ended. I remember the first episode was such a breath of fresh air. I was so pleasantly surprised by Joe and Allison’s great relationship and how they dealt with their complex lives that it kept me hooked for all 7 seasons! One of the best things I ever watched. Beautiful TV!! So sad to see it go!


    I truly miss Medium, the show the actors are all great, I love Patricia Arquette, love her in the shot. I wish to see her back on tv again, put back Medium, best to all of you, you are all great actors. I could not wait for Friday nights to watch the show,

    So sad

  4. says

    I just can’t believe CBS took this show off the air. It was so well written and interesting and showed family life as it really is in a loving family with good values. I just don’t understand how they could do this. Frankly, I’ll be watching Army Wives and doing a lot of reading!
    Thanks, CBS, for nothing!

  5. Not Happy says

    I thought the series finale of Medium was AWFUL. Joe dying in a plane crash? Come On People. Whoever wrote that show is an *******.

  6. kathleen quinn says

    I watch very little television because it is frankly mostly not worth watching. Medium was one of the three shows I actually did the DVR thing with. Thought the finale was excellent but was really upset that it WAS the final show. I’ve never written to a network before – and this little post won’t turn the tide I am sure, but REALY wish there was more television worth watching. Another reality show is not the answer…

  7. Another Medium says

    When I first watched Medium, I was in shock. Someone else experienced what I have my entire life. I watched for seven years never misssing one episode.

    As I watched the show last night I said to a friend in disbelief, ” He Died!!! in the crash!!” my friend said no, and I kept watching. I couldnt believe I was right, wanting to be wrong.

    This was one of my favorite shows. I can’t believe you took it off the air. It could have gone for another seven years. Oh well… I guess peoples were upset with the real life Allison Dubois for that “wonderful” appearearance on The Real Housewives of BH”. She really needs help!!! Maybe…. a new reality show.. “Intervention of a Real Life Medium” AA might help!! She is wacked and a fake if that episode was real!!. I am sure Patricia was not happy with that appearance.

    I will definatly miss the great writing, acting,and connection I made with the entire cast!

    Hope to see you all very soon.

    RI Fan

  8. Becky says

    I am sorry to see this show leave us. I miss it already. T.V. today sucks. I guess our younger generation has terrible taste…

  9. Deb says

    I heard that the networks can produce reality shows much cheaper. Well I can’t change the channel faster enough when reality tv comes on. A better name for reality tv would be “what people will do for money”. CBS may be on top with the CSI franchise, but they won’t stay on top by cancelling shows people watch and record.

  10. B. Poulos says

    Are you kidding me. This is one of three prime time shows I watch on the regular networks. Television is so bad these days. I just usually watch whatever is on the satellite dish. Now you tell me that one of last 3 shows I actually watch is over. Bravo CBS executives. You made another genius decision. NOT!

  11. Cynde Scheetz says

    It was hard enough to stay involved with the big 3 networks (atleast they used to be) but now? I am very upset they took Medium off. It was a well written, well acted, smart, funny, dramatic and interesting show. I have never missed a one. Guess what CBS? I’m giving up watching.

  12. says

    yea what was up with the final show it really messed with my mind.I loved it.So two and a half men was cancelled to and new christian as well wow cause ive been waiting on the shows to start up again thank god my criminal shows by jerry brockheimer are so popular they arent going off.I was sad to see jeniffer love hewitts show was cancelled as i loved that alot as well i dont get it why cancelle good shows???????

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