Melrose Place: New Version Killed in the Ratings; Cancel or Keep It?

Melrose PlaceAfter months of network hype and mediocre anticipation, the new Melrose Place debuted last night. Like last season’s 90210 update, a couple original castmembers came along for the ride. Does this new version have a chance of sticking around as long as the original?

The first Melrose Place began as a FOX spin-off of the successful Beverly Hills, 90210 series in 1992. It revolves around a group of apartment complex residents played by Thomas Calabro, Josie Bissett, Andrew Shue), Courtney Thorne-Smith, Grant Show, Doug Savant, Vanessa A. Williams, and Amy Locane. The show wasn’t an immediate success and didn’t start to really gain steam until Heather Locklear joined the regular cast as ambitious Amanda Woodward in season two. The campy drama went through a lot of cast changes over the years and finally ended after seven seasons in 1999.

Though the CW network hasn’t had much success with their new 90210, the execs decided to try reviving Melrose Place as well. It takes place in the same apartment complex and features a whole new cast of young and sexy characters, played by Katie Cassidy, Colin Egglesfield, Stephanie Jacobsen, Jessica Lucas, Michael Rady, Shaun Sipos, and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz. To try to attract some original series fans, the producers included Calabro and Laura Leighton and even killed one of them off in the pilot.

For whatever reason though, the new version of Melrose hasn’t inspired the buzz that 90210 did and far fewer people were lured into taking a peek.

Should the new Melrose Place be cancelled?

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Last night’s Melrose premiere attracted just 2.27million viewers and a 1.3/4 rating/share of the 18-49 demographic. That put the debut in fourth place in its timeslot, well behind NBC’s America’s Got Talent, CBS’s Big Brother, and ABC’s weak Shaq Vs series.

That’s hardly a good start for CW’s Melrose and it’s very likely that future week’s numbers will be even worse, especially once the other networks start debuting their new Fall programming.

Did you tune in? If so, will you come back next week to learn more clues about the big murder? Based on these numbers you have to wonder if the new Melrose will be around long enough for the crime to be solved.

What do you think? Cancel it or keep it?

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  1. Kristin says

    This show is really good…i think that the ratings will go up just give it a chance…the cast is great just spice it up a little…sex sells!!! and with the previews of whats to come it looks like it will…so lets give it a shot i hate it when new shows come on and people get into it the BOOM its taken away…lets give it a try…PLEASE!!!

  2. Alexander says

    Cancel this crap! I’m a huge fan of the original Melrose & this new so-called remake can’t compete even with the worst episodes of the original. Nothing but a soulless meaningless not-so-much-moneymaking one big stupidity.

  3. cayla says

    I love melrose place I will be soooooo mad if it gets cancelled. Its the only show I actually look forward to watching every Tuesday. Its amazing.


    I love the new Melrose Place !! Im a geek who cant get enough. It is still pretty much G Rated. Katie Cassidy is adorable and how funny was her outfit this week for the photo shoot very over the top.

  5. Leanne says

    Keep it! im from london and its getting buzz there slowly but surely, its all these flipping reality shows , its like how many can i swallow up of Big Brother before i choke with repetitve BOREDOM even though the UK version is definitely better, be honest arent you guys getting sick of sitting all summer and watching just so at the end of it someone who you probably end up ******* hating gets to walk away with the cash while you sit there and contemplate why you wasted like 200 HOURS of your life!
    Also, I want to watch different something besides crime shows and stupid high school drama.
    Oh and i am 19 so i def fit in the age demographic that they are appealing to, so GO MELROSE!

  6. Tasha says

    I loved the old Melrose place and i also love this new Melrose. I mean the show hasnt been on the air that long, i say you give it a chance and see what happens…. Add more drama, more scams… I mean seriously sex sells…. The whole plot about who killed Syndey Andrews, may need to be revised.. Melrose place was about seductions, not a psychological thriller. Turn it into a soap opera and i can guarantee people with watch it..

  7. Nick says

    keep it
    the show is ok,but it seems to struggle with genre. the producers have no clue if this is drama,mystery,comedy or any thing else. however i think they should give the show a chance,maybe ratings will go up when sydneys killer is found,which also is stupid bcuz sydney got resurrected then died…..great. but we shud give it a chance, we gave 90210 a chance nd now its ways better nd with 2.8 its not so bad for the cw which targets teens

  8. Mike says

    Melrose isnt for kids, why is it on a kiddy f-ing network? of course these kids will think it’s “LAME” cause they’re only into gossip girl, vampires, and whatever the F els. put it back on fox, where it belongs, cw dont know how to do remakes. actually nobody, knows how to do remakes these days, in movies either, GET THESE PUNK A SS KIDS OUTTA HERE. they f-ing make me sick. where are the adults? WORKING in this economy, kids sit at home on their lazy a sses while their parents, aunts, and uncles are all lookin for, or workin a job while they worry about what’s “lame” . f-ing pathetic. I hate kids. as you can tell.

  9. Jeremy says

    Keep it, give it a chance. I mean Im sorry but I tried to watch TBL and I though WTF? I deleted it. I think we need a change from all the reality shows. Just my opinion. Maye split riley and Jonah up? have Ella an Amanda butt heads. That will boost the ratings. guaranteed. over all, its not that bad.

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