Melrose Place: New Characters for the CW’s TV Show Revival

Jake and Amanda from Melrose PlaceNothing says the ’90s like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Titanic, Sleepless in Seattle, Friends, and Melrose Place. They all have a distinct place in history of a certain era, and now one of them is about to make a comeback. Most obviously it wouldn’t be Nirvana, and many of the others would be hard-pressed for a comeback as well. The ’90s relic that may become a favorite once again is Melrose Place.

As was originally reported here in October 2008, the CW wants to bring back the successful nighttime soap, hoping that it will surpass the initial success of the 90210 remake. The move isn’t much of a surprise considering that Melrose was a spin-off of the original Beverly Hills, 90210.

The first question on everyone’s minds is who of the original Melrose cast will be making a return to the West Hollywood apartment complex. Names that immediately come to mind are Heather Locklear, Grant Show, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Rob Estes, Andrew Shue, Josie Bisset, and Jack Wagner.

Some of the original stars have been up front, willfully admitting they would entertain a comeback if approached. The most outspoken among them has been Lisa Rinna who’s admitted that she would “do it in a heartbeat.” Grant Show initially balked but has now said that he’d be interested, as long as his character got a chance to reunite with 90210’s Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth).

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Locklear is closely associated with the original and seems to be the most obvious choice for a return. The actress has had quite a busy past couple of years, but maybe regular work would help her with her depression and DUI problems, and give her something to do during her three year probation.

With the recent character list being posted to EW, the new show’s outline sounds similar to the new 90210. Younger actors will play characters that are similar to the originals. In addition, one or two of the original actors would return to connect the shows and to peak the curiously of viewers.

The son of Show’s character, Jake Hanson, will be a new character named David Patterson. He’ll be paired with Ella Flynn, similar to the way Jake and Amanda were connected before. She’s a PR whiz with a sharp tongue and stilettos. Jonah Miller and Riley Richmond will be the revised Billy and Allison; a guy with an obsession with movies and his “sickly-sweet schoolteacher fiancee.” The new version of Matt will be Auggie Kirkpatrick, a hunky hippie and recovering alcoholic. Lauren Bishop will be similar to the Jane character as a med student that has some problems in this new economy, forcing her to trade sexual favors for money. Speaking of trading sexual favors, the new Sydney character will be Violet Foster, a teen that is much too worldly for her own good.

Smallville producers Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer have just been announced as the new Melrose’s showrunners. Production is firmly under way and the show is expected to premiere in Fall 2009. Will it meet or surpass the success of the new 90210?

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  1. ирина says

    я тоже против закрытия.история еще не закончена.И все поклонники этого сериала имеют право знать окончание.Вы оборвали сериал на самом интересном месте!это не правильно бросить и не закончить начатое дело.верните нам сериал!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Данияр из Казахстана says

    прошу вас верните Кайла!!! зачем вы издеваетесь над нами??? как же мы будем без этого сериала? верните продолжение Кайла, я прошу вас…буду благодарен вам…заранее спасибо…

  3. skkye says

    Are the writers of today so hard up that old shows no matter how popular have to be brought back while they are cancelling decent shows of recent years.
    I am becoming disillusioned with a lot of TV since every time I start to enjoy a show it gets canceled. Like “LIFE”, “MOONLIGHT” and “ELI STONE”. You might be gaining a few old viewers bringing back old shows, but you are loosing older viewers that have been there done that!

  4. Nick says

    David Patterson? As in the blind unelected NYC puppet governor? L.A. can keep him! I can definitely see Katherine Heigl as Ella, given Katherine’s outspokenness in real life.

  5. marion says

    Ithink that it woill be very difficult to find a cast with so much chemistry as the original let alone a new heather locklear or even a new kimberly.the storylines were edgy and m,ost of the time shocking they think they can overcome that?Remember the scene where kim takes off her wig?i’d like to see an answer to that!

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