Memphis Beat: TNT Series Cancelled; No Season Three

Memphis Beat canceled season threeDetective Dwight Hendricks (Jason Lee) has sung his last Elvis song and solved his last case. TNT has cancelled Memphis Beat after two season on the air.

A TNT spokesperson said, “TNT has decided not to pick up a third season of Memphis Beat… The network thanks everyone involved in the production of Memphis Beat for their work on the series, including the great cast and crew. TNT wishes everyone the best.” The last episode aired on August 16th.

Beat was the last of the TNT dramas to have its fate decided. The cable channel renewed Leverage, Rizzoli & Isles, Falling Skies, and Franklin & Bash but cancelled Beat, HawthoRNe, and Men of a Certain Age. Men had the worst ratings of the three axed series while HawthoRNe and Beat were next in line.

Lee will next be seen on NBC’s Up All Night and Beat creators/spouses Liz Garcia and Josh Harto recently sold a new drama to the peacock network called The Meadows.

What do you think? Are you sorry that Memphis Beat has been cancelled? What would you have liked to see happen in season three?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. J. H. Dagsworth says

    I only watched this show because of the great Alfre Woodard and then I came to really appreciate Sam Hennings and DJ Qualls. But Jason Lee is a terrible actor. He delivers every line like its a punchline. I find it difficult to watch him, and the singing was really unenjoyable. So I’m not surprised it was cancelled. But I’ll miss Alfre, Sam and DJ.

  2. Dora says

    I was just looking to see when the show was starting this season, I can’t believe it’s
    canceled! Great show, bring it back!

  3. DONNA H says

    WOW, it just goes to sow that the all mighty dollar is still all mighty. Doesnt matter that the demographics of the people that are watching this show controls most of the spending money. Too bad another good show that I enjoyed is gone. They just want us to be lemmings and follow their lead and do what we are told and watch what they want us to watch…Boo to you board room executives!!!

  4. Joan says

    I really enjoyed Memphis Beat. I agree with many of the other viewers in that Franklin & Bash is tooooo stupid to watch as are many of your other shows. I do watch Razolli & Isles but never liked Men of a Certain Age. I am very disappointed with this decision & hope you will re-think this decision.

  5. quiltmom says

    So sad to see that Memphis Beat is not going to be on this summer. I loved it as well as Rizzoli and Isles. What was TNT thinking?

  6. says

    How can so many people be wrong? I loved the show and have been waiting for its return. I have seen so many good comments about Memphis Beat, yet it’s gone! I enjoy several other TNT shows, but rarely such a good series is cancelled after only two seasons.

  7. LaRUE says

    I am TOO UPSET that Memphis Beat was cancelled. How the hell dare you cancell Memphis Beat and keep some of those god-awful shows that you did. I think it a little bias and . . . . add the appropriate adjective – that cable and/or networks cancell shows that appeal to the over 30 crowd!!!! I enjoyed Memphis Beat emencly, I enjoyed the story line and the “old school music”. Very often I would rush to my computer and save some of the songs I had long forgot but absolutely loved, in my favorites. DAMN YOU TV execs !!!! How dare you FORCE your audience to have to search for a decent program to watch just because a REALLY GOOD SHOW doesn’t yield you enough money. If you opt to keep on those stupid HOUSEWIVES shows, show on th eCW, shows about filthy mouth “bad girls”, teen pregnancy, and, although I like the show(s) – re-run after re-run after re-run after re-run after re-run of Law and Order shows, that god-awful Cheers and not to mention that (I don’t know how it was so popular) Friends. I don’t get it. Unless TV execs are recent high school gradulates or over 40/50 with bubble-gum chewing trophy wives – what the hell are you thinking? GROW UP !!! I pay way too much for cable to be FORCED to watch half naked, fowl mouth, seemingly undereducated, SNOOKY-TYPE TV. Grow some balls and at least try to keep on a few good shows for us over 30/40 viewers. We buy the products that sponsor shows like Memphis Beat. If I wasn’t such a lady, I would have used some words like )&&^*&%$ and @%^#&^, and ^%$#*^$% or *&%$#&^% – which you probably could have related to better. My comment is only number 245, but I bet there are more upset people out there who just didn’t take the time to write a comment. Take a poll. Bring back Memphis Beat- pretty please, or, would it be past your bedtime to do so?

    • ERIN says

      I’m with you LaRUE! TV execs are GREEDY, SELFISH, IGNORANT BRAINLESS MORONS! We pay through the nose to get good stations with good shows only to see the excellent shows get canceled in favor of CRAP like ‘frank & beans’! Not to mention that as much as the public is charged to receive these stations through cable or satellite, we still have to put up with horrible, ignorant and moronic infomercials so the stations can rake in even more money! And yet our TV bills keep going up and up despite not having much to watch after midnight but lousy produced, horribly acted infomercials! I’d rather have a root canal!!!

  8. tk says

    I agree with all the rest. Memphis Beat was a great show, while Franklin and Bash and Men of a Certain Age can go. TNT you need to rethink your choices.

  9. jillybeanthing says

    Due to the nature and language of tv shows today, I rarely even turn the tv on. However, I saw a commerical for Memphis Beat and really liked it. I became a #1 fan and have been waiting for season 3 to arrive. Much to my chargin, I discover the show has been cancelled. Guess there wasn’t enough violence, drugs, sex, blood, alcohol, profanity, and depavity. All the reasons I keep the tv OFF!

  10. Robert says

    tnt u r truely stupid for cancelling Memphis Beat. This was an excellent show for both men & women. It was just quriky enough to be funny at the same time being dramatic. the cast was excellent! & u kept Franklin & Bash, Rizzzoli & Isles. That is as stupid as if killing off J.R. Ewing in the 2nd season. U really blundered this time!!!

  11. Kelly says

    I hate that TNT cancelled Memphis Beat. Loved the setting, acting, storylines, and the time slot. Late summer is a tough time for tv and Memphis Beat was a bright spot. Hope they bring it back!

  12. Fran Pope says

    I cannot believe you cancelled Memphis Beat and Men of a Certain Age, but kept Franklin and Bash, one of the stupidest shows on the air. You certainly didn’t give them much of a chance.

    • Lyn says

      I could not agree more! I really liked Memphis Beat. It was different and had a great cast. I liked having a show based somewhere besides LA or New York. What a disappointment!

  13. says

    i can’t tell how upset i was when i heared the news.I the network would reconsider and bring it back, i really enjoyed watching it, hell i even got a kick out of the theme song.

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