Memphis Beat: TNT Series Cancelled; No Season Three

Memphis Beat canceled season threeDetective Dwight Hendricks (Jason Lee) has sung his last Elvis song and solved his last case. TNT has cancelled Memphis Beat after two season on the air.

A TNT spokesperson said, “TNT has decided not to pick up a third season of Memphis Beat… The network thanks everyone involved in the production of Memphis Beat for their work on the series, including the great cast and crew. TNT wishes everyone the best.” The last episode aired on August 16th.

Beat was the last of the TNT dramas to have its fate decided. The cable channel renewed Leverage, Rizzoli & Isles, Falling Skies, and Franklin & Bash but cancelled Beat, HawthoRNe, and Men of a Certain Age. Men had the worst ratings of the three axed series while HawthoRNe and Beat were next in line.

Lee will next be seen on NBC’s Up All Night and Beat creators/spouses Liz Garcia and Josh Harto recently sold a new drama to the peacock network called The Meadows.

What do you think? Are you sorry that Memphis Beat has been cancelled? What would you have liked to see happen in season three?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Madelyn says

    I was so disappointed that Memphis Beat was cancelled. The story lines were great and the cast complimented each other. I loved this show. What were they thinking when they cancelled it. Very bad move.

  2. charlie says

    You morons that was a great show, had everything interesting in it, singing, drama, and suspense, great actors and actresses

  3. ERIN says

    I absolutely loved MEMPHIS BEAT! It was the best show on tnt, on TV for that matter! I recorded it every week so as not to miss anything! Leave it to GREEDY network dumbasses to screw everything up! Yet they leave on ignorant shows like franklin & bash and suits, not to mention all the new hidious shows that will be coming out such as reality shows that are extremely cheap to produce but are a total waste of air time, not to mention tape! The only one of the big 3 networks I still watch is CBS and that’s only twice a week! Because of tnt’s ignorance in programming I’ve been moving away from it too in favor of H2, History, National Geographic, TruTV and even Spike is better then tnt anymore! Such ignorance is just beyond belief! BRING BACK MEMPHIS BEAT, you bunch of morons!!

  4. rose says

    I, too, loved this show – and I thought all the actors were terrific. Hard to fathom why TNT cancels a great drama like this, yet keeps the inane Franklin and Bash alive.

  5. karri says

    we loved this show, recorded it every week so we could watch it never missed an episode
    my boyfriend is from memphis so a real treat for him
    loved the music at the end
    bring it back!!!!

  6. Anonymous says

    cant belive TNT cancell all the good shows ‘Memphis Beat come on .It looks like everything we watch is off .thanks time to just turn off the TV

  7. Velma says

    I was so upset about Memphis Beat that I forgot where it was located — Not in New Orleans (that was another good police show with Anthony Anderson that was cancelled).

  8. Velma says

    Memphis Beat was a great show with the New Orleans background and wonderful music. My husband and I both loved it and have kept it in our Dish recorder list (until today) hoping and wishing for its return. There are so many trashy reality shows, but, finally something interesting like Memphis Beat comes along and it gets cancelled. This seems to happen all the time — find something you like and it disappears. I can’t imagine what the powers that be at TNT are thinking. It is certainly better than Leverage which has become so boring. Love Rizzoli and Isles also, but Memphis Beat was classy.

    • ERIN says

      Hey Velma! There’s a reason it was called MEMPHIS BEAT! Because it was in MEMPHIS, which is in TENNESSEE! NOT New Orleans, which is in Louisiana! The background was MEMPHIS!

  9. says

    I thoroughly enjoyed the show Memphis Beat. We have way too many reality shows and screaming moms with their dance princesses! What happened to relaxing with a good series that always left you feeling good. Jason Lee was awesome in the series.

  10. Connie says

    I was so disappointed that Hawthorne and Memphis Blues were cancelled…it just left me hanging on for their return. Now we will never know what happened on Hawthorne when the police detective was shot…I thought these two shows we’re great!! It’s to bad they opted to keep Leverage, Rizzoli and Niles…oh and yes…Franklin and Bash. Dumb shows and not a smart move TNT….:(

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