Men in Trees: What Happened to ABC’s Anne Heche Drama?

Anne Heche of ABC Men in TreesABC surprised more than a few people when the network renewed Men in Trees for a second season. Great, but where did it go?

Marin Frist (Anne Heche) is a best-selling author and relationship coach who helps women find the right man, using her own life as an example. On a plane trip to attend an Alaska conference, she finds out that her finance has been cheating on her and realizes that she doesn’t know as much as she thought she did. Marin decides to stay in the remote town (where the ratio of men to women is 10 to one) so that she can truly learn how to find and keep a good man, and write a new book. The cast also features Abraham Benrubi, Emily Bergl, Seana Kofoed, Suleka Mathew, Derek Richardson, Sarah Strange, Cynthia Stevenson, Lauren Tom, James Tupper, and John Amos.

Men in Trees debuted on September 12, 2006 on ABC. Trees followed the Fall debut of Dancing with the Stars and attracted over 12.1 million viewers. The second episode lost a third of the audience and attracted just over eight million in its regular timeslot. Despite a season of ratings ups and downs, ABC renewed Men in Trees for a second year on March 21st.

Men in Trees
has been off the air however since March 8th. ABC pulled the series to make room for the debut of October Road. Trees was originally scheduled to return on April 12th but ABC has reworked its schedule more than once, delaying the return each time.

ABC has now announced that Trees fans will have to wait a whole longer to see new episodes — probably five months. The remaining five episodes of season one will now be part of Trees’ second season, bringing the sophomore year episode total to 27.

Though frustrating and unusual, this isn’t unprecedented. Grey’s Anatomy and Boston Legal both had 27 episode sophomore years. There have been rumors that ABC may change their mind and decide to air the rest this season. We’ll keep you posted so stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Bernadette says

    I agree with all these comments. I hate CSI… bla, bla all the same. Men in trees was thought provoking and quirky. I loved the sense of humour and the scenery. I have only seen up to Lyn coming back and I sure hope that girl does not get Jack!! – Go Marin. I hope FOX does not take it off before I get to series 2 end. :(

  2. simonaW says

    ABC has got to be the dumbest network in history. I tried to be a faithful watcher of Menin Trees and some other come to mind, but this stupid network never truely gives good shows like this one a real chance. If I remember correctly Seinfield took a good while o find an audience and now its called the greatest show ever on TV. Give good shows a chance ABC, think of your viewers not the ratings.

  3. lynn says

    Men in Trees a great show that both my husband and I loved to watch. Talented writers and actors put on hold for more trashy shows… this is a sad commentary
    of where tv is heading… lack of shows with family and relationship values IS needed.
    Men in Trees is very much missed.

  4. Kat says

    I cannot believe Men In Trees was not renewed….ridiculous! My sister in Colorado missed the finale so she does not know how it ended. At least put the series on the network website so we can see the shows we missed or as in my case just revisit the entire series. BUT A SMART NETWORK WOULD PUT IT BACK ON THE AIR. For crying out loud Jerry is back on Greys Anatomy….Hello….

  5. says

    Regarding “MIT”, This is the best show !!!!!!! What could possibly caused this show to be cancelled? This show has humor, romance. drama, not to mention WIT!!! This program needs to be aired soon!!!! People get tired of watching all the CSI things! Be wise give the viewers badk what they have an interest in. If ABC picks it up it’s tru’ly a loss for CBS!! “

  6. CARA says

    My husband and I used to so look forward to MEN IN TREES! Finally a show that mature adults love with great scenery and NOT like the lawyer, doctor, hospital, cop shows that we are just plain sick of. It is an excellent show so don’t keep us waiting any longer!!!

  7. Diana says

    I’m still waiting for Men in Trees to come back on the air. It is a unique and fascinating show that I always looked forward to watching. It will probably get more viewers now since the whole Sarah Palin thing. It really has a great feel to it. It’s not a doctor show or a lawyer show or a copy show…it’s interesting life in a small town in a great wilderness…Alaska! : (

  8. sherri klo says

    Please,Please bring back Men In Trees. I check the tv guide every week to see if it’s there. In today’s world with all the seriousness and ugliness, portrayed on tv, I found it refreshingly light hearted with an endearing plot. I found myself so caught up in it and could hardly wait till Friday came around. I don’t care what day or time slot you put it in, I’ll be there, with my snuggly blanket and hot cocoa glued to the set. I wish you”d make it a 2 hour show. HOOKED on Men In Trees!!! Great for the whole family to watch. It’s just a warm,good feeling kind of show. Kudos to the writing staff!!! A must see!!!!!

  9. Lola L says

    Please bring “Men In Trees” back asap!! I & so many friends and co-workers love the quirky yet down to earth characters, reminescient of those “Northern Exposure” types. Sure would be a coo for CBS or even Lifetime to scoop it up if your folks become too short-sighted & drop it. Maybe old Dr. Joel Fleishmann or Chris the DJ free spirit will drop by Abraham B’s bar once he “wises up” and leaves Chicago again! MIT certainly stands on its own as a fun and creative show and doesn’t need help from past situation comedy/dramas, though it smart enough to drop some subtle hints, as did “ER.” Sure don’t miss “October Road.” Gee is it still on? Thanks.

  10. anita word says

    Please put the “Men in Trees” show back on. It was one my all time favorites.
    I truly enjoy the “Young and the Restless” of all the soaps and Ugly Betty and the Brothers and Sisters show with Sally Fields and so many other stars, but I thought the Men in Trees show was an excellent choice and about the time we got used to watch for it, they took it off. Please bring it back sooner than later.

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