Men of a Certain Age: Creators Give Up on Saving Cancelled Series

canceled Men of a Certain AgeMike Royce, the co-creator of cancelled Men of a Certain Age, says that he and co-creator/star Ray Romano are throwing in the towel. The pair have been working behind the scenes in an effort to find a new home for their TNT series.

On his blog, Royce posted a letter to fans titled “Hold Your Head Up“:

Hi folks,

Sorry I haven’t been in touch. Unfortunately there’s been nothing to report. And at this point, since we want to be straight with you guys, I have to tell you that we’ve kind of reached the end of the road. Hard to admit, but it’s true.

If you can think of a network, we called them. Of course, “Men of a Certain Age” doesn’t really belong on certain networks. But we called them too. We called everybody. We tried online, satellite, alternate content providers, corporate sponsorship, Taxi TV, filmstrips… everything. We’ve exhausted every possibility and then some.

I was certainly hoping – actually, naively expecting a different outcome. I thought somebody would pick us up. Ray and I feel strongly that there are places where MOACA would not only be an excellent fit, but a home run. But we couldn’t persuade others to see it that way. And at a certain point, you gotta move on.

Sure, a miracle could still happen somehow. So please don’t “unlike” this page or unsign the petition. It’s still good to be able to show the world how much you guys care about the show.

We can’t thank all you enough. So many of you have worked your asses off to help us find the show a home. To see the support continue to pour in now weeks and weeks later is really incredible.

It’s also hard to express how grateful we are to the awesomely talented 200+ people who made the show. The cast and the crew were not only the best but made it a joy to come to work each day.

And we also want to thank TNT. I know it’s natural to look at it like “they’re the ones who cancelled it,” but a more accurate viewpoint is “they’re the ones who put it on.” Honestly, the notion that a show about the lives of three 50 year olds was on television at all in this day and age is a miracle. It shouldn’t be, but it is. On top of that TNT gave us the rare opportunity to do the show the way we wanted.

The end result is, we’re proud of the work, proud of the critical response and mostly proud that the show seems to have secured a deep place in people’s hearts that isn’t always reached. Like some of you, we feel a little like we’ve lost a friend. But the good news is, the 22 episodes live on. They even end in a good place (if too soon).

So think of us as not as a cancelled show but a “mini-series by accident.”

Because really that’s our biggest hope: if you are a fan, turn other people on to it. We want it to live on. Hey, for better or for worse, the ratings tell us there are plenty of people out there who haven’t seen “Men of a Certain Age.” We hope they check it out.

Thanks, and see you on the hill.
—Mike Royce & Ray Romano

Men of a Certain Age ran for two seasons on TNT, beginning in December of 2009. The first season of Men attracted a 1.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 3.2 million total viewers. The season started off strong but viewership dwindled as the season went on.

Year two kicked off part one of season two in December 2010 and essentially matched the lowest-rated episode of season one. The later episodes did even worse and averaged a poor 0.5 demo rating with 2.16 million viewers. In the spring, the second half of the season did worse with an average of a 0.4 demo and 1.59 million.

TNT cancelled the series in mid-July, a week or so after the defacto series finale aired.

What do you think? Did you like the TV series? Why do you think it didn’t catch on? Why did so many who started watching, stop?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Christine says

    I am broken hearted to hear that Men of a Certain Age has been cancelled. I just do not understand why when the show was so good that they would cancell it. There are many shows that should be cancelled and are still on. This show was truly how life is. It showed the ups and downs the funny things and the not so funny things that happen along the way. Please reconsider and bring back this great show

  2. melina says

    Loved this show. Icouldnt for seasonal 2. I think they lost ratiing because they were so long in bringing back. I thought they had canelled it from season 1 too season 2. It was a show that was like real life. maybe if it was on a littile bit earlier the ratings would of been up more or a different day of the week. Its sad, when you finally fine a decend show they cancell it. Un Real Later for TNT someone dont know what they are doing. Need to watch another network. TNT is at the bottum of my list. scatch it off your list.

  3. Ramona says

    I was checking to see when the series would start up again, and was shocked to see that it was canceled. This was an incredible show. I hope that it can come back. We just love the show. There was none better.

  4. says

    I recently found this series On Demand.What a great show.I can certainly relate . How can we bring it back. I have been telling everyone about this great show. I am in the auto industry and the situatuins are very realistic. The whole show and all their situations are very real. I can’t believe it’s cancelled.

  5. Theresa says

    I’m not surprised. It seems a lot of people prefer trashy shows such as Jersey Shores or the Kardasians (not sure of the spelling-I never watch this trash.) MOACA is a quality show that every middle age man or woman can relate to; it is true to life and the actors are great. I do wish the show was on HBO or Showtime where they could even spice it up a little. Love you guys!!

  6. Patty says

    Wow….the story of my life…..if I like something, it’s either cancelled or discontinued!!!! No one cares what People of a Certain Age like anymore. Everything is geared to the youngsters! Doesn’t our money count for anything anymore….where do they think the youngsters are getting their money anyway????

    I didn’t start watching MOACA until this spring and then recently caught up on the episodes I missed on “On Demand”!!! So glad I was able to watch it!!! GREAT SHOW!!!!

    “Suits” on USA is awesome, but won’t start again until next June. I’ll bet MY money that it gets cancelled too!!!!

  7. Sally Brown says

    By far the best show on tv! Very clever story line. I’m wounded over this news! I will miss this show so much! I don’t watch much tv as the programs are sub par at best. Loved Andre in thief though and so missed that show as well! Best to all you fine actors! I will be searching for you all in future shows!

  8. pamela johnson says

    I can’t believe this. My husband and I looked forward to this series and have told so many people about. I came on line trying to find out what night it was on and wondering why it had not started. I can’t believe with all of the dumb reality crap on t.v. this show we award winning actors can’t find a home! Unbelievable. I am really irate.

  9. Caro Baum says

    Wow, I just got the news about my favorite new series being cancelled. I am so much in shock. How can such a wonderful show get cancelled? I work in the tv industry, and I will never understand how the puzzle works! Big Bummer. Well, Ray, Scott and Andre, you brought sexy back to being 50! Love to you all! ~Caro

  10. Kitty says

    I loved that series so much. All the characters were believable and the plots were things we could relate to. I think TNT kind of “hid” the series in the time slot and then wondered why nobody was watching.

    I’m in my 60’s now, and there’s practically nothing in drama on TV that I like, other than House, which will be off the air soon. We get about 160 channels now–and yet there is nothing on. Most of the shows are “reality TV,” which is cheap to put on. Some of the non-fiction shows are good. But MOACA was in it’s own class. I miss those guys!

  11. Keith says

    Cancelled and no other networks are interested? Why, why, why! MOACA is one of the best shows on TV. Along with the end of Rescue Me and the end of Breaking Bad announced recently, we are losing the best written, acted and altogether best executed shows on TV. What are the viewer public and networks thinking? All will be missed.

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