Men of a Certain Age: TNT Renews Show for Season Two

Men of a Certain Age season twoTNT has faith in their freshman series Men of a Certain Age. So much that they’ve decided to renew it for a second season before the first one is only half aired.

Men of a Certain Age follows the lives of three male friends who are adjusting to the challenges of middle age. The show stars Ray Romano, Andre Braugher, and Scott Bakula, and also features Norma Jean, Braeden Lemasters, Matt Price, Brittany Curran, Brian J. White, Shelly Desai, Lisa Gay Hamilton, Little JJ, Kwesi Boakye, Penelope Ann Miller, and Michael Hitchcock.

The series debuted to big numbers on December 7th, attracting 5.4 million viewers. That represented ad-supported cable’s top launch of 2009 for households and those ages 25-54 (a natural demographic for the series).

The numbers have dropped significantly since the premiere, with the most recent installment hitting a series low of about 2.9 million viewers.

Despite the decline, TNT believes in Men enough to renew the show for another round of 10 episodes. TNT executive VP Michael Wright said, “Men of a Certain Age has been embraced by viewers and critics alike, making our decision to renew an easy one.”

Season one is expected to finish on February 22nd. No word on when Men will return for season two.

What do you think? Are you glad that Men of a Certain Age is continuing or should it have been cancelled?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Carolyn & Jim says

    We both love this show! Tonight, it looks to be pre-empted by NBA games! Love NBA and watch alot of the games, but how come they bumped this great tv offering!???? Gosh, I hope that ratings continue to be good and this show is on for years to come! It is great tv and a far cry above so much that is out there!

  2. Madge says

    This is in the top five of the best shows on TV. The so called situation ‘comedies’ on the major stations are so worthless. The writing, the acting , the feelings stirred up in this program are amazing. May the show have 200 episodes or more. Love it!!!

  3. Freddy says

    I LOVE this show.

    It is sad it does not get marketed to a large audience. I NEVER see ads for it and for the life of me, I cant figure out when the next episode is. If it werent for my DVR I’d probably never see it simply because I can never figure out when its on.

  4. Lynn says

    This by far is the best show on the air! My husband and I watch it religiously and cherish every line. It is written so brilliantly and very well acted and photographed. I feel like I am watching a documentary–it is so real. It is such an intimate look into these three men and their lives. Magnificent! I am so disappointed that the finale of this season is done. I feel we were just getting into them again. Why such a short season? Write on!!!!!

  5. linda says

    Love the show and was glad it returmed this year. I hope they keep it on for a time. I have been trying to find it on my cable listing but it not threre now. What happen too it????

  6. Robin says

    My husband and I just watched the show since recording 4 of them. We really like it and are very happy it’s coming back for another season.

  7. MaryAnn says

    My husband & I love men of a certain age & are very glad it has been renewed. It is funny, entertaining & has a definate real life about it!

  8. Ladyrose says

    I stopped watching “Everybody Loves Raymond” because Ray Romano was just so annoying I couldn’t stand to watch him anymore, and now he’s doing the same thing on this show with those ridiculous bets he makes that end up ruining everybody else’s plans. Just another annoying Ray Romano series. Love Andre Braugher to death, like Scott Bakula, but God, Ray Romano just annoys the Hell out of me AGAIN!!! Are you listening TNT, stop making him so annoying!!!

  9. giggles420 says

    Love it !!!!
    I hope it continues…

    The time its on kind of sucks have a hard time remembering it bc I don’t see any previews for it on the lower channels with Directv…

    Great show tho… Two thumbs up

  10. John says

    @admin: “Splitting them up into two groups”? If Jan 10, 2011 is the “season finale” when does the next “season” begin?!

  11. Kathy says

    Love Men of a Certain Age, and hope it continues for a long
    time, so that then I can look forward to many reruns, later. It’s
    brilliantly written, just as Everybody Loves Raymond was…the
    acting is Emmy- worthy…and it deals with much realer people than
    most other shows even come close to…a perpetually out of work
    actor, an adult son still trying to please his unpleasable father,
    and an ordinary man who’s life , as he knows it, has fallen
    apart.Thank heaven I programmed my cable TV scheduler thingie to
    auto-tune it whenever it comes on.

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