Merlin: Last Episode Preview Photos

It’s been announced that season five will be the end for Merlin. The series finale won’t air on Syfy for a few months here in the United States but will air late next month in the UK.

Below are some promotional photos for the last episode of Merlin that have just been released. They feature actors Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Eoin Macken, Rupert Young, and Tom Hopper.

If you’re concerned, they’re pretty spoiler-free.

What do you think? What would you like to see happen in the last episode of Merlin? Are you hoping that any specific characters return before the end?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Marie says

    Why do they always cancel the imaginative series. Quality casting – with one exception, you guess who. And actors that actually feel comfortable being who they are cast as. I hope to see more of Colin and Bradley in the future. They make the show what it is.

  2. Suzanne says

    I cannot believe this!!! I love this show. It really angers me, the shows that are wholesome and CLEAN and just good theatre are being cancelled to be replaced with garbage! All the good shows seem to be getting canceled and we all would like to know what in the world is going on?!! Not everyone likes GARBAGE to watch. We have got to keep some good wholesome entertainment TV. This needs to be looked into. Please let the top executives know how upset SO MANY OF US are taking away these great TV series, mostly Sci Fi . The supernaturals we got into, they were pulled also. Not right. Someone needs to take a stand for the many of us who LOVE these series!!! So not a happy camper. We need these shows. Someone needs to read this!

    • Sam says

      It’s not being cancelled because of another show. They just decided that it’s time for it to end. The show can’t keep dragging for years, there wouldn’t be any point. It was leading up to the final battle for camelot. They said it’s just time to get down to the good part and see what happens.

    • Marie says

      I agree. Who really wants to watch overly muscular men in tights throw each other around and really bad acting at that. Who really believes “real men” think that this is entertainment. I like sports as much as the next person, but this is for the weak of brain with violent tendencies and think that they do not damage young viewers. So many kids wind up hurt imitating this garbage and we should be stimulating imagination and creativity. Up with shows like Merlin that foster the imagination and down with shows that advocate constant violence by both sexes.

  3. dido13 says

    NOOOOOOOOOO !!! Not another great show cancelled…..why ????? This is one of the truly best show on TV…..we are all very very sad. Please keep it on !!!!!!

  4. Jim says

    The episode before last, the defeat Morgana and the others in a epic battle where Merlin must reveal himself and the dragon to Arthur (to save him/camelot), and then explaining everyhing to Arthur in the end of it.
    The very last episode should take place in the future.. maybe 10 years with Merlin being being the Kings side and magic running free… maybe even with Merlin help others with magic and some young dragons flying around. Then again when they are much older and gray and Camelot has united the kingdoms, just all as friends around a feast or something.

  5. Debby Modis says

    ARG!!!! I am so sorry to see this wonderful series end!!! I have been looking forward for literally months to see the return of this series on TV. It is absolutely one of my most favorite series! I would so love to see this series continue on and on and on.

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