Merlin: Possible Season Six, Movie Trilogy

Merlin on Syfy sixth seasonAt Comic-Con in San Diego, Merlin co-creator and executive producer Johnny Capps shared that a trilogy of movies and a sixth season may be made.

He said, “We’re hopefully going to do a trilogy — three movies. We will focus on them when we finish season five.”

Capps continued, “One idea we’ve been playing around with is to reboot the whole series. We would go back in time and start the story again and show different parts that you didn’t see in the series. The other idea is to do a continuation, but we haven’t decided that yet.”

He also noted that the possibility of a sixth season is still being discussed with the BBC.

BBC has ordered a fifth season of Merlin and those 13 episodes are still being produced. Syfy officially picked up season five and finished airing season four at the end of March.

What do you think? Are you hoping for a sixth season of Merlin? What do you think about the movies idea?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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    • Tricia says

      I love, love, love, the Merlin series also. Please continue making the series. If it must end. Please end it with King Author back from the dead! Please!!! Bring it back and let it have a good ending. I know several americans who love the show and wish it to continue! Please!?!?!?! Season 6&7. And even further if possible! Lets have King Author battle the evil side of magic but alow Merlin to continue to protect him and Camelot! Please do not let it end with season 5. Author cant be dead, he must grow old with Gwen! Merlin must continue! We love Merlin here in the U.S.A.! Thank you BBC!!!

  1. Gloria says

    My husband and I are elderly and have watched Merlin erver since Dish Network started carrying it. It is one series we both wouldn’t miss.
    I cried when they showed the series finale on 053113 – we really need more Merlin series to carry on with Merlin and King Arthur. All kinds of adventures could be created now that King Arthur knows Merlin is a kind and good Sorcerer. Adventures could include ones that are even with just Merlin outside of Camelot. Others could be created with Merlin and King Arthur where Merlin helps King Arthur with Camelot.
    PLEASE BRING BACK THE MERLIN TV SERIES – I love Colin Morgan’s acting!!!
    Thank you for letting me send this comment!

    • Beverly says

      I hope the show continues, I just love the show. I also hope that Arthur returns and didn’t really die.

      • Gloria says

        King Arthur just has to return alive. Gais mentioned something about “when King Arthur returns” in the finale. So, I guess, “Merlin is the greatest Socerer to ever walk the Earth” and still looks over at the Isle that he couldn’t get King Arthur to before his death. This could be in the NEW series where King Arthur DID make it on the boat floating to the Isle and gets brought back to life by the Ancients. I just love this show too!!!

  2. jolita perez says

    i love the show of merlin its sad its end we need more merlin the way this final eposide end its sad we need to see 6,7,8 opposite please we need to see more merlin i don’t like the way arthur died we need to see how merlin move on without arthur.hoping we see more merlin

  3. says

    Wonderful series for children and adults. I enjoyed a series that teaches resonsibility, courage, and morals that we can live by. l would hope that the producers would see this, and bring a new series to the audience in 2014. Thanks to the BBC for allowing this series to be show in the U.S.

  4. Brianna Herrera says

    Yes there needs to be a continuation. The series ended with Merlin either in disguise as his olde self or in actuality that she. The viewer can see as the eighteen wheeler drives by that the season ended in modern times. How can you not continue on from that? We never know what came of Camelot. They should continue the series with the same actors and all! I was screaming at my tv for minutes because of how it ended!

  5. Lucy says

    Would like for series to continue. Such a great show, look forward to watching it every week. I don’t want to see a ending (bad or good), I want more episodes. Arthur needs to come back to life.

  6. kim says

    Please do a season six, let it be a Happy Ending, so You Can see all he fought for was for a reason, Let Merlin be by his side as a Best friend Should, I love this show because it teaches rights and Mistakes you learn from….

  7. rm wills says

    I would love another season of Merlin and can only hope. The previous and current seasons have been a lot of fun for me. Yes, there is “violence” only so far as expected for the times but, in general, my family has been able to enjoy this series not only because of its fun but because it has been so clean in comparison to so much of what is available otherwise. I will thank those who have created this and just hope for some more to come.
    LOVED IT! Thank You

  8. says

    My wife and I have watched merlin since the start and the end of season just made us sick. There has to be an ending better than it was. Give us a happier ending than it was because this tv series is based upon happier endings. Everytime, at the end of about three shows everything became right with the kingdom. Make this right with the kingdom. Thanks

  9. GWEN says


    Yes, I have finally got to watch on SyFy Ch #244 on Directv in the US 1 of the 2 last episodes of Season 5 called “WITH ALL OF MY HEART” made 12/1/12 and is shown was shown in the United States on 5/3/13 and the last season 5 episode called ‘THE KINDNESS OF STRAGERS” will be shown next Firday 5/10/13 on SyFy Ch #244!

    Each time I watch Merlin I want more espisodes!!! They better do a Season 6!!!

    It is needed!

    In season 5 several espisodes they did show Mabve!! I would also like to see what is going to happen with Mordrid???

    We need more of Merlin!!! Seasons 6, 7 and 8 are really, really needed!!!

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