Has CBS Really Renewed Mike & Molly, $#*! My Dad Says, Hawaii Five-0, Blue Bloods and The Defenders?

Hollywood ReporterThe Hollywood Reporter is reporting that CBS freshman shows Mike & Molly, $#*! My Dad Says, Hawaii Five-0, Blue Bloods and The Defenders have all been renewed for second seasons. The trouble is that CBS hasn’t announced that — and in all likelihood won’t be renewing all five TV shows.

We’ve received emails from several sharp-eyed readers who noticed that there was interesting tidbit included as part of an article about CBS and their concern over Charlie Sheen’s recent round of antics. In the first paragraph of the article it says…

CBS’ meat-and-potatoes brand of multi-camera comedies and crime procedurals have been remarkably enduring. All five of its new shows – Mike & Molly, $#*! My Dad Says, Hawaii Five-0, Blue Bloods and The Defenders – have received second-season orders. Earlier this week, the network and Warner Bros. Television announced a three-season pick-up for top-rated Big Bang Theory.

Two sentences are true, while one certainly is not. It would seem that what the author means is that the five freshman shows all received “full” first season orders, not second season orders. The article was published on 1/14 but hasn’t been fixed yet.

Based on the season ratings averages, it looks pretty certain that Mike & Molly, Hawaii Five-0, and Blue Bloods will be back for 2011-12. $#*! My Dad Says has gotten good numbers but loses a lot of its Big Bang lead-in. CBS will soon put it on hiatus and will see if another half-hour comedy can hold onto a bigger percentage. The Defenders, which is being sent to Friday nights beginning January 28th, is almost certainly doomed to be cancelled.

What do you think? Will all of these shows be renewed? Which, if any, will be cancelled?

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  1. Anonymous says

    Please renew **** my dad says. Mike & Molly. And hawaii 5-0. Some of the best and most refreshing shows on TV. 2 men is useless without Charlie. So I could care less either way about it. Thanks.

  2. John Lock says

    How in the world is Outsourced cancelled but Mike & Molly not?
    Both of them are good but Outsourced is the funniest one, who decides this things?

  3. MARY AND ED POST says

    please don’t cancel THE DEFENDERS”.
    We both enjoythis show very much.
    thank you for bringing it to us.
    E & M

  4. says

    I love Mike and Molly don’t cancel this show its funny and its about real people with real problems it has it all weight issues,smoking pot,sex,funny family loving each other no matter what.My family and i can really relate to this show, we just love Carl and his Grandmother, the waiter in the diner.I loved Mike when he was on According to Jim the neighbor and friend to Jim,And Molly in the Gilmore Girls as Suki the chef she was very funny in that show.Her Mom and Sister on the show are so funny and lets not forget Vince i have an Uncle just like him,and my sister is just like Victoria.Keep this show going please..

  5. Aaron says

    I am not sure what CBS is doing, I really mean that. I think they have lost their Minds, First they “Fire” Harry Smith, Maggie Rodiguiz And Dave Price, I Only have to say this about that (yeah right, but not here) They got rid of the only Three AM Hard News, the ones who always got the stories before other net works, the hard to get interview. Aman whp went running into places of our Country when every living thing was running out. (Dave Price) OK it will not let me fix any typos…so sorry! But you get my point! They will get rid of Bleep my Dad Says, but they are going to keep The Talk, with very low ratings! Guess that old saying is true…Its not who know….

  6. Diane says

    We love the new line up of Hawaii 5-0; Blue Bloods and The Defenders. Hawaii 5-0 and the dynamics between the actors is amazing. We look forward to seeing the series each week. Blue Bloods was a little slow at first, but now we look forward to those family meals around the table and the challenges they face as a high profile family. Tom Selleck is ALWAYS great! And the Defenders is another awesome show. Every episode gets better and there is always an amazing turn of events. GREAT SHOW! Please don’t cancel it.

    Something I’ve noticed for years is that you get to liking a show; your life schedule fits around watching it then the networks up and change the night. You miss the announcement on which night; forget to watch it a couple of times and now you’re out of the ‘habit’. No wonder they lose ratings – you can’t find them. Quit moving them.

  7. DF Stuart says

    Most definately Blue Bloods ( Tom’s finest performance since Magnum PI) & Hawaii Five-O. Love the meld of old & new footage at the beginning of the program. Great character balance-love Scott Cann; and what female doesn’t just love “Alex O Loughlin!

  8. sandy says

    I love “V”, Blue Bloods, Hawaii Five O, Human Target…..I wish the networks would let these series run for at least 3 or 4 seasons before cancelling any of them. One of the most frustrating things is that our favorite shows get cancelled. We also the “The Even”. I don’t know what cannels these all are on, but for goodness sakes, leave our shows on the air, will you all please?

    • mick says

      i agree thy did the same with the unit (wankers) it only hurting them selves people will just stop watching and go to another network

  9. Sue says

    Hawaii 50 is just starting to get interesting. I get irritated with Scott Caan and his continual whining. Sometimes he acts like he isn’t even a cop with the stupid things he says. But I think the rest of the cast is good and it should get a second season.

  10. Joe says

    Don’t cancel the Defenders is a good entertaiment show Jim and Jerry has chemistry, love the show, DVR set for next season! Please don’t cancel the show.

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