Has CBS Really Renewed Mike & Molly, $#*! My Dad Says, Hawaii Five-0, Blue Bloods and The Defenders?

Hollywood ReporterThe Hollywood Reporter is reporting that CBS freshman shows Mike & Molly, $#*! My Dad Says, Hawaii Five-0, Blue Bloods and The Defenders have all been renewed for second seasons. The trouble is that CBS hasn’t announced that — and in all likelihood won’t be renewing all five TV shows.

We’ve received emails from several sharp-eyed readers who noticed that there was interesting tidbit included as part of an article about CBS and their concern over Charlie Sheen’s recent round of antics. In the first paragraph of the article it says…

CBS’ meat-and-potatoes brand of multi-camera comedies and crime procedurals have been remarkably enduring. All five of its new shows – Mike & Molly, $#*! My Dad Says, Hawaii Five-0, Blue Bloods and The Defenders – have received second-season orders. Earlier this week, the network and Warner Bros. Television announced a three-season pick-up for top-rated Big Bang Theory.

Two sentences are true, while one certainly is not. It would seem that what the author means is that the five freshman shows all received “full” first season orders, not second season orders. The article was published on 1/14 but hasn’t been fixed yet.

Based on the season ratings averages, it looks pretty certain that Mike & Molly, Hawaii Five-0, and Blue Bloods will be back for 2011-12. $#*! My Dad Says has gotten good numbers but loses a lot of its Big Bang lead-in. CBS will soon put it on hiatus and will see if another half-hour comedy can hold onto a bigger percentage. The Defenders, which is being sent to Friday nights beginning January 28th, is almost certainly doomed to be cancelled.

What do you think? Will all of these shows be renewed? Which, if any, will be cancelled?

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  1. Liz says

    My husband loves BlueBloods, I’ve never watched, we both love Hawaii 5-O, and I love Mike and Molly. I watched S#%t My Dad says once and that was a waste of my time. I liked the Twitter version. My favorite show is Hawaii 5-O because I am an avid fan of Alex O’Loughlin and would watch him read a phone book. I also like Daniel Day Kim and the fact that they are using him and Grace Parks in this show. I think the shows get better week after week and the banter between Danno and Steve is so much fun to watch. I’m happy to see it’s been picked up for a second season.

  2. KATE says

    I LOVE $#! My Dad Says and especially like the younger son, Henry – he is really great and seems so natural. Of course, William Shatner take over the whole show. Mike & Molly is good also.

  3. Donna says

    I really love Blue Bloods it’s an awesome show by far the best drama on cbs is blue bloods. So please keep this show cause I look forward to watching it, it you want my opinion I would watch blue bloods over those other shows you just named. I love the drama & the chemistry between the charactors on there they like working with each other. I also like the familly interaction when they get around the dinner table & talk about there cases. KEEP BLUE BLOODS I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Linda Ackley says

    We really like Blue Bloods. While it’s not plausible that everyone in the family is always available for Sunday dinner, the table discussions debate both sides of issues making the show not only entertaining but informative. Two and Half Men has been our favorite show for years. We’ve watched re-runs over and over and still laugh. We love everyone of the characters and the writing. We currently enjoy Mike & Molly but I can’t see the story line going very far. My Dad Says gets on my nerves and can go. We really like the Defenders especially the rapport between the two lawyers and how they manage to beat the legal system. I enjoy Five-0 if for no other reason than watching 4 fit and good looking actors. It doesn’t matter what time slot any show is in because we Ti-Vo our favorites. If CBS needs room for more new shows, they should dump the reality shows!

  5. Kelley says

    CBS is going to seriously change my viewing habits if they cancel The Defenders. It is smart, hilarious, and has great plot and sub-plot. Having watched the first airing of Blue Bloods and being seriously disappointed in the stilted, wooden acting, finding The Defenders was a breath of fresh air. My DVR is just about 90% CBS with NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, The Good Wife, and the original CSI AND The Defenders.

    For anyone who has not seen it, give it a chance January 28th. It is a fun show.

  6. Mike 2 says

    The best CBS comedy… Big Bang Theory, hands down. Nerds rule!!!
    How I Met Your Mother comes in a close 2nd. It’s the new Friends.
    The best CBS drama… The Good Wife. Great cast, well written, well acted.

    Hawaii 5-0, I don’t know why everyone says it’s ridiculous. We love it. Maybe it’s just because we love Scott Caan & I think Grace Park is gorgeous, but it’s a fun show to watch. I hope it stays. The cinematic views of Hawaii on a 1080p TV look great too.

    $#!t My Dad Says, we tried it, we might keep watching, IDK. It’s not as funny as it should be, so if it gets canceled, won’t hurt my feelings. We didn’t try Mike & Molly at first, to try The Event, boy that was a mistake. Have to check it out.

    Two & a Half Men, I don’t care what anyone says, or what Charley Sheen does offset, it’s still a great show. If it has one flaw, it’s that they don’t have enough of Berta in every episode. She’s hilarious!

    The rest of the CBS lineup, not interested, sorry. We never used to watch CBS, so the fact that they have 5 solid slots on our DVR (and not one CSI) speaks well to how they’ve improved their programming lately.

  7. Kat says

    To Dee: They didn’t cast two Korean actors to play Hawaiian characters, they cast two Korean actors to play Chinese characters. That’s well within the commonly accepted boundaries of racial casting.

    It’s a shame you’re not watching Hawaii Five-0 because of a perceived slight, because it’s a really fun show. :)

    My dad watches Blue Bloods, so for his sake, I hope they don’t cancel that one, either. And I couldn’t care less about the other three shows (which is sad because I’m a huge Jerry O’Connell fan.

  8. babyblues says

    I really enjoy :
    The Defenders, this show is funny and I love the chemestry between Jim Belushi and the rest of the cast and even if you move it to Friday, I will still watch it, especially since you cancelled The Ghost Whisperer and Medium.
    The Good Wife, the writing is good and I love all of the characters.
    The Big Bang Theory, this show is hysterical.
    Mike and Molly, you can’t help but love the two of them together and Molly’s sister is a scream, she reminds me of my own sister.
    The Mentalist, was really into this last season, still watch every week but Red John plot getting boring.
    Two and a Half Men, need to have Jake on more episodes, the kid is fantastic and makes the show. This is the first season I have watched more than one show on any particular night on this network, but if you keep cancelling all of these good shows I will switch back to ABC.

  9. Dee says

    Ever since I found out that they cast two Korean actors to portray Hawaiian characters, I have not watched H50 – I’m jut so offended! To me this is just racism and “they all look alike” mentality. And bcause of this, I am missing out seeing Alex O’Loughlin (loved him in that medical show) and Scott Caan.

  10. HMH says

    I like most of these shows, not having seen Blue Bloods. And I agree with Curtis above about the son on $#*! My Dad Says. He SUCKS. The rest of the show is quite fun.

  11. Jessica says

    The Big Bang Theory is hilarious! My fiance & I make sure to catch it together. The writing is excellent!

    The Good Wife is one of my favorite shows (& w/ all the crap on- this says ALOT!!). Acting is done very well.

    Mike & Molly is my 1/2 hr of quite time alone. I love how I ALWAYS crack up during it. Great writing! After a long Monday, I need those laughs!

  12. MK says

    I have tried and tried to like Big Bang, but Jim Parsons just creeps me out. Enjoy H 5-0 despite how ridiculous it is. They really need to spend some time on character development though. And maybe a story (besides the one with my beloved James Marsters) that goes more than one ep? Mike & Molly must stay. Sweet, funny, and the leads are charming. Bleep my Dad Says is Shatner’s show. Him and the gay butler are the best things on it. How about a show about just them?

  13. Curtis says

    I watch four of the five shows, The Defenders being my favorite, followed by Mike and Molly, which is sweet and not at all crude. It’s also funny, and not at all the one-note fat joke show the summer promos made it out to be.

    Speaking of which, this is at least the third summer in a row that the new show promos were misleading, and always in a bad way, meaning in a way that would make me not want to watch the shows. I nearly missed out on The Big Bang Theory because of misleading promotions. CBS would do itself a big favor if it fired whoever was in charge of promoting their series and allowed each show to write its own promo.

    Bleep my Dad Says is good about half the time, but I wouldn’t mind if it went off the air. The actor who plays the blogging son should be replaced, though the rest of the cast is good.

    Hawaii 5-0 isn’t bad, but it is ridiculous, with all the stunts and terrorist activity (in Hawaii? Come on!), so I wouldn’t mind losing that one, either.

    I can’t stand Blue Bloods.

  14. REC says

    If anything could be saved, I want Hawaii Five-0 to get a second season. I like The Defenders, but can live without it. I appreciate Mike & Molly because it’s has just the right amount of humor with reality that makes it feel genuine. And $#*! My Dad Says is something alright; I laugh, but don’t care to watch it weekly or anything.

    This is the first time that I have watched more than 1 new show on CBS. The only old show on CBS that I watch is CSI: Miami (when I get the chance). I really wish CBS would wake the F*** up and cancel Two and a Hal Men though. The kid is a man now and Charlie Sheen is getting on everybody’s nerves after all the constant things he has done in the past 3 months or so! What a total budget suck Sheen must be for that show, they could just cancel that show and be able to keep all the others. But whatever, I won’t watch it and don’t care about anything on that network besides CSI: Miami, Hawaii Five-0, and maybe Mike & Molly.

  15. Ross says

    The shows I want to see cancelled include $#*! My Dad Says, Blue Bloods, The Defenders, The Good Wife, The Big Bang Theory, The Mentalist, Mad Love, The Amazing Race and Undercover Boss.

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