Missing: Will It Be Cancelled or Renewed for Season Two?

cancelled or season two Missing TV showEarlier this year, ABC introduced a thriller series called The River. It wasn’t a ratings success and will surely be cancelled later this month. Now, the network is trying an action show called Missing. Will this one fare any differently?

Missing follows Becca Winstone (Ashley Judd), a former CIA operative who’s made a new life for her herself as a single mother and a florist. She agrees to let her son Michael (Nick Eversman) study abroad but, a few weeks into his trip, he disappears and she suspects foul play. Becca arrives in Rome and begins piecing together the clues and it isn’t long before the kidnappers realize they’ve picked a fight with the wrong woman. The cast also includes Cliff Curtis, Tereza Voriskova, Adriano Giannini, and Sean Bean.

The series debuted on March 15th and attracted a 2.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 10.6 million total viewers. That wasn’t a bad performance considering that Missing was airing opposite American Idol and the hyped return on NBC’s Community. CBS was airing a low-rated NCAA Basketball game instead of their usual sitcoms.

In week two, Missing dropped a whopping 24% in the demo and dropped to fourth place in the timeslot (beaten by Idol, Community, and more basketball) with a 1.6 rating and 8.81 million. In week three, the demo dropped another 6% and the show remained in fourth place.

Over the course of this season, Missing’s ratings have slowly dwindled further downward. In fact, the show’s demo numbers have never risen.

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Last night’s installment of Missing dropped another 14%, to a new series low, with a 1.2 in the demo and 6.32 million total viewers. It’s demo rating was tied for fourth place in the timeslot — with The CW’s Vampire Diaries.

When a series on a major network ties (or is beaten) by something airing on The CW, you know there’s a major problem.

Missing is currently ranked 21st out of 22 scripted ABC shows this season. It currently has a “D” grade on our ABC Ratings Report Card and is only outperforming Charlie’s Angels average — that was the remake that occupied the same timeslot and was cancelled last November.

Though ABC hasn’t said as much, there’s no chance that Missing will be renewed for a second season. The ratings are just too low — and they keep going lower.

On the positive side, there are only two episodes left in the season so it seems very likely that the network will let them both air before cancelling the show.

But, what do you think? Are you enjoying Missing? Is it worth renewing or should it have been cancelled awhile ago?

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  1. Bill Corbett says

    I think Missing was a dynamite show. My wife, son and I watched it every night it was one and couldn’t wait until the following week to see what would take place. Really sorry to hear its not coming back. On the last show when Becca went missing was so looking forward to next season. Please bring it back

  2. Barbara Rooney says

    I think it is absolutely ridiculous that this show is being cancelled – almost all of my friends watched this series and now we will never know what happened. Who decides what shows are cancelled and what are not – perhaps some of the reality shows could be cancelled instead.

  3. Shawn David Mathews says

    This sucks! who came up with this ratings system anyway, dont understand it at all but here in africa, its all about series, and this by far is a topic that comes up everyday… I love this series and for it to be cancelled makes my heart ache, my fam never leaves the television if it comes on… so please those monkeys should shoot series 2… make it awesomer for us…

  4. Mario Surdi says

    I concur with all of the of previous positive comments. Sometimes I wonder on how the statistcal measurements are taken or the publics inabilities to appreciate good drama. There are many other series with similar plots that are very popular e.g. Covert Affairs . Hope you will reconsider.

  5. Tom from Wisconsin says

    One of the best shows on TV an you cancel it. Didn’t miss an episode looked forward to each new week. Was a lot better than most of the junk on today. I hope someone has some brains and bring it back

  6. barbara says

    If 91 percentile of viewers don’t want it canceled why do it? Tv series that are on now are stupid and immature. BRING IT BACK!!! And not only that the way missing ended with the mom getting her son back but now she came up missing. What happens now we viewers wont know the story now thanks to numbshulls canceling this show. THIS SUCKS!!!!

  7. barbara says

    I watched missing from the start and never missed a show. That is bull why cancel a show that was nomianted for two emmy awards? So now what will happen to the missing mom now that she got micheal back?

  8. Carol from my says

    Very disappointed with this cancellation. This show was exciting, the characters talented, the international scenery great. How about making space for this really good piece of entertainment. Do you count, in your polls, those of us who record?

  9. Tom from Louisiana says

    My wife and I loved the show and looked forward to watching it each week. Where do they get these poll numbers anyway. I’ve never been polled or do I know anyone else that has.

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