Missing: ABC Series Cancelled; No Season Two

Missing on ABC canceled, no season 2Becca Winstone’s chase is over. ABC has cancelled Missing, their Thursday night TV series, after one season and 10 episodes.

Starring Ashley Judd, Missing follows a former CIA Agent turned single mom as she searches for her missing son in Europe. The action show also stars Adriano Giannini, Nick Eversman, Cliff Curtis, Tereza Voriskova, and Sean Bean.

Missing got off to a disappointing start on March 15th, registering a 2.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 10.60 million viewers. It was in third place for the demo and second place in total viewership.

In week two, the numbers took a significant drop, to a 1.6 rating with 8.81 million. Over the next several weeks, Missing fell lower and lower. The most recent episode hit a new low with a 1.1 demo rating and 6.37 million total viewers.

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Overall, Missing’s been averaging a 1.5 rating with 7.70 million viewers. If they had more episodes in the season, those averages would surely keep sinking lower.

On our ABC Ratings Report Card, which measures the relative demo success of TV shows on the network, Missing has a “D-” for a grade. Of the 22 scripted shows on the network this season, Missing ranks 21st — just above the already-cancelled Charlie’s Angels remake.

With low ratings and steep declines, it’s no wonder that ABC decided not to renew Missing for a second season.

The series finale airs next Thursday and will hopefully include enough closure to satisfy the viewers that stuck with it.

What do you think? Are you sorry to hear that Missing has been cancelled? Why do you think the show didn’t succeed? How long should have the show realistically lasted — one season, two, three or more?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. priscilla Lyles says

    I’m sorry that the show was cancelled. I was looking forward to the second season. Can’t your reconsider?

  2. Sheri says

    Myself & my 9 year old son are extremely disappointed that it has been cancelled. We have been waiting for Season 2 and when not seeing it, decided to go online to check. We enjoyed the suspense and could not wait week to week for the show to come on.
    Shocked that there was not more viewing. It was much better than all the reality shows that are on.

  3. Rachel says


    I love the show – sorry it has been cancelled – story and cast was great… whish it would come back, why do they do this – start an interesting serie and then cancell –
    please re think your decision and get back…

  4. Angie Freestone says

    I hate to hear Missing is canceled. My son and I watched it weekly and he is 11 years old. The only show we watched together. SAD

  5. Pasquale & Dian says

    Sorry to hear the series go. It left us coming back every week. Seeing what’s out their, I don’t understand why the ratings were lowering every week. Maybe, it was to political?
    The European influence and the terrific torcher. The Gal has got guts. Maybe A.J. the character should be on the ballot for politics instead of what we have.

  6. Gladys says

    This show was amazing. I felt like I was watching a movie. All the actors were superb!
    The show was well written. I was amazed to hear of the low ratings.

    I don’t believe the measurement of viewership is accurate. So many people are recording there favorites to DVRS. We now have an opportunity to watch everything and miss nothing. I totally was waiting for it to come back. I had no idea. I feel like the rug was pulled out from under me. ABC left us hanging. Bring it to Cable!!!!

    • Barbara says

      I absolutely agree. . . . . .in my opinion, this show was the most quality show on the air. It really was like watching a movie. I just can’t believe the ratings were so low. I have been anxiously waiting for the 2nd season to start. It was just brilliant to have Becca go missing to continue the theme. I would LOVE to see someone else pick this show up. Ashley Judd was incredible.

  7. Letina Kelly says

    I loved the show “Missing”. I cannot believe they took it off the air and left us hanging. They really never gave it a chance!

  8. kay says

    Please bring Missing back. It was a quality show..beautiful locations, great acting. It was more movie quality than tv quality. Ashley Judd was wonderful and so believable. Put it on when it doesn’t conflict with other popular shows. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!

  9. DJ says

    I can’t believe it’s off. Honestly, their were several GREAT SHOWS on at the same time as Missing, which made it difficult to watch all…so I taped it.

  10. Roz says

    I cannot believe this. I actually did not know until this moment. I searched the show to see when it was coming back on and to my surprise, it is cancelled!!! I think this is a bad move. The show was great!!! The writers and actors were great!!! The decline in viewing may be due to networks lack of promotion.

  11. lisa says

    I cannot believe it is not coming back! It was a great show . . . I think the ratings are all messed up with too small sample sizes

  12. Janie says

    It’s sad that have taken off such a good show. Ashley Judd ,as usual was the complete package for a believable character. She is so convincing in whatever the role is given her. One of the best around. Why not cancel a bad show that is so terriifying for anyonnn to watch and put on one that shows true acting as with the cast of Missing. Such a sad time, first two of the most important an great daytime soaps and now one of the best night time shows a long long time.

  13. Tbak says

    Can’t leave the viewers now, what happened to Becca? She disppeared at the end of season one, you just leave it that way? That’s wrong

  14. Letty says

    We were looking forward to another series of suspense ,drama and action that came along with other surprises.
    We are really disappointed . Last year we went for a two week on vacation to Europe and we couldn’t wait to come back home and watch the episodes that we missed on demand.
    Too bad it has been cancelled. :-(

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