Monday Mornings: To Be Cancelled or Renewed for Season Two?

Monday Mornings cancel or renew?TNT recently wrapped the first season of Monday Mornings, their latest medical drama. Should it return for a second season or be cancelled instead?

Monday Mornings follows the lives of the talented yet flawed doctors at the Chelsea General Hospital in Portland, Oregon. The title refers to the tough peer review meetings that are run by the hospital’s sarcastic Chief of Staff. The cast includes Ving Rhames, Jamie Bamber, Jennifer Finnigan, Bill Irwin, Keong Sim, Sarayu Rao, Emily Swallow, and Alfred Molina.

The show started off the season with just 1.36 million viewers and a 0.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic. That was less than half of what the Dallas premiere lead-in drew with 2.98 million and a 0.8 demo rating.

The numbers for Monday Mornings didn’t get much better as the weeks wore on. The season ended up averaging just 1.39 million viewers and a 0.3 in the demo.

Given these numbers, it seems highly unlikely that Monday Mornings will be back for a second season.

But what do you think? Would you like to see the show return for a second season or do you think it should be cancelled? Why do you think the show didn’t catch on with a bigger audience? Was the title a problem? What would you have called it?

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  1. Willie says

    Great show!!
    Maybe people would watch it if it was on before 10 PM. Not everyone can DVR.
    An intelligent, thought provoking show that is still entertaining — and should be geared
    to adults who care (whom often go to bed before 10PM)!!

    • Rosemary Marks says

      I agree with Willie re: Monday Mornings It is refreshing to see something real and entertaining. I find very little programing that I look forward to. I watch LAW AND ORDER reruns when ever I can find them. Not the spinoffs but the 20 year old `990 to 2010 Pls keep Monday Morning. Thanks for listening

  2. Walt says

    Monday Morning is a great show…I’d show the season todate as reruns. What else are they going to put in that time slot?
    As for the demographics, you clearly aren’t testing it well enough. I think, what was it, the 18-24 demo is highly unpredictable, try the 30-50 set. Hasn’t viewership been steadily declining in the younger demos as kids that age can’t break from their video games and texting to watch anything anyway. Too many good shows are getting canceled before they even establish an audience.

    TNT should absolutely renew it. I agree with the prior two comments, one of the few shows we look forward to and great characters with really well cast actors.

    • Rosemary Marks says

      U agree with Walt’s comment. Good show. Rerun it this summer, give it a chance. Thanks

  3. Barbara says

    My husband and I consider “Monday Mornings” to be one of the best shows on TV. It should be renewed if networks and sponsors have even the slightest wish for appealing to an audience of people who THINK. There have been many shows that had poor ratings, but whose followers were intensely loyal and involved. The Powers- that-Be somehow recognized this, kept the shows going and found themselves with powerful hits. My husband and I also were huge fans of all of Kelly’s previous shows. The man is a genious, and I can’t understand why anyone would want to throw out this show without better advertising, more publicity and at least one more season in order to give it and Kelly a fair chance.

  4. Judi Kemp says

    This is one of the best, if not the best, TV shows I have ever seen. It has such compassion and realism and I can’t believe it may be canceled. I think it needs to be advertised more and it would be a mega hit. I only started watching it while channel checking as I had never heard anything about it previously. The cast is outstanding, expecially Alfred Molina. Give it at least one more season to capture more viewers. One season is not enough, especially without any major advertising of the show.

  5. Pam says

    Love this show! Please don’t cancel. It’s my new favorite. Great cast and scripts, not enough promotion, maybe better time slot? Give it another season to prove itself to those of us who love medical dramas. Did I mention I love it?

  6. Elaine says

    Very good show. Two problems: 1. This show did not get any advertising to speak of and it still pulled 1+mil viewers. 2. Lots of competition on Mondays, change to Wednesdays and ratings will take off, assuming it gets advertised.
    Hate to see this show get cancelled!

  7. Frankie says

    One of my favorite shows! Love all of the characters. The show needs more advertising. It is a great show and needs another season. A lot of people do not know about Monday mornings in a hospital. This show has taught me a lot.

  8. ellen says

    Please renew.. Cast is great and versatile—Particularly Alfred Molina an Ving Rhames.. greatest show since ER

  9. Mrs. H Wnston says

    Please, Please , Please! do not cancel this show. Ive enjoyed this show so much. I retired from a hospital and this show really depicted how staff @ hospitals are faced with all sorts of drama every day. The cast members are great. I would not cancel it so soon, give it another chance. Its a few other shows I would cancel first. A true Medical drama!

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