Monday Mornings: To Be Cancelled or Renewed for Season Two?

Monday Mornings cancel or renew?TNT recently wrapped the first season of Monday Mornings, their latest medical drama. Should it return for a second season or be cancelled instead?

Monday Mornings follows the lives of the talented yet flawed doctors at the Chelsea General Hospital in Portland, Oregon. The title refers to the tough peer review meetings that are run by the hospital’s sarcastic Chief of Staff. The cast includes Ving Rhames, Jamie Bamber, Jennifer Finnigan, Bill Irwin, Keong Sim, Sarayu Rao, Emily Swallow, and Alfred Molina.

The show started off the season with just 1.36 million viewers and a 0.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic. That was less than half of what the Dallas premiere lead-in drew with 2.98 million and a 0.8 demo rating.

The numbers for Monday Mornings didn’t get much better as the weeks wore on. The season ended up averaging just 1.39 million viewers and a 0.3 in the demo.

Given these numbers, it seems highly unlikely that Monday Mornings will be back for a second season.

But what do you think? Would you like to see the show return for a second season or do you think it should be cancelled? Why do you think the show didn’t catch on with a bigger audience? Was the title a problem? What would you have called it?

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  1. Jlind says

    I am a Die-Hard Grey’s Anatomy fan and was very unsure of giving Monday Morning’s a shot… Extremely happy I did!! I now own every episode, all 10. I have shared this awesome show with others who have fallen in love with it as I have. I actually love the title and was educated by a retired RN who explained to me where the term comes from and why. It is a real exercise that is done and very intense at that. I especially enjoy that in the 10 episodes aired, each one had a unique way of not only allowing me to see serious issues from the oposite side of the waiting room, the hospital, the ER, the OR and the “10 blade & paddles”. It forced me to actively view, contemplate, reflect and realize that while a patient or visitor (family, friend or whomever) there is that flip side that we never see unless we are in that sacred club of physicians. So while to many of us expect them to be God’s of some kind, Hero’s that rush in to save the day and lives of those we love, care for or are around us… They are still only ordinary human beings who choose to give every effort everyday to perform the extrodinary acts for other ordinary human beings. Not above making mistakes, being impolite and even politically incorrect, while at the same time taking responsibility and are not above reproach. They fall, feel, hurt,love and have the same full gamet of emotions as everyone else and answer to their imperfections just the same. Not everyone lives and not everyone dies nor is it always a happy ending. That’s true reality to me! As so many others have commented, it is in the top 10 at least! of dramas on TV today! The actors and writers are some of the best out there and that have been seen in quite a while! In my opinion, it’s time to get back to decent shows that actually cause true thought and maybe even influence growth or higher goals for today’s youth and next generation?!?! We have become lazy as a nation, spoiled individuals, ethics and morals nearly antique character traits and in desperate need of good stimulation! Frankly I don’t give a hoot in hell what “Kim K”is doing or who! I try to “survive” everyday, and thank God I would never go on a tv show to have to find a “Bachelor” for a mate! I don’t need to watch someone else’s “reality” , I have plenty of my own to deal with! What I need is a great show like Monday Morning’s to help me remember life is short and there are things in it worth fighting for! It’s not on the BIG networks and badly advertised. That is the ONLY problem I can find… Or the percentage of good taste viewers is sadly gone and that WOULD be a real tragedy!!! Just Sayin! :/

  2. Mishella says

    Please renew this show, and promote it so more people will watch. This is an excellent show. I enjoy it very much and, as a nurse, I find it to be far more credible than a lot of the medical dramas out there! Give it a chance. It really is good quality viewing. It just needs to find its groove. Don’t rush to cancel it just yet!!

  3. Pat says

    Please, please renew this show. It is the best of all the medical shows they have had. A great loss if not renewed. Wished I had taped the first year series ! !

  4. linda says

    What a great show. It would be a shame to take it off. Just get the “powers” to promote Monday Mornings and I am sure you will be surprised by the ratings. It’s worth the watch!

  5. M.Johnson says

    Both my husband and I really enjoyed the show and were looking forward to a second season

  6. says

    Started out great and just got better. Much better than the mundane sitcoms that dominate the airwaves. My wife was a nurse and liked
    it because it shows life in the medical world as it really is.

  7. wendy says

    It was a great show. Maybe they should promote it more. I told everyone I know about it. Nobody had heard of it. They need to renew it!

  8. Diane says

    This is one of the best medical shows I have seen I am a nurse and it is good to see doctors as humans not heros. They make errors and need to be held accountable for their mistakes I really hope it returns.

  9. Firefighter says

    We only started watching the show half way through the season. It was wonderful. The problem was the network did not promote it. We only found it by accident. Dallas was horrible, but it got much promotion. Why do networks do that? The only good thing if it does not come back, it will not give the network or whoever a chance to ruin a good show like they did “Hawthorne”. It is better to die a honorable death like the show “A Gifted Man”, which also got no promotion.

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