Monday Ratings: Friends with Better Lives, Star-Crossed, The Voice, Bones, Dancing with the Stars

Friends With Better Lives TV show  on CBSMonday, April 14, 2014 ratingsNew episodes: 2 Broke Girls, Friends with Better Lives, Mike & Molly, Mom, The Voice, Bones, The Following, Dancing with the Stars, The Tomorrow People, and Star-Crossed. Reruns: Castle, The Blacklist, and Person of Interest.

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  1. erin says

    I think the cw network should have Hart of Dixie on Friday night and possiblity Beauty And the beast

    The cw nextwork And Mark Pedowitz does not know that the abc family has the fosters on at 9pm following beauty and the beast on the cw and not to mention Tuesday schedule looks like Pretty Little Laires 8pm Twisted 9pm and Raveneswood 9pm Following The Orginals at 8pm and Supernatural at 9pm

    I think the abc family would be greatful to have their shows comedy shows on the weekend schedule and the meantime abc family and the cw network needs to have a plan on what shows would be placed for the winter lineup summer lineup fall lineup and spring lineup and its up to the cancellation bear to decide on what shows would work out with this new schedule on the cw network and abc family too


    Beauty And The Beast would work great at 8pm on Monday nights than 9pm

    I think its also best for Arrow And Tommrow People to be placed on TNT or USA

  2. erin says

    The Tomorrow People needs to be renewed. This show has improved episode by episode. The writing is getting better each week. Character development has given us a very likeable set of people to enjoy watching and to look forward to watching

    This is what i Think
    Horrible SHOWS


    Star CROSSED



    THIS IS WHAT I DON’t GET WHY DOES THE ABC FAMILY SCHEDULE THEIR SHOWS ON THE SAME TIME WHEN THE CW HAS THEIR SHOWS THE ABC FAMILY NETWORK MUST JOIN FORCES WITH THE CW NETWORK , and possiblity the cw network could put 3 shows on the Weekends lots and the abc family can have their comdey shows Mellisa and Joey and babby daddy TO be download ON THE ABC FAMILY WEBSITE to get more people watching it on the ABC Family Shows, Movies & Full Episodes to get higher raitings than having it on tv

  3. erin says

    Star Crossed and Tommrow People are great shows and will want to see these shows to be renewed right now the competition is Swiched At Birth and The Fosters Spring Finale are on the same time as tommrow people and Star Crossed, therefore swiched at birth and the fosters finale will be finshed by tomorrow

    And the abc family will bring these two back in summer and that means the cw network can reboot tommrow people and star crossed back to the very beginiing once the ab family show is fished with their season
    > For the cw network Fan buss would enjoy to watch their shows that they miss on the cw network like Star Crossed Tommrow People BEAUTY AND THE BEAST AND HART OF DIXIE WHAT I AM SEEING WITH BEAUTY AND THE BEAST AND STAR CROSSED LOW RAITINGS ARE CONNECTED TO ABC FAMILY NETWORK LIKE MONDAYS ARE Star Crossed &Swiched At Birth
    And Beauty And The Beast with the fosters on at 9pm doesn’t work especially for tuesdays is Supernatural&Twisted The Orginials&Pretty Little Lairs at 9pm so I am guessing the abc family nextwork has a few choices to make have another network to put all their missed abc family shows on TRUTV HD or TBS.

    And have the abc family to do their comedy shows on weekend lots beauty and the beast and star crossed are not looking great its only due to with the tv by the numbers woman 18 49 raitings that are diping very low an the fan buzz have to put the effort in the watching cw shows because they ratings mean a lot to the cw network then abc family raitings put your heads together and work with the abc family cancellation bear, its only the abc family cancellation bears is not making up thwir minds and out of control with the renewal and cancellation show on the abc family

    Mark Pedowitz has control with all of the shows on the cw network would it be great to see mark pedowitz be the cw network and the abc family vice president so he can make all the decision to weather or not what shows would be making a renewal or cancellation shows on the abc family network and that’s amazing

  4. erin says

    Just having Beauty and the beast on Mondays won’t work awhile the fosters are on the abc family Beauty and the beast will work on wendesdays at 8pm Thursdays at 9pm fridays too and the weekends too

  5. erin says

    Vicki Beauty and the beast isn’t doing that great on Mondays Therefore Beauty and the beast work better On Wednesday Thursdays and Fridays or the weekends at 8pm to 9pm

    Just having beauty and Beast on 9pm on Mondays while The Fosters Are on the same time and this will neglect the raitngs on cw network on Mondays and Tuesdays nights The Fosters Raitngs are 1.00 to 2.00 and when beauty and the beast air the same time as the foster. Beauty and the beast will get 0.2 0.3 and then it gets cancled

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