Monk: Your Turn to Pitch Reunion Movie Ideas

MonkAfter eight seasons on the air, Monk is finished and the last episode has aired. The mystery of Trudy’s killer has finally been solved and Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) has found some peace.

Still, many people aren’t quite ready to let the characters go and would love to see them return in one or more reunion movies. The cast of the USA TV show are open to the possibility as well.

Shalhoub told the Boston Herald, “We’ve talked about a Monk feature. We’ve been talking about that for a long time. The cast would love to do it. But there’s really nothing hard and fast in the pipeline.” In another interview, he concluded, “I never say never.”

The last episode ended on a positive note and gave some closure but certainly leaves room for new Monk stories. If there were going to be a reunion movie, are there any issues left unresolved that you’d like to see addressed? A story idea? Perhaps some threat to Molly?

What would you like to see happen? Or, do you think there shouldn’t be a reunion movie?

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  1. Pam Herstein says

    What about that foreign woman whose mother was put in jail for stabbing “the butcher” with a hat pin? I think he had more feelings for her than the woman who was married to the husband with OCD. She’d forgive him eventually. But I still like my idea better!

  2. Family says

    The only movie idea I think would like is to have Monk somehow resolve what happened to Mitch, but it seems so unlikely to be possible.

  3. Turtle says

    I would move ahead at least two years and expand only somewhat on his relationship with Trudy’s daughter. I would have him trying to find what became of the woman whose husband (make him deceased)was also OCD and at the hospital in Zurich (remember, they want to dig up her garage floor). Make her become his closest friend and confidant either making it into a romantic interest or leaving it open for a later episode. He deserves a happy life and since she was so sweet and knows and understands his quirks from living through it with her husband. The plot would be finding out somehow that Dr Kroger was murdered (NOT by Harold Krenshaw cause he’s really not a bad guy, just annoying). Tony Shalhoub, you are brilliant, and I don’t want to give up Mr. Monk either. Thanks for the years of first class quality entertainment.

    • Bob says

      I could actually go with this one. Have Molly getting married, it makes the news and this woman reads about it and goes to see Monk at the wedding. She is the one accused of murdering her OCD husband after they separated. Monk is falling in “like” with her and tries to not be a buden due to his OCD. They end up together and it follows their back and forth. She sometimes gets impatient like Sharona did. And for the first time this bothers him, that maybe he is a little overboard. It ends with the two of them getting married. The last scene, on their honeymoon, he tosses a shirt on the floor, she reaches to pick up and he says, “just leave it.”

  4. Shazzy says

    They should bring Dale the Whale back – Monks enemy and have something happen to Molly which brings Monk’s OCD back.

  5. Shazzy says

    Definitely think there should be a movie. Infact they should never have ended the series after eight seasons – they should have done at least ten to tie in with Monk’s favourite number. ;o) Bring back Monk. :)

  6. Pam Herstein says

    I think the ending was perfect for the time. It was too soon for Adrian to fall in love–he made some progress, but it would have been unrealistic for him to find love. And the writers were very smart NOT to have him end up with Natalie ala Ross & Rachel, Diane & Sam, Niles & Daphne & countless others. Good choice. If a year or 2 has passed, then maybe Monk could find love. It should be someone who has had a rough life too, so he can empathize. I’ve actually thought of a whole scenario, where Monk meets an abused woman whose father also left her as a child. Maybe the husband is found dead & she is the prime suspect. Monk, who is falling in love with her, has to prove she didn’t do it. He still feels guilty about loving someone else, tho, but in the end he gives Molly Trudy’s pillow to prove he is ready to move on. Okay, I guess I’ve put too much thought into this–I guess I have no life. Just call me Marcy Mavin!

  7. nellie says

    After Monk’s closure of Trudy’s death, there should have been subsequent episodes to show Monk’s peace will finally rid him of most of his phobias and be able to love someone again. Maybe this could be done in a movie…

  8. Anthony D.Bertolini says

    They should definately have a Monk Movie, now that there’s been some closure for Adrian they should have a storyline that involves Natalie getting in some sort of trouble, maybe even injured and have Mr.Monk realize that he loves her………….Regards Anthony

  9. oliver peersen says

    to be honest with you. it would be difficult to make a movie after the episode because how it ended. if any movie would be made it should be a movie before the show began. a movie on how monk meet trudy and maybe the life trudy had before she meet monk all leading up to the first episode of monk.

  10. Eddie says

    Monk was the greatest show ever , the movie , even if rated badly would be the greatest movie ever. the death of kevin dorfman was very disappointing

  11. Eddie says

    to make it clear monk and natalie did end together at the crime scene
    also did any one else notice notice andy breckman’s genious 1rst and last episode connection ? Monk at his frst episode says, “the stove” “no, mine i think i left it running” in the last episode , at the end, bfore they go to the crime scene, monk goes and turns off his stove. A BRILLIANT ENDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Macky says

    Congratulations to the staff of Monk for a very wonderful job!
    There’s no other show as fun as this.

    For the movie anyway, i would love to see “Mr. Monk solving a case with the help of Mr. Bean”!!!!

    thank you.

  13. Elizabeth says

    I really enjoyed the snow although at first I did not think it was going far. I can honestly say, it is probably the only series that I thought had an acceptable closure. As for a reunion, leave well enough alone.

  14. wwm2 says

    The old friends all reunite and take a three hour cruise out of San Francisco.(Over the objections of Monk) During the cruise a huge storm comes up and blows them of course and they end up on an uninhabited island. They spend the next few years trying to get off the island and have many adventures.Stottlemyer and Monk share a hut together and use bunk style hammocks.

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