Monk: Your Turn to Pitch Reunion Movie Ideas

MonkAfter eight seasons on the air, Monk is finished and the last episode has aired. The mystery of Trudy’s killer has finally been solved and Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) has found some peace.

Still, many people aren’t quite ready to let the characters go and would love to see them return in one or more reunion movies. The cast of the USA TV show are open to the possibility as well.

Shalhoub told the Boston Herald, “We’ve talked about a Monk feature. We’ve been talking about that for a long time. The cast would love to do it. But there’s really nothing hard and fast in the pipeline.” In another interview, he concluded, “I never say never.”

The last episode ended on a positive note and gave some closure but certainly leaves room for new Monk stories. If there were going to be a reunion movie, are there any issues left unresolved that you’d like to see addressed? A story idea? Perhaps some threat to Molly?

What would you like to see happen? Or, do you think there shouldn’t be a reunion movie?

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  1. monkwantabe says

    heres the best idea, sharona has a secret past with the fbi and was involved a case with national security and is well trained. she kept it secret as she was in witness protection. she is now missing and randy calls monk!!!!!

    the rest writes itself

  2. docmagnus says

    What really happened to Mitch Teeger? That’s where a movie should go – Monk uncovers an international intelligence cover up with Mitch in the middle, set up to take the fall.

  3. EWan says

    I would love to see a monk gilm and from that they could bring back this amazing series so andy breckman were depending on your creativity to inspire a new series from the films

  4. Eddie says

    Andy Breckman has announced that he has finished writing “Mr. Monk for Mayor” a TV movie he plans to film this summer and air this winter. He also hopes it will be followed by a sequel.

  5. Tony says

    There are just some TV series that I don’t think that a movie needs to be made from it, and this is one of them. Really the only thing really left open would be if Dale the Whale was to go after Monk again. Maybe putting a twist in it that he was involved with the killing of Trudy, something along the lines of the judge hiring Dale to cover everything up. Really that is the only thing I could see a movie to be made from this series. The story line throughout the whole series was Monk wanting to solve the case involving his wife. That is what it started with and what it ended with. Without expanding on it further, a movie would only ruin the show.

  6. A says


    The movie writing has finished i think, but what i would like to see is Natalie and perhaps Mr. Monks daughter learn to be detectives as Mr. Monk teaches her (or them) some of his secrets (of which there could be many). This could help to launch a spin off where Natalie takes over the detective agency for Mr. Monk, with Mr. Monk being a guest appearance on the show from time to time.

  7. ilhan says


    Why did Kevin die? it is unnecesarry episode. OK. He was speak a lot. but we loved him.

    if the series continue nobody will not die neither Captain, nor Randy, and Natalie.

    only Sharona could be.

    I guess Mr. Monk can be solved his problems First of all start with Milk.

  8. Tony Baxter says

    I know a gag scene they could use if they do ever make a Monk movie, which I sincerely hope they do. Have you ever had trouble with the automatic soap dispenser and faucet in the lavatory? They stop too soon and won’t came back on no matter what you try, sometimes. At an airport I once had to try 3 or 4 different sinks in order to wash my hands. With Mr. Monks’ love of cleanliness and aversion to germs, I’m betting he could get some laughs out of that!

  9. timothy challis says

    i think there should of been 10 seasons since it was his faviort number!! so why not do two feature movies to were its like 10 seasons. for the first movie it could be about how monk is doing with his daughter and still a detective. it could show a big case were they need randy to come back and help out and at the end of the movie he gets hitched with sharona. natalie continues her relationship with the new boyfriend and is pregnet! monk has a huge case were dale the wale did and he tries to kill his daughter. leland continues being captian and loving his wife. they finsh the movie with monk daughter in trouble and starts the second movie and i think the writers can finish it with better ideas than me

    • Eddie says

      Well believe it or not (believe it), Andy Breckman has finished writing a Monk TV movie which he hopes to film over this summer and air in the winter. He also hopes that with its success that there will be a sequel. Making it, as you said, “10 seasons”

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