Moonlight: Fans Mount Campaigns to Save the CBS Vampire Detective Series

IMAGEIn February, CBS gave early renewals for eleven of the network’s popular series. One cult favorite missing from the list was the freshman romantic series Moonlight. The series had been performing decently on Friday nights but, because of the writers strike, there haven’t been any new episodes in months. The network is producing four new episodes for this season and will begin airing April 25th. Before giving the go-ahead for season two, CBS likely wants to see if anyone remembers the series.

Fans of the vampire series aren’t waiting to see if the cancellation axe falls before starting campaigns to save it. “Operation: Renew Moonlight” kicked off yesterday and the folks from three fan sites aren’t April Fooling around. They’ve united to encourage fans to fill out a campaign form and send it along with a clove of garlic to Nina Tassler, the president of CBS. Check out for more information.

In another effort, fans wanting to draw attention to the series are teaming up with the Red Cross and for a weeklong blood drive. The campaign plans have impressed series star Alex O’Loughlin enough to become a spokesman for the Red Cross.


The “Blood Drive to Save Moonlight Campaign” will be held from April 18th through April 27th (corresponding with the start of new episodes) in cities like Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Philadelphia. There are over 4,000 pledges to date and fans are being invited to donate their time, blood or cash to support the effort and the Red Cross. Blood drive participants will be given a special t-shirt as a thank-you. For more information, head on over to

CBS announces their 2008-09 schedule in May so we should know if the fans’ hard work has paid off by then. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. leilani says

    oh please bring it back the time for shows like this is good i think you would get great reviews this time, but thats my hope lol. good show!!!!!

  2. katie alexander says

    Moonlight was really good, and made you see different sides of vampires. Big Mistake taking this off the air. NO MORE REALITY TV

  3. Ria says

    I’m from Asia and they just started showing Moonlight here through the Sci-fi channel. I love this show and so do a lot of my co-workers. I’m sure more people from this part of the world will come to love Moonlight, only to be disappointed by its cancellation. I feel it’s unfair. The show had a relatively good and steady following in the US, and it’s a wonder why they canceled such a great show. I do hope that they will reconsider and produce at least a second season or a movie to tie up all the loose ends of the show. For the old fans and for the new ones like me who are just discovering the magic of Moonlight.

  4. Chantal says

    I can not believe Moonlight will not be back. What was the network thinking! The actors are now in other series so getting them back is impossible. But with creative writers they can save Moonlight with Nick had to leave the city and replace him with another vamp and keep all the other orginal cast. Lets see how smart the network is and the writers. Time wil tell.

  5. says

    I’m overwhelmed at the cancellation of the ONLY show I look forward to watching after having a hell of a week working!!! I had turned on all of my friends to the show, and they were equally addicted and excited about watching a show that intriqued us all ! Please e-mail me on wherever Alex O’Loughlin and Matt Mitovich go. PLEASE!
    There’s nothing else of interest or close to comparison in a great story line as Moonlight meant to all of us. We’re not giving up on hope! I’m speaking for all of those, esp. in the age range of late 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. I’m 56 yrs. old, and stomach these reality shows! Alex and Matt…I’ll follow you wherever I go, and spread the word!

  6. says

    It seems like my husband and I start to like a program and cbs cancels it. Between you and syfy, we have lost all our favorite programs. Whats with this? We have even lost Harpers Island. Are you going to send that to syfy also? Man, if you want to lose your ratings to onother network, you just keep going down this path. I will help out.

  7. De Hondt says


    I come from Belgium.
    I love moonlight, this series is great, the choice of actors and the script is fantastic. It must not abandon this series. I look forward, I hope to look more – next season!

    So please continue this series!

  8. Eloi says

    I love this show, i hope cbs reconsiders and brings this back again! With the hit of Twilight which in some ways the love story of Mick & Beth is similar to that of Edward and Bella. CBS should take its cue that this is one great story and needs full support.

  9. Saralyn says

    It’s June 2009 and I’m still ticked about losing my favorite show “Moonlight”. I do wish it would be reincarnated!!

  10. Luís Araújo says

    I love moonlight. I’m from Portugal.
    Your series are being seen from arround the world. don’t cancel this show, neither eli stone, and knight Rider, and Stargate atlantis…

    You are foolish if you do that…

  11. says

    I love moonlight so do my family and my cousins. i started watching it a year ago and im hocked on it im am 11 years old i really really would like you to make new episodes. I like Beth and mick together. I like romantic things. so i hope you will make new shows. Thankyou for your time

  12. Sherry says

    I absolutely adored this CBS show when it was on the air and couldn’t figure out what happened to it. It is a terrible shame that you CBS cancelled this show because of the Writer’s strike — that is over now — bring back the show man! It was well worth the airtime.

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