Moonlight: If the Show Can Be Saved, Will O’Loughlin Want to Do It?

MoonlightLast week we reported that there was a possibility that the now-cancelled Moonlight series could find a new home on the CW. Though CBS dropped it, the show was being pitched to Media Rights Capitol, the company who recently purchased CW’s Sunday night airtime. Though MRC quickly passed on the series for fall, there was still a possibility that it could pop up midseason. Unfortunately, MRC has now passed on that opportunity as well. Happily for the fans, the show’s chances for survival may not be dead just yet.

Word is that Warner Bros. Television (the studio that produces the series) is still trying to find another home for the vampire drama. They’re approaching cable networks like TNT but Moonlight’s budget is prohibitive for most potential cable buyers. To help reduce the production costs, Warners is also looking into finding a new and cheaper shooting location. Warner shows like Smallville and Supernatural already film in Canada.

Part of the budget problems is one of the show’s greatest assets — Alex O’Loughlin. Because of the actor’s exposure on the series, he’s now in high demand and will likely end up being signed to another weekly series if Moonlight doesn’t survive. His agent, Nathan Morris, tells, “He has got a whole raft of things to read through — a role like [Mick] has definitely opened plenty of doors. . . The key is to strike while the iron is hot. ”

It remains to be seen if O’Loughlin would be willing to take a paycut so that Moonlight could move to a smaller cable channel. It would also mean possibly passing on other mainstream projects that might further his career.

Though the actor clearly enjoys vampire role, the CBS series has been a veritable rollercoaster ride. After being told of the series’ cancellation, O’Loughlin described his exhaustion due to the show’s turbulent freshman year. He wrote, “From the very beginning when I was told time and again that I wasn’t the man for the job, having to prove myself to everyone with tests and screen tests, to a complete re-casting of the show, through 5 different show runners at the helm with 5 different artistic visions, to a Writer’s strike that took 5 episodes away from us? oh how the list goes on.”

Soonafter writing this, O’Loughlin and his girlfriend, Holly Vance (who guested as Lola on Moonlight), reportedly escaped L.A. for a two week vacation in Mexico.

Will a new home for the vampire series be found? Would the series’ male star still be on-board if that happens? Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Antiquescove says

    I can’t believe one of my favorite shows was canceled. I’m very upset about it. Who is making the final decisions. They must have there head up there rear end, and not paying attention to what a great show Moonlight is, and now was. What can I do, to get this show back on? My family and I love vampire movies, and this one was an exceptional one.. I loved the story line..

    P.S. You have one upset Stay-At-Home Mom, who loves the show!!!!

    Lorena Austin

  2. donna gilliam says

    i pray that alex o’loughlin would return to moonlight if it does find a new network to be on. but, he’s an actor and he’s really good, no, he’s really a great actor. therefore, i can see all the great new job offers that most likely are coming his way. the show would not work without him and the rest of the same great cast. with all he has been through with the show problems, i would understand if he decided to not rejoin the show. cbs was bitten by a good thing and they didn’t know what to do with it. well, in my household cbs has bit the dust. no more cbs for us. alex and the rest of the cast should have much success in their future career opportunties. i will miss them all and the wonder work that they preformed on moonlight. “MOONLIGHT” was and still is the best new show that has graced televison in a very long time. donna gilliam

  3. judy says

    I say stop with all the crap of reality shows. If you want to be noisy do it somewhere else, not with tv. Bring back Moonlight, I want to sit down and watch something with a story line, not dancing, how to get a mate, might as well watch paint dry.

  4. Jess says

    ok what the hell is going on with tv networks and cancelling all the good shows? first dead zone and now moonlight?? whats next!?!? smallville?? psych?? if you want to cancel something cancel all the stupid ass reality tv shows like moment of truth….oh intriguing show…NOT or all these stupid dancing shows. do you really think i care how well people can immitate dirty dancing? badly i might add..considering all they do is show skin and move their bodies ridiculously. stop coming up with new retarded ways to lose viewers and stop cancelling shows that actually have devoted fans. i mean good god these pple made a blood drive to save this show. tell me that isnt devotion. i say this show should survive and we should stop losing all these good shows.

  5. debbie says

    both my sister and I have enjoyed the series Moonlight in particular watching Mick St john alias Alex O’Loughlin we lived for Tues nights to see him, and thought that this was one of the best Vampire series / tv series for a long time we reate it up there with Lost, Heroes, Supernatural and the rest of the series we have watched from USA, it would be great if there was to be a season 2 or more, i know for one we would be glued to the tv watching it again.
    your new fans Debbie and Karen

  6. Anonymous says

    June 20,2008 What have you tv execs got against having a good show on for a change? There’s a lot of people who really enjoyed watching Moonlight. Do you really think it’s wonderful watching people eating worms or any of the other reality shows that manage to make it on tv. Personally, someone needs their heads examined!

  7. Michelle says

    Finally a show that has good storylines and good drama without being overly bloody or stupid. I would not be the same show without O’ Loughlin in the title role. I the show does return and he is not in it I don’t think I’ll ever watch it or let my 6year old daughter continue to watch it. She enjoys watching to see when they change into vampires, it makes her giggle. I hope the show does return and that O’ Loughlin returns with it.

  8. Kathy says

    Would Alex met kids that have autism? Or does try to stay away from kids like that. My son has autism since he was a baby. but, no more about my son. Alex you are very good actor, so please stay on moonlight. I am a fan and so is my husband.

  9. Peggy says

    They always replace the more interesting and exciting shows with something trashy and uninteresting, usually a different version of something already played out. It’s just a shame that we the public , have to sit back while they take some of our favorite shows off the air.

  10. Christine says

    Years ago we had Beauty and the Beast. I have every season on dvd. I sooooo miss the romance. I finally found it again in Moonlight. The humor, the drama, the fantasy, but mostly…the romance. Personally, I’m done watching any new series that are developed.. I see no point in watching and getting hooked only to see something I truly enjoy be cancelled. Seems like if it doesn’t contain back-biting, humiliation, or stupidity it isn’t considered worthy to remain. I don’t want that programming…and I certainly don’t need it. Wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of people started deciding that they just don’t need what the networks are offering nowadays. After all, CBS certainly doesn’t seem to to be listening to what so many viewers WANT, as evidenced by Moonlight having received the People’s Choice award and being cancelled anyhow. Thanks for nothing CBS…that’s just how much viewing I’ll be doing this fall.

  11. chasvet says

    During the past couple of seasons, the networks have created new sci-fi shows which they cancelled after one or two seasons, or even after just part of one season. When they did that to Journeyman, it was the last straw. I will never again take the time and effort, to even attempt to watch any new sci-fi offerings on network TV, no matter how tempting they may be. I will not be part of that target audience for big business to pitch their products to.

    If I do not watch any of the shows to begin with, and when they yank them off the air, then I can never be disappointed, let down and upset.

    Sci-fi shows have a dedicated and intelligent audience, and shows of that type, without huge campaign and advertising blitzes (like Heroes), do not do well in a network TV environment. Haven’t they learned that by now? Does anyone seriously think that Battlestar Galactica would have survived on Fox, CBS, ABC, CW, or NBC?

    Until Sci-fi becomes more widely accepted, and the general public can broaden their horizons beyond mindless reality TV (not to include legitimate talent competition shows, which are done a disservice by being labeled as “reality”), these shows belong on the Sci-fi Channel (which we all know is owned by the network NBC), on other cable channels, and in syndication where everyone is much less worried about their shows being in the top 20 or so.

    If those who do not want to see any newly created classy sci-fi shows suffer the same fate as Jericho, Journeyman, and the like; then you need to do as I plan to do, and to post that intention on every related forum/discussion board you can think of. If enough of us do this, maybe future sci-fi show creators and producers, will get the message and avoid network TV all together.

    In this manner, massive campaign drives to save shows by signing petitions, writing letters, sending Rice-a-Roni to production companies and network offices, and other related efforts, will became mostly unnecessary and rare events. I am thinking however, of starting one on-line petition, aimed at production companies, for those of us to sign who have the same desires and intention. Hopefully that will be the only petition we will ever again need.

    If any new sci-fi shows, no matter where they are aired, do not meet our standards, then the powers that be will know, and they will be phased out or canceled. In this way, shows that are so well written, produced and which have so much potential, like Journeyman, will not go down the network drain, while they experiment and search for the biggest corporate bucks. We, as a dedicated and knowledgeable audience, enjoy watching science do the experiments, not at us being the corporate experiment.

    I suggest that all sci-fi fans who care about what’s presented to them, and who want to see quality prevail; get started on this venture, and don’t let up. It’s the only weapon we have to wield, in the quest for quality Sci-fi programming.

    May quality science fiction television, live long and prosper.

  12. Sherrie says

    I hope that someone picks this series up. It was by far one of the better series out there. Shame on you CBS for giving up a good thing. But then you seem to be good at that, at least.

  13. Jonii says

    Please find a new home for this show! Alot of the good series have been cancelled and this one as well would be a great loss.

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