Moonlight: Now that Three Rivers is Cancelled, Will the Vampire Show Return?

Mick St. John forever?Over the weekend, CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler confirmed that the Three Rivers TV show had indeed been cancelled. Now that Alex O’Loughlin is finished with that series, does that mean that Moonlight will be coming back?

Moonlight follows private investigator and vampire Mick St. John (O’Loughlin) and Beth Turner (Sophia Myles), an Internet reporter. St. John saved Beth’s life as a child and the two develop a romantic relationship years later. Others in the series include Jason Dohring, Shannyn Sossamon, and Brian J. White

Though Moonlight had decent ratings and a devout group of followers, CBS decided to cancel the series after just one season. The network wanted to stay in business with O’Loughlin however and that eventually led to him being cast in Three Rivers.

Is O'Loughlin's career being hurt by Moonlight?

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While some Moonlight fans followed O’Loughlin to the new series, many didn’t. Some people who have posted to this site have said that they refused to watch Three Rivers in hopes that this would somehow convince/force CBS to revive Moonlight.

Now that Three Rivers has been officially cancelled, will Moonlight be back? While Tassler proudly takes credit for being ahead of the current vampire craze, she says that the network has no plans to revive the little-watched cult favorite.

Despite his show’s low ratings, Tassler does still believe in O’Loughlin’s talent and said, “We’re trying to find something for him.”

What do you think? What kind of role would you like to see O’Loughlin take on next? Do you think Moonlight is a help or hindrance to his career? Is the role that helped make him famous actually stifling his career?

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  1. Mackala says

    I think so poorly of CBS after they cancled the show and they probably had such a good lead in the apartment that it should have lasted but twilight didnt come out till 3 months later and the vampire rage wasnt in yet but if they continue it now id bet ya anything theyd get the best they`ve done in years!!


  2. Yvette says

    I just found out about Moonlight and after watching it for the first time I can’t stop. I am a Twilight fan as well as Vampire Diaries. I assure you that in this current time in which vampires are so popular, this show would explode—NO DOUBT! The cast is genius! I love them! The chemistry between Sophia & Alex is insane! –Love them! All supporters actors were amazing as well. Please, please, please bring Moonlight back….it will do phenomenal…come on as a network have some VISION!

  3. Sharlyn Whitson says

    PLEASE BRING BACK MOONLIGHT… M O O N L I G H T!!! It is the best series of all time, it is better than true blood, and vampire diaries, because its mixed with a detective agency, hello…. NEVER a dull moment… And Mick St. John is HOT!!! a hott vampire. The best vampire ever, along with Gerard Butler in Dracula 2000. O’laughlin is such a wonderful actor. I want the love story between him and beth to continue, its like a csi, law and order, mixed with vampire diaries, and TWILIGHT!! so come on BRING IT BACK, you have more fans that would watch that series… it would be so popular… :) bring it back!! BRING IT BACK!

  4. kingsley says

    the way shows like this are canceled gets on my nerves. i mean these are great tv shows so why do they get canceled?! A lot of people from different continent watch these shows when they are aired and they love it, so i see no reason why such shows should be canceled..

  5. sandy diaz says

    pleaaaseeeee, do more moonligth. i love this show. you got to reair this program and continue it with new seasons…there’s so much questions and no answers in this drama. you have a lot of material to continue it.

  6. yossi cohen says

    me and my friends in israel had this series on axn back in 2007
    but no one knew about it cos it didnt come as a big hip (like stupid shows does)
    but i gave the series to my friends and they say its one of the best series ever made and that it cant be that there is no season 2
    you gotta “reair” the first season and continue it with more seasons(if u gonna add more species its fine but restrict it to old fashion style like underworld does not like true blood)
    so please alot of peaople these days would like something refreshing in this genre

  7. says

    While Hawaii Five-O is a good series, nothing takes it like Moonlight did. I just rented the final series from Blockbuster…the show was so good and everyone in it was fantastic. Everyone I know including myself miss that show so much.

  8. Akuma says

    Considering that CBS did a rather poor job of promoting Moonlight and that they killed it at the end of season 1 (more because of the writers strike than the lack of viewers.. but they tell what they think we’ll believe) There has been a long following for Moonlight.

    After the Twilight and Harry Potter franchises exploded and other Fantasy and Supernatural shows have lasted years. Example TNT’s Charmed which lasted eight years, Buffy that lasted 7 years, as well as many others. Add to that that Ghost Whisperer which was the following show continued for 4 after … CBS made a poor choice in its cancellation.

    People love what they dont understand, the supernatural has always pulled at the imagination… Shows like Moonlight explode when the companies sponsoring them do a proper job of advertising them. I heard little about Moonlight on either CBS nor through the net.. Ghost Whisperer.. well lets say there was no competition.

    CBS is to blame for the crushing of Moonlight not the viewers, Then Syfy got the rights to the show, Showed repeats of Season 1 and then they also canceled it… Am I the only one that sees that the Broadcasting companies haven’t done one thing right but the casting when it comes to this show?

    Hopefully a competent Company or executive gets a hold of this series and remakes it with a up to date cast and corrects the mistakes of the past. Though the series started a bit awkward it wasn’t the shows fault…. The execs need to realize that. Too many good shows are lost to history and trash TV is running it all.

  9. Agnia says

    We NEED MORE!)
    There are very much questions without answers!
    All actors must be same: Alex, Sophia, Jason and Shannyn!
    We look forward to that continuation nevertheless will be taken off!
    I’m looked much films and serials about vampires (The Vampire Diaries, Real blood of and other), and favourites are Buffy and Moonlight excellent serial!!!!

  10. anita meidl says

    moonlight was my favorite show why don,t you make a full movie with all the same characters my grandaughter was all into twilight till i gave moonlight to her she loved it and quit watching twilight we have all watched moonlight several times

  11. Blackanator says

    CBS should definetly continue the show Moonlight, it was entertaining, and there was never a dull moment. Plus, the way that the network left it, was so that you could wonder what was going to happen to Mick and Beth and the ADA, kinda cruel that they decided not to continue it.

  12. says

    CBS suck ass if they stop producing MoonLight season 2.. what i don’t get why stop when it was starting to get interesting dumb CBS…

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