Mr. Sunshine: New ABC Sitcom; Cancel or Keep It?

Mr. Sunshine cancel or renew?ABC recently introduced a new sitcom to its popular Wednesday night, Mr. Sunshine. Will Matthew Perry’s new show find as much success as his former Friends castmate Courteney Cox’s Cougar Town?

On Mr. Sunshine, Perry plays Ben Donovan, the Manager of Operations at San Diego’s Sunshine Center sports arena. As he turns 40, Ben finds himself navigating though a seemingly never-ending series of bizarre requests, curious mishaps, and employee screw ups. It doesn’t help that he has a crazy boss (Allison Janney), sleeps with his marketing director (Andrea Anders), has a crazy new assistant (Portia Doubleday), and must put up with his boss’ less-than-skilled son (Nate Torrence). Ben’s best friend (James Lesure) works with him as well but also has a relationship with the marketing director.

The ABC sitcom debuted on February 9th to a healthy 3.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 10.52 million viewers. That was an improvement of 37% over the last original episode of Cougar Town in the timeslot.

Unfortunately, the following week, Mr. Sunshine’s ratings dropped by nearly 30% in the demo to a 2.6 rating an 6.93 million viewers. In week three, they dropped by 15.4% to a 2.2 rating and 6.12 million. Last week, they came back up to a 2.4 rating and 6.87 million.

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Right now, Mr. Sunshine is averaging a 2.7 rating and 7.61 million viewers. Based on the current ratings, it looks like the season will end up averaging about a 2.4 rating. That’s not great but puts the series in the middle of the pack. With the exception of Better with You, all of the ABC sitcoms are performing better (and have been renewed for next season).

ABC could go either way on this one but a renewal looks fairly likely. In the past, the network has renewed one or two shows that were on the bubble. This one would seem like a good choice if they still want to do that.

TV show supportCougar Town is averaging a 2.9 rating so, if ABC does decide to renew Mr. Sunshine, it probably won’t be back in the same timeslot — or maybe it could. However, at the recent TCA Winter press tour, ABC Entertainment Group President Paul Lee indicated that he’s interested in the network starting a second night of comedies. Mr. Sunshine could certainly help fill one of the timeslots, either on Wednesday or on a second night.

What do you think? Is Mr. Sunshine worth renewing or would you rather it be cancelled? Cancel or keep it?

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  1. Crista says

    Keep it! This show is so funny! Matthew Perry has the same wit that he had on Friends (which I miss). Comedies like this just put me in a good mood when I’ve had a bad day. I’m sick of ABC cancelling very creative shows like Better Off Ted and this has replaced that show for me. Hope to see it back!

  2. David says

    I thought the pilot was uneven and then the show started to get better in a couple of subsequent episodes, but took a step back with the most recent episode. I’d put this one out of its misery unless new show runners and writers are hired.

  3. James says

    This is one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time, and goes to show that American writers can do humour. I’m English, and as a people we don’t find most American shows funny, but I was hooked right from the pilot, and it kills me that I have to watch it online where I’m not counted in the ratings. With any luck, they’ll start airing it here soon but by that time it will almost certainly have been cancelled by a joyless network. My only hope is that the people in charge at ABC give Perry some slack. If all else fails, the BBC would almost certainly want him to do it for them.

  4. stefanie says

    The smurf episode really was funny. I’m starting to like this show more & more. Think it just needs a little time.

  5. echodoll says

    This show has potential but needs time to work its kinks out and improve some of the writing and cast. Andrea Anders has zero range and is just not likable, nor worthy of a Matthew Perry romantic interest. Her storyline with Alonzo needs less airtime so we can focus more on the Roman, secretary, boss and Ben storylines. Havent enough of Andrea Anders shows being canceled prove that she cant carry a show? Is she the Ted McGinely (forgive my spelling) of our generation? Like I said the show has potential and should be given a chance to work itself out. Would also like a chance to see more actual San Diego scenes. Its a great city, lets see them actually in it.

  6. Isaura says

    I like Matthew Perry and I thought he was going to be funny, but unfortunately this show is not funny. It’s a real shame. If they do renew it I hope they get better writers.

  7. James says

    This show is funny! Haha keep it. I was not so sure until I saw a smurf get tackled. I laughed out loud for 5 minutes straight after that. I think as a mid-season show it simply needs time to find its audience. The last broadcast (in which it was the only show with a new episode) should at least be discounted in its calculation of renewal prospects.

  8. Zabster says

    I thought the previews were good and thought a indoor arena could provide some good opportunties but when I saw the first epsiode…..I found it unfunny. Everybody the next day thought it was funny but I wasn’t among them. Since then, it has gotten a little better….but not by much….i say give it a lil’ while longer

  9. Samara says

    For those of you with an open mind – give the next episode a try – it really has gotten better since the pilot!

  10. Diego Point says

    A meager, meager scatter of sparks and a lots of dry and dead air in between. Mr. Perry needs writers, not hacks like this.

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