Mr. Sunshine: ABC Cancels Matthew Perry Sitcom; No Season Two

Mr. Sunshine canceled season twoThe future looks bright for many of ABC’s Wednesday night sitcoms. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Mr. Sunshine. The mid-season replacement series has been cancelled after one season.

Mr. Sunshine follows the life of the Manager of Operations at San Diego’s Sunshine Center sports arena, Ben Donovan (Matthew Perry). His job isn’t easy nor made any easier by his crazy boss (Allison Janney), marketing director (Andrea Anders), crazy new assistant (Portia Doubleday), best friend (James Lesure), or his boss’ less-than-skilled son (Nate Torrence).

The sitcom got off to a strong start with a 3.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 10.52 million viewers. Unfortunately, the TV series lost 30% of its audience demo in week two and another 15% in week three. Future episodes went up and down a bit but also experienced a couple of serious declines. The May 30th installment registered a truly horrible 1.4 demo rating with just 4.02 million viewers.

TV show supportThe nine episodes that aired averaged a 2.2 rating in the demo and 6.02 million viewers, making it ABC’s lowest-rated sitcom.

To no surprise, ABC has cancelled Mr. Sunshine after one season. Only nine of the 13 episodes have aired and the sitcom left the schedule back in early April. There’s no word on if ABC plans to ever air the remaining four episodes. ABC has released their summer schedule plans and the leftover installments of Mr. Sunshine don’t appear to be a part of them.

What do you think? Are you sorry that there won’t be a second season for Mr. Sunshine? Why do you think the sitcom failed?

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  1. Marie says

    Mr. Sunshine was great, I was really upset when I heard it got cancelled. I agree it had no publicity, didn’t hear of it until three shows in when a friend mentioned it to me. Also, find it funny that a bunch of networks had a bidding war on it, ABC gets it and then cancels it. Very sad :(

  2. Chris says

    More idiots cancelling great tv shows. Makes me want to give up all together on new shows as I frequently am disappointed when they are cancelled so early. I can’t understand how ratings are even measured anymore with the new mediums that have become the norm like netflix and watching online. Whatever….

  3. Anonymous says

    It was a brilliant show and deserves another chance. It was up against some other popular shows, like American Idol, so of course not many watched it as it aired. And ABC didn’t advertise it well enough in my opinion. I think that if they brought it back and promoted it a bit more, including on stations that show reruns of Friends, that it might be able to make a comeback.

  4. Carlos M says

    i think the show was great, it brings a new kind of funny/embaracing situacions, and that’s creativity at it’s best. the caracters were very entertaining, the story was good too and the jokes were funny and diferent. i wish another network would pick up on these episodes and continue the work that has been done. Matthew Perry is great and i hope to see him soon.
    by the way. i’m from Portugal , so the audience it’s not just the american people that participate in these estatistics. when will tv channel start thinking from themselfs and decdiding whats good or not, not based on the ratings?

  5. says

    Loved it too!!! I agree, not many people had heard about it yet. Can we give it and the OTHERS another chance please? I know many people who watch the same shows as I…..we are all in awe over all the good ones being gone:(

  6. monty says

    My wife introduced me to Mr.Sunshine last week and at first i was skeptical. But afyer seeing the pilot i loved it!

    We can’t understand why people wouldn’t watch it, my only guess is that they are the same people that don’t like The Office.

    Such a shame to cancel a funny show like Mr. Sunshine…we’ ll miss the song :(

  7. Wendy Mullenders says

    I loved Mr. Sunshine. This was a very funny show. The show made my husband and I laugh very hard. What is wrong with people’s sense of humour? Why not air the remaining episodes? I would love to see them.

  8. Federico says

    Sorry to hear that. I think that they didn’t give a fair chance to the show: only 9 episodes, mostly against American Idol. Maybe at times it wasn’t so brilliant, and between the funny moments there was something sad and bitter at the same time, but that’s why I liked that really much. Too bad it’s over so soon….

  9. João Lino says

    ABC are stupid Mr. Sunchine is very good, i´m from Portugal and N. American share is wrong, and N. América is not the world.

  10. William says

    It had no publicity that’s why. Most people I’ve talked to have never even heard of the show. The show itself was fantastic. I hope Matthew Perry will find another sitcom to star in

    • Lisa says

      ABC are foolish to not promote Mr. Sunshine properly. It was fantastic!! I strongly dislike ‘The Office’, but really loved all the characters in this fresh new sitcom. I want it back! I had recorded the shows on my DVR so I could fit it in my schedule and was looking forward to it each week. Very dishartend to think they would cancel.

  11. 8vioss says

    as always … the demographics rule the world … I guess executives will be thrilled when we all end up watching the same show, eating the same food, lkstening to the same music ….

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