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Mr. Sunshine

Mr. SunshineNetwork: ABC
Episodes: 13 but four have not aired (half-hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: February 9 — April 6, 2011
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Matthew Perry, Allison Janney, Andrea Anders, James Lesure, Portia Doubleday, and Nate Torrence.

mr. sunshine past TV show

TV show description:
Ben Donovan (Matthew Perry) is the Manager of Operations at the Sunshine Center sports arena in San Diego. There’s always something new happening there — today it’s the circus, tomorrow it’s a hockey game. Every night Ben finds himself navigating through a seemingly never-ending series of bizarre requests, curious mishaps, and employee screw ups to put on a show for 18,000 screaming people.

Working alongside Ben is his boss and arena owner Crystal Cohen (Allison Janney). She’s attractive, powerful and highly erratic. Crystal particularly hates when the circus invades her arena as she’s deathly afraid of clowns.

Alice (Andrea Anders) is the arena’s cute, tomboyish marketing director. She and Ben date each other casually. When they’re not having sex, they’re free to date other people.

A former basketball player and Ben’s best friend, Alonzo Pope (James Lesure), runs the arena’s charity and community outreach program. He’s handsome and the happiest man in the world, though Ben’s not quite sure why. He helped find Ben’s new assistant named Heather (Portia Doubleday). She’s very sweet and punctual but also a bit scary in that she once lit a boyfriend on fire.

Heather has a major crush on Ben’s other new employee, Crystal’s son Roman Cohen (Nate Torrence). He has no discernable skills, but he does like boats and mafia movies. It’s a challenge for Ben to find things for Roman to do without causing more work for himself.


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