Murder in the First: Season One Ratings

Murder in the First TV show on TNT ratingsTNT has had mixed results with their crime dramas. How will Murder in the First do in the ratings? Will this new show be renewed for a second season or will it be cancelled instead? Stay tuned to find out.

Created by Steven Bochco and Eric Lodal, Murder in the First follows a pair of San Francisco homicide detectives — Terry English (Taye Diggs) and Hildy Mulligan (Kathleen Robertson) — as they investigate murders that are connected to Silicon Valley wunderkind Erich Blunt (Tom Felton). Others in the cast include Mimi Kirkland, Raphael Sbarge, Ian Anthony Dale, Bess Rous, Nicole Ari Parker, and Steven Weber.

The ratings are typically the best indication of a show’s chances of staying on the air. The higher the ratings, the better the chances for survival. This chart will be updated as new ratings data becomes available.

9/12 update: TNT has renewed Murder in the First for a second season.

Final season averages: 0.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 2.84 million total viewers.

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What do you think? Do you like the Murder in the First series? Do you think it should be cancelled or renewed for a second season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. An says

    King and Maxwell was at least entertaining with engaging characters who I enjoyed watching. Murder in the First is a disappointment in every possible way. CANCEL! Bring back Rebecca and Jon. If they aren’t available an infomerical or test of the emergency system would be more entertaining.

  2. says

    My husband and I LOVE Murder in the First. I don’t even know what Longmire is or why anyone is talking about it here. The question is about Murder in the First. I love the 2 main characters on here. How can you not love TAYE DIGGS !!

    • Shasta says

      You might want to check out Longmire. It’s on at the same time Monday’s at 10pm eastern on A&E. Much better crime procedural than Murder in the First. Not another big city nothing new or different crime show like this is.

      • davlestev1 says

        What on Earth are you watching on TV @Barbara..Murder in the First or LongMire…TayeDiggs could be naked throughout the entire show and it STILL would not make this HOT MESS any more watchable. It’s like they were trying to take Silicon Valley of the old days and translate it to now..and still be the old days. Steven Bochco should know much better than not trying to update his original 20 year old concept..and TNT should know much better than to put this on after Major Crimes and expect viewers to say…well at least we have the lead in show. This show did not work on all levels from that silly opening scene of the cancer stricken half dead wife who looked like Frankenstein himself had revived her. I wouldn’t even suggest The Strain to you as a show to watch as vampire zombies must have bitten you and MR.BARBARA!!!

  3. Ramona says

    It had a slow start, but Murder in the First is a great show. Terrific acting and writing. Tae Diggs, Tom Felton, James Cromwell, Richard Schiff and Kathleen Robertson are stand outs in a great cast. Great role for Felton following Harry Potter, and almost didnt recognize Robertson from 90210. She looks amazing. Please renew this show!

  4. Duane says

    I don’t know why most of you are writing about Longmire here. Yes, it’s a good show but one can watch it at a later time as most cable shows are played 2-3x that night. MO is a good show too! It’s going to be interesting to see who did kill the young lady. I hope they don’t cancel it mid-through.

    • Shasta says

      You can also watch this show at a later time or another day/time too. People are talking Longmire because they in the same time slot and competing for a similar audience in the ratings. It’s the live viewing in it’s main time slot that drive the ratings. Doubt this show will survive since it’s numbers are low and worse than the show it replaced from last year.

  5. claudia obermiller says

    I used to tape this show, but now I don’t. We watch Longmire and tape it to. I think A&E may not renew Longmire, they treat it terrible . Please let A&E know how much we love Longmire.

  6. Jennifer says

    I have to agree with other comments here that this show is slow and I can’t really latch onto any of the characters and care about them. I wanted to like this show but I just can’t. No way can this show stand up to Longmire. You can add me as another to the list of Longmire being a favorite show that I wouldn’t miss for anything. I really can’t believe the driving force behind Hill Street Blues, L.A. Law and NYPD Blue felt this was suitable to attach his name to. It isn’t that the actors themselves are bad. There are some really good actors in this show (James Cromwell, Richard Schiff, Steven Weber, Tom Felton, etc.). The material is extremely poor, though. Even the best actors in the world can’t save material this bad.

    I agree snowdogmom, I would MUCH rather see King & Maxwell than Murder in the First. I really enjoyed King & Maxwell and was very disappointed when it was cancelled. Why take off such a good show and replace it with this?

    • claudia obermiller says

      Please everyone let A&E know how much we love Longmire, I am afraid A&E will not renew Longmire, they are treating Longmire shabby I think.
      Thank you.

  7. snowdogmom says

    This is getting worse ratings than King and Maxwell got last year which it replaced. King and Maxwell was better liked Jon Tenney the quirky guy. Murder in the First has no characters that interest me.

  8. lindamm99 says

    Is this really the work of Bochco, the same guy who did Hill Street Blues?
    Models in heels playing cops, really? This show is an insult to any person who has even an ounce of intelligence. TNT has such great programming, I hope this isn’t a trend.
    My senses haven’t been this insulted since Rookie Blue.

  9. Elsy says

    Yes this show is very boring. I don’t think the cast is right for the show and no one has any kind of chemistry. Very disappointed.

  10. snowdogmom says

    Well after being bored with the 1st episode I finally got around to watching episode 2 that I had recorded to give it another try. I just don’t find any of the main characters interesting at all and the story arc is just totally boring and run of the mill. This show has nothing to draw me in at all and I like crime procedurals. Then what sealed it for me to stop recording it was the obvious desperation showed by the production by showing not 1 but 2 women’s naked butts, the murder victims and then the sister-in-law of the detective that just buried his wife when she tries to seduce him after the funeral. Wow classy show and writing, NOT! I’m done. Not worth any more of my time. Worst procedural crime show I’ve seen in a long time!

    • says

      I have to agree. There’s nothing gripping about this show — it looks like a NYPD Blue knockoff. Sorry, Mr. Bochco, but the formula isn’t working this time.

  11. claudia obermiller says

    We watched LONGMIRE on A&E, best show on TV. I do know a lot of people who watched LONGMIRE, but taped this show.
    So how fair are the ratings?

    • snowdogmom says

      I watched Longmire also, my favorite show so nothing would tempt me to watch anything else at that time. I DVR’d Murder in the First. I like procedurals but they have to have something different since there are so many of them. Murder in the First has NOTHING new or different, basic big city procedural. I was bored. Longmire is so much better. Better acting/characters, better writing, better and different setting, better cinematography, etc..

      • SkywalkerT says

        I watch Longmire too. I started watching the show from the season one to now, bec I love Katee Sackhoff AKA Starbuck (Battlestar Galactica 2004 TV series). I love her & now I love everyone in the show, GREAT SHOW. I’m still not sure about Murder In The First is good or no good yet but watching it because of the maker Steven Bochco. I love my shows on TV & I will watch anything that Vince Gilligan makes, he just amazing creator…

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