Murder, She Wrote: Could Jessica Fletcher Return?

Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher on Murder, She WroteThough she has had an incredible career in movies and Broadway theatre, Angela Lansbury is best known for her role as Jessica Fletcher on Murder, She Wrote. Through her curiosity, wits and disarming personality, the novelist and amateur detective was able to solve a myriad of crimes in her travels across the globe.

Murder, She Wrote debuted on CBS on September 30, 1984 as a two-hour movie and went on to become the longest-running mystery series in television history. The series ended on May 19, 1996 after 12 seasons and 264 hour-long episodes. Jessica has returned to television for four movies but hasn’t been heard from since 2003. Now, four years later, fans wonder if they’ll ever see a new Jessica Fletcher mystery. Is the 81-year-old Lansbury healthy enough to take on a new adventure?

Happily, Lansbury is still in excellent health and continues to perform. In fact, she is scheduled to open in Terrence McNally’s new Broadway play called Deuce in May. It will be her first stage play in over 23 years.

On a recent visit to The View to promote the play, Lansbury spoke warmly about her career and the endurance of the Murder, She Wrote series. When asked if she would ever play Jessica Fletcher again, Lansbury said, “I never say never. I hope that one of these days, my son Anthony (Shaw), who’s a wonderful director, will find a story that we can make a good two-hour Jessica Fletcher movie.”

Though Lansbury was nominated for Emmys for a record number of 12 times for Murder, She Wrote, she never won (also a record). Would that losing streak be stopped if Jessica returned to solve one more case? For now, that’s still a mystery. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Sue says

    I love the interior of Jessica Fletcher’s house, even though it’s just a set, but I would like a house just like it. And I love her kitchen stove and I want one. Does anyone know what the stove model is and where I could get one?

    • Estelle says

      I am a fan of Jessica Fletcher/Murder She Wrote. I, also have been searching for a stove like hers. Have you been successful in your search? I have typed in every subject possible. Hope you have found out something. Thank you.

  2. Emmalee says

    If there is a petition to sign to bring Murder She Wrote back for another TV movie, I would sign in an instant. This if my favorite show, and brings back wonderful memories of watching it with my family.

  3. Angie Arciniega says

    I began watching Murder She Wrote in 1984 and have continued to view all the re-runs on all the channels in my area since it’s cancellation. I now proudly own all the season DVDs and still enjoy them over and over again! It would be wonderful to see another movie and hope Ms. Lansbury can find a suitable script for Jessica. If she does, I will be glued to the screen. I’m glad to see so many fans of hers leaving such endearing messages! Let’s keep our fingers crossed for more!! However, I agree with Kim – noone other than Angela Lansbury can every portray Jessica Fletcher.

    Always a fan, Angie

  4. sam cooper says

    Murder, She Wrote is one of those programs that doesn’t come round very often, it is a jewell among many carp tv junk.

    please do more movies!

  5. Barbara says

    I know this article is old, but I do wish Ms. Lansburg the best and want her to know that I love her “Murder She Wrote” series.

    I also believe that she is a true lady, something we don’t have anymore.

  6. John F. says

    It wasn’t until my late mother watched “Murder, She Wrote” that I got hooked. I was sorry to see CBS cancel this series after twelve years, but I am glad that the series is coming out on DVDs. I agree with one of the earlier posters in that this was, and is, a remarkable series that has no profanities/vulgarities/obscenities, and no “in your face” violence. Maybe that is why this is such an enduring series.

  7. Fern & Larry says

    We can’t believe we have ‘lost’ our Jessica Fletcher. We so enjoyed her and feel lost without being entertained to the fullest extent by “Murder She Wrote”.

    We will miss her and hope that somehow she will reappear on the programs.


    Fern and Larry

  8. Mari says

    Murder She wrote is my favorite Program on TV! Angela Lansbury is a marvel.. How about another two hour Murder She Wrote TV Movie? Please????

  9. Kim Taylor says

    I just want to say that Murder She Wrote is the best series I have watched in a long time. I watched it from the beginning and also re-runs. I love it.
    Angela Lansbury is a wonderful actress and other than Murder She Wrote I really liked her in Bedknobs and Broomsticks.
    I wish her all the luck in the world and I hope she enjoys herself doing whatever it is she does now that there are no more Murder She Wrote episodes. I guess we all have to retire eventually. Please DO NOT have another actress play Jessica as it just would not be right.

  10. says

    Thank you, thank you!! I so enjoy the “Murder, She Wrote” series. I believe that Angela Lansbury brings the character ( J. B. Fletcher) Jessica Fletcher alive.

    I missed the original airing of the series, but have been watching steadily on the Hallmark channel. I enjoy this good entertainment that is without cursing and other unpleasant implicators.

    Just good entertainment that sometimes gets the viewer to try to keep up in figuring out the mystery, along with Jessica Fletcher. I love to try to ‘keep up’ as the mystery unflolds. I love how the mysteries get ‘clued together’, yet I seem to miss something and Jessica has it all figured out better than I have things figured. The portrayal of the character is so well, making Jessica so likeable is from the actress
    (Angela Lansbury) coming across so well and likeable.

    I would like to see a current episode, but really doubt Angela Lansbury will portray our lovable sleuth, J. B. Fletcher. (sadly) Maybe another actress, with approval from Angela Lansbury, will recreate the role to share with us many other mysteries that we hadn’t seen (Angela Lansbury) Jessica Fletcher solve as of yet. ( Not just any blonde, now she has to be ‘down-to-earth’ , smart , curious, and very likeable as the Jessica Fletcher that we have known. With Angela Lansburys approval. (yes, I repeated)

    I am looking for more ‘suitable’ viewing shows that are viewable without the bleeps, or other undesirable dialogue. A show to carry on the “Murder, She Wrote” tradition.

    To Angela Lansbury and the rest of the crew, a big THANK YOU! for that ‘relaxing viewing’ t.v. show series. That show is my ‘unwinding’ device before I rest from the day. A true entertaining show, not a ‘shock to get your attention’ show.

    the much calmer,


    P.S. Maybe it’s time for another spinn-off?

  11. Rochelle says

    I saw anita’s question about Jessica Fletcher’s house.

    It’s in Fort Bragg Cali and it opperates as a bed and breakfast now. I’m not sure what it looks like inside as from what I’ve read it was only used for the exterior shots, I wonder if it was just a studio that the interior shots were done in.

    I’m hoping for new murder she wrote stories too, I collect the Donald bain Murder she wrote novels, but I have a feeling he might hang up his pen on that series soon because theres 28 of them 2 more coming to make 30.

  12. Mary Jo Duffy says

    I work at Hill House Inn (of Cabot Cove) In Mendocino where the first filmings took place. We still celebrate the show and of course the wonderful and talented Angela. We still display photos of her and other guests that have appeared on “Murder She Wrote” Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could do just one more episode. Who’s bonnet must I put this bee in.
    Thanks for your time. Mary Jo Duffy

  13. Michel says

    Love the show even though now it has finished. We have a lot of repeats here in the UK and to watch them all over again is a delight. Angela Lansbury should have won many awards for her acting. Its brilliant and very convincing!

  14. Dorothy Lawrence says

    Dear Ms. Lansbury:

    We enjoy watching “Murder She Wrote” and have been delighted to see them this Sat. (the marathon). I can’t imagine the hard work it took to produce and star in these programs, but we sure would appreciate getting to see a new two hour program. Thank you for giving us wholesome TV that we can watch with our grandchildren.

    Warmest regards,


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