My Generation: ABC Tries Another Big Drama; Cancel or Keep It?

My GenerationDo you like to attend your class reunions, to see what everyone looks like and is doing? Well, ABC is hoping that you’ll want to watch their new show, My Generation. It’s about a group that comes together after high school. Will this one last for years or is it doomed to be expelled… er, cancelled?

My Generation follows a diverse group of young adults who, while in high school, were all interviewed for a documentary. They reunite 10 years later and we see how their lives have changed and, in most cases, haven’t turned out as expected. The ensemble cast includes Anne Son, Daniella Alonso, Jaime King, Julian Morris, Keir O’Donnell, Kelli Garner, Mehcad Brooks, Michael Stahl-David, and Sebastian Sozzi.

The premiere got off to a very poor start. Per the overnights, My Generation landed in fourth place in both the targeted 18-49 demographic and in total viewership. It attracted a terribly weak 1.6 in the demo and 5.2 million viewers.

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In the same timeslot, last year’s FlashForward did much better and attracted 60% more viewers in the demo with a 4.0 rating and 12.5 million viewers. Those numbers didn’t last and it was cancelled because of a big decline in ratings.

Interestingly, My Generation’s premiere numbers are pretty close to what FlashForward had — at the end of its run.

TV show supportThis is obviously a terrible start for My Generation and the numbers are likely to drop even lower next week. Unless viewership sees a big turnaround, it’ll certainly be cancelled pretty quickly. Chances are, ABC will pull the series before all 13 episodes have even aired.

What do you think? Did you watch My Generation? Did you like it? What do you think people are missing? Cancel or keep it?

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  1. Evin says

    I watched the 7 episodes on hulu and i thought the show was great. The drama was good and so was the comedy…I can see why it didn’t perform well. I feel the show is not as mainstream as ABC would might be a little ahead of its time actually.

  2. Lisa says

    I really loved the show. Think it would have made it on another night. There are a lot of shows on Thursdays.. I bet if you try another night you will see a huge change. Awesome show. Makes me think about all the people we never talk to again after high school

  3. Johana says

    After only seeing two episodes I love My Generation. I can’t believe ABC canceld the show without giving it a true chance . !!!! I hope they give it another look.

  4. Kristine says

    Maybe they didn’t promote the show well enough. I watched it online after it had aired because I didn’t know anything about it. Once I watched both episodes that did air online, I was hooked and now have found out it was cancelled.

  5. Larry says

    My generation was very interesting and the series was well done. Please give the show another chance because a lot of the other shows on tv are not that good. Thank you for listening to my request.

  6. Irania says

    I am so upset this show was canceled. It was a great show, in fact one of the best new shows this season. Then the networks wonder why people don’t watch new shows…because they get canceled, just went you start watching!

  7. Regina says

    I loved it, it didnt even get a chance. I DVR everything and watch it later but decided to watch it live tonight & was shocked to see it not on and no furture dates scheduled. Bummer!

  8. shalimom says

    I love it! Had to DVR the 1st episode, and only did that after seeing preview on Facebook, or I wouldn’t have known the show existed at all. I watched the 2nd episode OnDemand, and just remembered today to try and program the DVR to catch the new episodes, only to find out it had already been cancelled. How disappointing.

  9. J says

    I LOVE this show!!!!!! Please, please keep it!!! All my favorite new shows are being cancelled! I watch them on Hulu. Sorry if I can’t tune in…doesn’t mean I don’t love them. Please KEEP this show!!

  10. Solisay says

    From what I’ve seen (both episodes), I like it. My generation seems interesting. We are JUST being introduced to these characters. Let’s give it time before we throw it out. Why do the networks insist on rushing people to decide on a show before they have a chance to get to know it? That is how we have lost some great shows. I think it might make it if abc gives it some time.

  11. says

    I loved it too..I just didnt know it was going to be airing…Maybe that is why no one watched it. But I hope it stays on. I really enjoyed it, a lot!!!!!!

  12. Peyton says

    I caught it on Hulu and it was amazing. I’m sorry that ABC felt it was necessary to put it on Thursday night because I’m already a huge fan of Bones and Vampire Diaries and can’t catch more than 2 shows per time slot on my DVR. Otherwise I’d watch My Generation live or at least same night.

    As it is, I’ll diligently watch it on Hulu as long as it survives.

    In my dreams, though, ABC takes pity on it and moves it to another time slot. Maybe Wednesdays? There’s hardly anything worth watching on Wednesdays.

    • Celia says

      I LOVE THIS SHOW!@!!!!! its only been two eposides and they cancel it, are we being punked???!!! this was by far my favorite new show of the fall season…. people really need to give it a chance… its fresh and something we definately haven’t seen before…. PLEASE BRING IT BACK

      • Ethan says

        Agreed! I just catch the episodes on Hulu since I’m never home and I really liked it!

        I hope they at least put the rest of the season online or something!

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