My Name Is Earl: NBC Cancels Sitcom, Still Hope for Season Five?

The peacock network has decided they’ve had enough of Jason Lee and his show about karma. They’ve cancelled the My Name Is Earl sitcom after four seasons on the air.

Revolving around a petty criminal (Lee) who’s hit by a car and decides to atone for his long list of wrong doings, My Name Is Earl also stars Ethan Suplee, Jaime Pressly, Nadine Velazquez, and Eddie Steeples.

The show began as a moderately successful show for NBC with 10.9 million viewers in year one. That audience has eroded over the years and currently averages about six million people per episode.

The cancellation move doesn’t come as a huge surprise. NBC held talks with the show’s studio, 20th Television, about renewing the show at a reduced price but it didn’t work out. Suplee twittered to fans, “Just got the call that My Name Is Earl has been canceled. They sure did take their time with that decision or rather informing us of it.”

Now that the show’s been cancelled by NBC, the studio is trying to cement a deal with another network to pick up the sitcom for season five. The show heads into syndication this Fall and, though there are already 98 installments, additional episodes would really pay off for the studio.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Anonymous says

    Bring back My Name Is Earl! I hate That it just stopped, they had this great story and awesome characters to just end It. Worst of ALL a cliff hanger come on Garcia finish what you started, please.

  2. peter says

    please bring back my name is earl it the best comdey on tv there is only two other comdey like big bang theory and two and a half men. and i like her how plays joy she is so sexy thank god for a woman like her on tv.

  3. Amir Marshi says

    Well that`s really stupid in my opinion , its a great show I love it , i watched all the 98 episodes in 3 days ! i think they should bring it back , or at least I hope it gets picked up by another network at some point !

  4. Kyle White says

    They picked the absolute worst time to cancel the show. All the viewers anxiously awaited the 2nd part of Dodges Dad. If there is ever any way to bring back My Name Is Earl, we’ve got to fight for it…

  5. stacia says

    my name is earl is so funny and everyone i know loves it…. they should totally put it back on or definently put a part 2 to the last episode on i mean come on who the hell is dodges dad and wow earl is actually earl jrs dad that was a shocker as well as darnell not be dodges dad. we so need to see a sequel come on ppl

  6. yvette cortez says

    My gosh i know that this is really late but come on guys we can still save my name Earl please help me. :] Please come i know that if we all work together we can still save it!! I just honestly can not believe that it was left on a freaken cliff hanger….please all i am asking is to join me and vote to still save our beloved my name is Earl.

  7. michelle kahler says

    NBC… what the heck is wrong with you this is by far the best show that you have ever had on I am so sick of cop dramas and medical shows i could puke the only good medical show was scrubs and they is now done too.. Bring back earl,randy,joy and the crabman My family loves this show … If it doesnt come back we will not watch even 1 program on nbc……………………….. angry mom in Minnesota grrrr

  8. AJ says

    they should either have a part 2 of dodge dad or just have an 1 hour special to rap everything up :( i miss my name is earl

  9. JENNIFER says

    OMG!!!!!!! I CANT BELIEVE it. GRRR! I LOVE MY NAME IS EARL I WANT TO CRY! I MISSED A COUPLE EPISODES BC OF WORK SO I RE WATCH ALL SEASON 1,2,3 and 4 on netflix to find out this..! i wish i was rich to help out! you have no idea how much i love ” My name is earl” there’s been times dinner wasn’t ready on time bc im too busy watching an episode. I even got two friend hooked. i saw “Earl” is starting in a new show which is great for him but dang it. I just really really hope some network picks up the show! i haven’t been this way about a sicom since FRIENDS. =(

  10. upset early fanette says

    im so angry the dumped the show i tottally hope sumone else picks up the show instead , but if no one does the least they can do is finish that last episode ! ” dodges dad” deffinately needs that part 2 to be done and aired

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