My Name Is Earl: Did You Catch the Shout Out in Raising Hope?

IMAGEAs fans of My Name Is Earl know all too well, the NBC sitcom was cancelled after four seasons. The Jason Lee TV show didn’t get a true series finale and many people still want to know how the story ended.

Well, Greg Garcia has a new show on FOX called Raising Hope. The tone of the show is reminiscent of Earl in some ways and Garcia even included a shout out to his old NBC show in the pilot episode.

It comes midway through the episode. After Jimmy (Lucas Neff) and his family learn that his new “girlfriend” is a serial killer, the news anchor teases the next story. He says, “In lighter news, a small-time crook with a long list of wrongs he was making amends for has finally finished, and you’ll never guess how it ended…” Of course, the TV gets unplugged before we hear the rest.

You can watch the scene below.

What do you think? If Raising Hope isn’t cancelled, would you like to hear more Earl mentions? Maybe even see a cameo or two?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. jake says

    i speak for everyone when i say that they need at least a movie to finish up ther seris of my name is earl i loved that show and then they leave us stranded on a cliff come on atlet help me off the cliff and i can let earl go even though he is awesome and in my brain forever

  2. Anne Heavnes says

    Awesome show, Chloris Leachman’s Maw-Maw is 50 times funnier than anything Betty White has ever done, also love the inclusion of MNIE actors, particularly the pairing of Joy and Randy. In this season’s finale, there is a shot of a Chubby’s Burgers wrapper, the restaurant owned by the Burt Reynolds/ Norm Mc Donald characters who also owned the stripper bar where Catalina worked. Would love to see Earl!

  3. Daisy Chain says

    OMG! Love it! I miss Earl….but Joy, Randy, Kenny and Frank are gonna make a great addition to Raisng Hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Kathy says

    Love My Name is Earl – so funny and sad that it’s off air. Memphis Beat with Jason Lee is good. Hope it comes back on.

  5. flowerpowers says

    I would love to see some crossovers from Earl in Raising Hope. My Name is Earl was such an awsome show it kept me laughing, unlike most of the predictable sitcoms we are all being brainwashed with. I’m with u MK it would neat if Earls final wrong to right was with Jimmy’s family I could then finally let Earl go :(

  6. Joe says

    Greg Garcia posted a comment on the Earl message board on TWOP that he would like to have Earl make an appearance on his next show (this one) so that he can wrap up the story line… seriously, he said that! Just go to the Television Without Pity archives, look on the Earl message board and look for any posts that were made by “whojackie”. That’s GG.

  7. RMD says

    Oh, and just for the record, I just finished re-watching all 4 seasons of Earl over the last week, so most of this is from a very recently refreshed memory of Earl, not some over-zealous Earl fanatic…just saying. =)

  8. RMD says

    There are more Earl crossovers than just the news story that I noticed in both episodes (though I’m technically not finished watching the second ep). A few of them are in that clip alone. First…watch as he gets out of the van – The truck delivering the newspaper is Randy’s truck (that we saw for his birthday, but never again…), The police officer at the end of the news story about “Lucy” is Jasper (playing a cop, not a crook), and then the “crook with the list who finished it” reference. Not to mention that Kenny (not playing Kenny) is the grocery store manager. So far in the second episode I know I’ve seen at least 2 Earl related things, but can only remember one right now. When Hope is stinky everyone in the house does the “not it” nose thing. I’ll post again if I remember the other or see others. Interesting show, but I have to wonder, if Earl didn’t make it, will Hope…?

  9. MK says

    That’s great! I missed it too. Still miss the Camden gang and would love to see some Earl crossovers. Wouldn’t it be awesome if his final wrong to right was with Jimmy’s family???

  10. daga says

    anything greg garcia creates is great!!! in the past ten years sitcoms have gotten lame. imho
    but in that time my favorite shows were and are YES DEAR, MY NAME IS EARL, AND NOW RAISING HOPE.

  11. says

    Yes! I would love to hear more references to My Name Is Earl. Cameo appearances would be really fun to watch. I also missed the TV spot due to not being able to hear it, but I would love to have another chance…

  12. Jackie Guarino says

    My name is Earl maybe over but Jason Lee is great in Memphis Beat Loved it this summer. Hope it comes back and quickly.

  13. WyldGade says

    I didn’t even notice that. The volume on the tv I was watching wasn’t up loud enough to hear it. Thanks for having the clip available. That was awesome. If it continues, I’d like to hear more references or even a cameo even though Jason Lee and Billy Gardell have their own shows. Ethan Suplee would be perfect with the cast/story.

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