My Own Worst Enemy: Co-Star Tries to Understand TV Show Cancellation

My Own Worst EnemyThe NBC TV show that brought Christian Slater to weekly television was cancelled after just four weeks on the air. Production on My Own Worst Enemy shut down after nine episodes and it looks like NBC has plans to air all of them. One of the series’ stars, Madchen Amick, is confused by the network’s decision to cancel the show and has a theory as to why it may have happened.

My Own Worst Enemy debuted on October 13th on NBC. The action drama follows a man (Slater) who has two distinct identities — Henry Spivey and Edward Albright. Henry, his wife (Amick), and children (Taylor Lautner, and Bella Thorne) all believe that he’s a mild-mannered family man. Meanwhile, Edward is a super spy who works under supervisor Mavis Heller (Alfre Woodard) and is partnered with fellow operative Raymond Carter (Mike O’Malley). Others in the cast include Omid Abtahi, Saffron Burrows, James Cromwell, Sarai Givaty, Mark Ivanir, Mindy Sterling, Missy Yager, Eugenia Yuan, and Louis Giambalvo.

Despite a lot of high-profile promotion, the premiere attracted only 7.27 million viewers and a 3.0/8 rating/share in the 18-49 demographic. The following weeks saw the ratings fall and the show consistently lost a large percentage of its lead-in audience from Heroes. NBC cancelled the show after a handful of episodes had aired.

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Many devoted fans are outraged over the network’s decision and are quick to point out that the existing ratings system is flawed. Speaking to the NY Daily News, Amick is quick to agree. She said, “The thing that’s so frustrating to me is that we were a hit if you take into account Internet numbers, TiVo, DVR — these Nielsen ratings they’re going by are archaic… It would be one thing if America just didn’t get it or it wasn’t that great of a show, but fans were excited and were watching — it had a great following.”

Enemy has impressive special effects and production values, a fact that may have contributed to the show’s demise. Amick notes, “Our numbers came in from the first episode and we were huge, but I think it’s hard times for everybody, and they probably just don’t have enough in the budget to believe in a show that cost that much.” Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Suzanne Hicks says

    This is the first show, in a LONG time on television that has been worth my interest and time to watch. It is very well done and peaks my interest each week. I look forward to new episodes and even bought them on Amazon. I am extremely disappointed that NBC has cancelled the show. Quality seems to be lacking in so many of the prime time programs. I enjoyed MOWE because it required you to THINK! Reality shows don’t. BRING IT BACK NBC!!!!

  2. says

    My Own Worst Enemy is a fantastic show. There is lots if excitment and great acting. I read NBC is picking up 2 more reality shows. Ick! There are alot of us who would rather throw ourselves into a exciting dramatic fantasy then sit threw a boring, “scripted” reality show that really isn’t reality because it is scripted. NBC use to be my favorite channel, I now watch 2 shows. I guess my watching NBC will end with the cancelation of MOWE and the ending of ER. Whom ever is running NBC needs to be canceled.

  3. Kathy A. Keefer says

    Bring it back. I agree that the Nielsen ratings are a very poor way to judge the life of tv shows. Unless every household has a Nielsen box, how is that a fair way to judge whether or not people watch the shows. Join the new millenium and instead of Nielsen ratings, try listening to the fans that watch the shows.

  4. Kathleen Hardy says

    I think it is crazy to cancel My Own Worst Enemy. Some of us appreciate a complex plot, excellent acting, great storyline, subtle humor, interesting characers and quality production.
    I had given up on television, but happened on the premier by accident and love it. It is the only tv show that I watch. As can be seen from the message boards, I am not alone. Many of the fans of MOWE are people who aren’t into the usual dumbed down, predictable story lines or reality tv and game shows. They ought to leave something for intelligent people to watch!

  5. Michael says

    I thought the actors were good…I have always been a Christian Slater fan, but the story line was almost impossible to follow.

    It required you invest at least four to five weeks of paying close attention to catch up, and I’m not sure that’s what most folks consider to be entertainment.

  6. dan says

    It is a great show. One that requires a little thinking. Network tv is really upsetting alot of people. CBS killed Jericho, another great drama for the people that like quality tv. Life On Mars is a ABC show, great acting and great story. I read that it is in danger of getting the ax. What a shame. I blame the networks and I blame the dumb people that cling to horrible so called reality shows like American Idol and Big Brother. Look in the mirror, am I talking to you?????????

  7. Dane says

    Absolutely one of the best shows on the airwaves in a while. NBC is making a big mistake cancelling the show. Although the mistake will be unrealized by the broadcasting company, because there are plenty of other shows that offer cheap quick wins with the ratings, like reality TV, cheesy game shows, etc. You finally have a show with substance, twists, suspense, a great actor, great cast and you bail after 4 episodes. I think Fringe is the only other show out there right now that makes you think, keeps you guessing, keeps you interested. It’s a shame.
    If I was the writer, I would take this storyline to the big screen and take the cast along for the ride. Then when you gross illions in the box office, you can politely tell NBC to go pound salt :)

  8. costa says

    i dont understand one thing, we all remember las vegas and how it ended without! an ending. now your gonna take away the only refreshing story on tv? maybe i should just stop watching tv. reality tv is so overdone, and these game shows are archaic. I mean, who cares if someone won a million dollars? are we winning it? no. a show that can put to shame most movies coming out in theaters finally shows up and they end it… typical NBC.

  9. says

    Wow – I only just discovered the show and LOVE it. Its amazing that NBC can be so short sighted and not give a show a chance. Seinfeld wasn’t an instant hit either but look what happened when given a chance to develop and find its audience. Hopefully a cable network with some vision will pick it up and run with it.

  10. A. Williams says

    The network must’ve liked it or they wouldn’t ever greenlight it, right? Then why cancel after only four paltry shows? Seems way too quick to decide to end it. And it’s a good show. I can only guess money woes are to blame. They should’ve at least given it a full season since it has an on-going story arc.

  11. Donna says

    I agree with the staff — I have no clue as to why they are canceling the show after just 4 weeks. And you put it up against HEROs — hello! What are thinking! Good thing I have DVR so I can catch both of them. Do your demographics pick up on DVR recordings too? Please reconsider and bring back My Own Worst Enemy! Thank you!

  12. Philip says

    One of the worst shows I’ve seen in a long time. Wow, it took four weeks to cancel it.? Hey, genius’ at NBC…I could have saved you a lot of money and cancelled this in the development stage. You still have the “awesome” Knight Rider though…are nine year olds really in your prime demo? Whatever.

  13. Mary Kay Brooks says

    Enjoying this show, and love to see Christian weekly. I will finish the series as it ends and applaude writers for taking twists and turns to change up viewing from the over satuarated crime scene stoies that steal the airwaves. Please reconsider this cancellation. Great cast.

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