My Own Worst Enemy: Co-Star Tries to Understand TV Show Cancellation

My Own Worst EnemyThe NBC TV show that brought Christian Slater to weekly television was cancelled after just four weeks on the air. Production on My Own Worst Enemy shut down after nine episodes and it looks like NBC has plans to air all of them. One of the series’ stars, Madchen Amick, is confused by the network’s decision to cancel the show and has a theory as to why it may have happened.

My Own Worst Enemy debuted on October 13th on NBC. The action drama follows a man (Slater) who has two distinct identities — Henry Spivey and Edward Albright. Henry, his wife (Amick), and children (Taylor Lautner, and Bella Thorne) all believe that he’s a mild-mannered family man. Meanwhile, Edward is a super spy who works under supervisor Mavis Heller (Alfre Woodard) and is partnered with fellow operative Raymond Carter (Mike O’Malley). Others in the cast include Omid Abtahi, Saffron Burrows, James Cromwell, Sarai Givaty, Mark Ivanir, Mindy Sterling, Missy Yager, Eugenia Yuan, and Louis Giambalvo.

Despite a lot of high-profile promotion, the premiere attracted only 7.27 million viewers and a 3.0/8 rating/share in the 18-49 demographic. The following weeks saw the ratings fall and the show consistently lost a large percentage of its lead-in audience from Heroes. NBC cancelled the show after a handful of episodes had aired.

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Many devoted fans are outraged over the network’s decision and are quick to point out that the existing ratings system is flawed. Speaking to the NY Daily News, Amick is quick to agree. She said, “The thing that’s so frustrating to me is that we were a hit if you take into account Internet numbers, TiVo, DVR — these Nielsen ratings they’re going by are archaic… It would be one thing if America just didn’t get it or it wasn’t that great of a show, but fans were excited and were watching — it had a great following.”

Enemy has impressive special effects and production values, a fact that may have contributed to the show’s demise. Amick notes, “Our numbers came in from the first episode and we were huge, but I think it’s hard times for everybody, and they probably just don’t have enough in the budget to believe in a show that cost that much.” Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Brenda says

    It’s so unfortunate that NBC doesn’t have their finger on the true pulse of viewers. It must be all about the mighty dollar. So, let’s show them who really makes the decisions! Let’s not buy products advertised on NBC! And let’s be public about it! If they don’t get advertising dollars, they’ll have to change the way they do business. We are the ones who decide, based on our buying habits and the advertisers and sponsors paying for the shows.

  2. christian says

    man this sucks!!! the show is getting so good and such a unique concept…

    this blows..!! nothing really good on television these days, this was one show I really looked forward to every week…


  3. Lisa says

    I think I’m going price out a and either send a jeff zucker wih blind folds on it a or big Cristian Slater showing both Henry and Edward and slap that sucker on Zucker morning conerence table or better yet the water cooler!!!

  4. Gimy says

    never watched the show but i will say the ratings system is stupid. it’s not even by actual real #’s…it’s basically a poll. when i researched how they actually did it…i found it insane that execs actually look at those #’s and ignore dvd sales and other ACTUAL concrete info. Las Vegas was and will be the last nbc show i watch because nbc sucks. sorry you cats lost a decent show but get used to it. do what i do, rent the stuff on dvd when it’s canceled so YOU control when and/if the show stops.

  5. Carmen says

    I really wish another SMART network would pick up this show…’s awesome and I haven’t watched a network show since Alias was on…..Slater is perfect for the role and the storyline is great…..I’m severely disappointed in NBC……and they wonder why they are doing badly……they make terrible decisions!

  6. says

    I am very upset over the cancellation of the show My Own Worst Enemy. It is one of the best show on tv. I am getting tierd of watching new shows and having them cancelled before they are even giving a chance. I am tierd of having some of my favorite characters left in limbo forever, with no resolution of thier stories. if this continues, i will give up watching tv altogether. shame on you NBC!!!!

  7. Steve says

    I just found out that this show is being cancelled and I am highly upset. This was a great story line and I looked forward to Monday night every week. It is a shame that a show this good will be taken off the air.

  8. Aleshia says

    If NBC cancels this show, I swear I will never watch another NBC show again. They’re obviously in need of new people or WHOEVER decided to cancel MOWE, because this show is amazing. After every episode it leaves you wishing it was next Monday. And not to mention the fact that it stars one of the BEST actors in the world, Christian Slater. (And that, my friends, is a FACT.)

  9. Jeff says

    All I can say is that this show is great. Well written, acked, and amazing original storyline. I am sad and upset it has to end. It was a real good way to finish a Monday night. I hope they give it another season, maybe with an earlier time slot.

  10. says

    Pleas do not cancel this show. As the female in the family I love Christian Slater. My family of four young men enjoy the show much more than all the boring reality shows. We would really like to see this show continue. Excellent acting,plot, and enjoy the chemistry between Henry/Edward and wife.

  11. RM says

    What a shame, my girlfriend and I looked forward to it every week. Monday won’t be the same. For those who remember the first season of 24 will remember that it was only the UK audience that saved the show and look how that went on to develop. Please reconsider NBC.

  12. Tony says

    Wow im really upset that this is being canceled. It was a very good show. This + Heroes filled my Monday nights with fun and excitement. I really hope they re consider this decision.

  13. Cynda says

    Now that this show is cancelled I’ll have to start reading again. This, along with a long list of great shows, is being cancelled before it was given a chance to get an audience. I guess if you don’t watch a show as soon as it comes out it isn’t any good, at least that’s the networks way of looking at it. Each week this show gets better. It’s a shame we’ll never know exactly which (out of soooo many) directions this show would go. Well, back to the library!!!

  14. Becky says

    My husband and I quickly became hooked on this program with the first episode! It’s an awesome series and Christian Slater is a great actor. The storyline is totally different from anything else currently on any other network. I don’t understand why these TV networks don’t give programs times to develop and find their way. We watch both Heroes and MOWE. We have a DVR and record both and watch them when we have time. What we like about the program besides being different is that it isn’t a doctor, lawyer, or reality show! Please reconsider this cancellation and bring back the show!

  15. Stacy says

    I don’t know how much our voices will make a difference, but I thought it was worth a shot to add mine to the list. If you can’t consider changing the time slot & leaving it on NBC, maybe a chance on another network is worth looking into. I find myself a bit addicted to the drama, anticipating its continuation each episode. The storyline is incredibly fascinating and enticing. My initial thought was that it was a clever idea, but watching it far surpassed my expectations. Seeing it played out makes me want to see more. I can’t imagine anyone having seen the first few episodes and not feeling the same way. I hope you do keep in mind that people (I am one of them) watch it on the Internet and I DVR it because I am not home in the evenings. It is not for lack of interest that it is not being viewed during actual airtime. I hope you’ll reconsider the cancellation, and hear our voices. People thought the same thing about shows like 24 on Fox and Lost on ABC. People questioned how far a show like either of those could possibly go – I think they proved to be quite extraordinary. NBC, this is your chance to outshine them all. The show is too powerful and can really put NBC back on the map where it belongs against its competition. There are many voices around the Internet speaking out against the cancellation. I hope you will take the time to listen. If not continuing in prime time on a primary channel, I think a compromise could be on one of your affiliates. I believe the fans of this show won’t let you down. I know I am one of them that will follow the show on whatever channel it lands – I only hope it doesn’t end up on a shelf somewhere. I hope you hear our voices.

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